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  • Wherever there are people, a large amount of domestic waste will be produced, such as: waste cartons, books, newspapers, plastics, beverage bottles and other plastic products; there are also a lot of waste materials such as straw, pasture, corncobs, cotton, and old clothes in rural areas.

    Purchasing a full-automatic hydraulic baler to engage in the recycling, packaging, briquetting, and bundling of waste materials is a very promising new regeneration industry and an environmentally friendly project strongly advocated by the country. Owning a horizontal hydraulic baler can easily do the bundling work. So how to buy back a set of hydraulic baler? For some novice customers, they are rather confused. The following Nick Machinery will explain to you, if you want to operate the packing station well, you must have the following conditions: 

    1. Examination of the market;
    When preparing to invest in a packing station, first inspect the surrounding market, that is, the source of waste materials, and the price of local recycling of waste materials. You can understand the local market by investigating and visiting nearby waste material recycling stations and packing stations.
    2. Site selection:
    If you want to invest in a set of fully automatic waste paper baler to operate well, the location is very important. The location of the site is generally selected between the first market for waste materials recycling and the waste materials recycling industry. The radius center point between the two is the best address, which is conducive to recycling waste materials and selling waste materials, and can save transportation cost.
    3. The sale of finished products:
    Having mastered the first recycling price of waste materials, the following is to understand the problem of selling. Learn more about the recycling unit prices of waste paper and plastic materials in various places, as well as the recycling prices of upstream recycling companies, and find the profit difference and the freight difference to earn more More profit margins are our ultimate goal of operating the packing station.

    4. Mastering the above three points, the following is to investigate the reliable packing machine manufacturer. It is recommended to find the entity, large-scale and professional packing machine manufacturer to purchase, the product quality and after-sales service are the first choice, and the price should be considered. . It is recommended that you choose Nick Machinery's waste paper baler. A good set of fully automatic hydraulic baler will make you do more with less.

    5. Strong psychological pressure and perseverance:
    Having done the above four points, it can only show that you have an understanding of operating a good packing station. Strong psychological pressure and perseverance are the ultimate keys to operating a good waste paper packing machine. Because the prices of waste paper recycling upstream companies are unstable, finding the middle gap is the ultimate goal of making money. So you need to have a strong psychological endurance.
    Nick Machinery provides: waste paper baler, waste plastic bottle baler and other packaging equipment, website: Tel: +86 15021631102, looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!
  • Nick brand waste paper baler is safe, reliable, low power consumption, economical and reasonable, easy to use, simple to maintain and operate. It is a good helper for your production.

    Doing business requires site selection, and the choice of venue is especially important. It can be said that if the venue is selected, the career is half of the success, and the rest is to manage with heart. For the same reason, the choice of investing in waste paper packing stations is no exception. Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of fully automatic hydraulic waste paper balers. It often deals with waste material recycling companies and packing stations. Through the installation and debugging of the manufacturer, I have learned some The key to site selection.

    Today I will share the key to the site selection of a successful waste paper packing station.
    The first choice for investing in a waste paper baler to build a waste paper baling station. We need to clarify the source of waste paper and the nearby sales. With the aforementioned two conditions, it is not difficult to select a location. Sources of waste paper: residential areas, communities; shops, large supermarkets, shopping centers, stations, markets, restaurants, paper processing plants; printing, binding factories, paper cutting plants, carton processing units, newspaper offices, etc. are waste An important occasion for paper recycling. Secondly, the recycling of waste paper: the waste paper is collected and transported to the upstream waste paper recycling industry through the waste paper baler briquetting and bundling. In general, there are major paper recycling units and waste paper packaging stations. Companies with high recycling prices nearby have poor profits.
    The last step is to choose a location. Invest in a waste paper baler to establish a packaging station. 
    The best location is between the source of waste paper and the waste paper recycling unit. First: facilitate the recycling of waste paper, and second: facilitate the sale of packaged waste paper , Between the two can reduce transportation costs.
    Generally successful waste paper packing stations are established in the suburbs of urban and rural areas. 
    The rental fee of the site is cheap, and the site is large, which is convenient for the stacking and packing of waste paper. 

    Nick Machinery recommends more than 500 square meters. 

    The raw material waste paper stacking, fine picking, and baler The installation of the product and the stacking of the finished products require a site. At the same time, a friendly reminder: Take fire prevention measures! ! !
    If you still don’t understand, please call us at 86-29-86031588. In addition, there are pictures and videos of waste paper baler model parameters on the company's website for your reference, 
  • The waste paper baler has been used in my country for 20 years, and the technology has been perfected. From the earliest vertical semi-automatic to the current fully automatic hydraulic horizontal baler, it has intelligent, remote control command. . It greatly saves labor input and reduces labor intensity. It is indispensable for crop straw, pasture, corncob, waste paper, books, newspapers, plastic, film, woven bags, beverage bottles, and light and thin metal objects. Environmentally friendly machinery and equipment.

    So is it omnipotent to pack and compress such a wide range of waste paper packers?
    Nick Machinery now tells you clearly that it is not omnipotent, and it has its scope of application.

    The waste paper baler is mainly used for the recycling and packing of crop straw and the treatment of daily garbage, packing, briquetting, bundling and compression ratio, reducing the area occupied and facilitating transportation. Designed and processed.

    The best-selling models of Nick's waste paper baler are NKW150Q, NKW200Q, etc. The specific selection can be made according to your own site and financial situation, and you can make specific choices and configurations, depending on your configuration and output requirements.
    Company website, telephone 86-29-86031588
  • Nick brand automatic hydraulic baler has simple structure, stable action and low failure rate, which can better help you in production.
    Fully automatic hydraulic baler, when mentioning this equipment, people in the industry naturally think of waste paper baler. Because there are many people using fully automatic hydraulic baler equipment in the waste paper baler industry, can the fully automatic hydraulic baler pack metal? ? Nick Machinery clearly tells you that it's not completely capable, but can only pack some light and thin metal objects.

    Lightweight metal classification:

    Car shells, scrap steel bars, paint buckets, cans, factory scraps, and scrap metal with a thickness of no more than 5 cm can be easily packaged, pressed, and automatically strapped. Advantages: Packing and capacity reduction, reducing floor space, reducing transportation costs, and increasing customer profit margins

    The so-called fully automatic means to bring automatic feeding, compress and pack, realize automatic bundling, and realize automatic production when unpacking. The baler production line formed by PLC computer control cabinet and remote command. It has high output, reduces the labor intensity of workers, saves the input cost of labor wages, and achieves greater profits.

    Nick Machinery's automatic hydraulic baler has automatic fault diagnosis and automatic display, which improves the detection efficiency and can better help production. Nick website, phone 86-29-86031588

  • Nick brand automatic waste paper baler has simple structure, stable action, simple operation, low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance. It is a good helper for your production.
    Due to the variety of waste materials recovered by waste materials recycling companies, it is suitable to purchase a full-automatic hydraulic baler, which can not only package waste paper, but also be compatible with metals, plastics, etc., to meet the company's recycling, packaging, and briquetting requirements. Customers can choose their own fully automatic hydraulic baler according to their own needs, site and output.
    1. First of all, you must determine which materials you want to pack for the automatic hydraulic baler you will buy.

    2. High cost performance

    3. As far as possible, choose the manufacturer of the packing machine with a longer time to ensure the quality.
    4. If there is an on-site inspection, pay attention to the big aspects, but also to the small details. The details often determine the quality of the whole machine. Bring a sample test machine as much as possible.
    5. In terms of after-sales service, "in the circle" must have a good reputation. The after-sales service is timely and available on call. Be sure to choose a manufacturer with good after-sales service.
    6. Waste paper balers trusted by peers can be given priority.
    7. As far as possible, choose simple operation and maintenance, complete accessories, automatic continuous feeding mechanism, which can improve the efficiency of packing and briquetting and reduce labor costs, which is suitable for the long-term development of the enterprise.
    Nick Machinery’s best-selling products are recommended: waste paper baler, straw baler, metal baler, plastic baler, automatic hydraulic baler and other packaging equipment. Tel: +86 15021631102, website:, look forward to Long-term cooperation 

  • The Nick brand waste paper baler is easy to operate, high in safety, automatic out of the package, and more efficient. It is your best choice.

    Many people's views on the waste recycling station are: pollution, noise, and smell. In fact, don't underestimate this waste recycling station, because it has clean streets and a comfortable environment.

    Many kinds of waste products can be recycled. In the waste cardboard packaging processing area, the waste paper baler packs and compresses the waste cardboard piled into small hills, which not only reduces environmental pollution, but also facilitates transportation. And in the waste plastic recycling area, after the waste plastic bottles come here,
    Industrial plastics and food plastics are partitioned and shipped to different plastic manufacturers after sorting, crushing, washing, drying, and packaging. The waste paper baler does bring a lot of convenience to our lives, and also contributes to environmental protection.
    Nick has been engaged in the research and production of waste paper baler equipment for more than ten years, and will continue to issue high-efficiency and easy-to-operate waste paper baler equipment for customers to use. More information about waste paper baler equipment.
    Please pay attention to Nick's website, telephone 86-29-86031588

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