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  • Wool baler is used in wool, waste paper, waste paper boxes, waste cardboard, yarn, tobacco, plastics, cloth, woven bags, knitted velvet, hemp, sack, tops, hair balls, cocoons, silk, hops, wheat and firewood , Grass, waste plastic bags and other light foam and loose materials.
    The characteristics of the wool baler are as follows:
    1. Hydraulic carrying case improves work efficiency and is convenient for packing and # word packing
    2. Adopt the design of opening the door and stop, making the machine safer and more reliable
    3. Equipped with emergency stop button, installed separately, the location is eye-catching, making the operation safer
    4. Equipped with automatic balance device to avoid accidents caused by improper placement of materials

    Nick wool baler is easy to operate, high in safety, automatic out of the bale, and higher efficiency. It is your best choice.

  • Straw balers currently cover a wide range of industries, and the demand is constantly increasing. The emerging industry of straw balers has quickly occupied the important machinery industry for straw balers in China. Straw balers produced by Nick Beautiful appearance, easy operation and maintenance, high safety factor, straw balers with good rigidity and stability, has been widely used in straw balers factories, waste recycling companies and other enterprises.
    The packaging categories of straw balers are mainly waste glass bottles, straw balers, waste cloth, waste plastic films, waste foam plastics and wood. Among them, waste cotton and hemp textile packaging materials can be used as high-quality paper; wood can be reused according to its quality, even if it is not recycled, because its basic composition cellulose is easy to rot, decompose and be absorbed by the soil, there is no residue, and it will not give to the environment Cause harm. Other packaging wastes generally cause harm to the environment. During the rapid development of packaging products, the failure to take effective measures in the management, disposal and reuse of waste is also an important reason for this status quo.

    Using straw baler to pack our discarded things, especially paper, can be recycled, reducing waste and saving costs.
    Nick brand straw baler has simple structure, stable action, simple operation, high utilization rate and easy cleaning and maintenance. It is a good helper for your production

  • At present, the overall level of my country's straw baler packaging industry is relatively low, most manufacturing enterprises have weak technological development capabilities, and the straw baler technology content is low. In the development of new products, the overall technical strength of the industry is insufficient. The new products developed are often copying equipment from foreign counterparts, and the general mechanical functions are not as good as the originals. In short, new products have no new ideas.
    1. The product design quality is not high and the predictability is poor.
    2. The product design and manufacturing cycle is long and cannot respond quickly to the market
    3. The high cost of product manufacturing leads to rising product costs and lack of market competitiveness.
    All these bring problems to the design and manufacture of products, and increase additional costs. Due to the low quality of product design and poor predictability, the probability of occurrence of rejects increases, which reduces the yield and increases the cost allocated to each product.

    Nick Baler Baling straw baler is a high-quality forage crop that is used to feed diary, beef cattle or horse on farms. Its popularity is due to the high yield of a very digestible, high-energy crop, and the ease of adapting it to mechanized harvesting and feeding.

  • Straw balers are widely used in the packaging and recycling of old straw balers, plastic straw balers, etc. It is a good equipment for improving labor efficiency, reducing labor intensity, saving manpower, and reducing transportation costs. The straw baler has a wide range of uses and is widely used in various types of straw baler factories, old recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It can not only be used as a straw baler packaging equipment, but also as a processing equipment with functions such as packaging and compaction of similar products.

     Straw baler is used to squeeze straw baler and similar products under normal conditions, and use special packaging tape to pack into shape, so that its volume is greatly reduced, thereby reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing benefits for enterprises the goal of.
    Nick brand straw baler has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low noise, smooth movement and flexible operation, which can better serve you.

  • The metal baler is a very advanced mechanical equipment, which can drive pressure through a specific working medium, so that different materials can be compressed into blocks. In recent years, as people gradually understand and endure briquetting machines, more and more companies have adopted briquetting equipment. In particular, many companies have also applied briquetting machines to the use of scrap metal slag, allowing the scrap metal slag to be reused.

    The sources of metal shavings are very wide. When people are dealing with some metal materials, they will produce a lot of metal shavings. In the past, we could only throw them away, which was very wasteful. It can be said that neglecting the recycling and reuse of scrap metal slag not only causes a waste of resources, but also produces a lot of pollution to the environment.
    With the continuous development of science and technology, we have developed a briquetting machine using briquetting machines, which can be processed at high temperatures to compress these scraps into blocks and reuse them. The volume of the compressed block is not very large, and it is convenient to store and transport. In this way, it is also better to avoid other losses during transportation, reduce costs, and pollute the environment.
    The structure design of the Nick brand metal baler is reasonable, the floor space is small, the work efficiency is improved, and more economic benefits are generated.

  • Since all the models of the waste paper hydraulic baler are hydraulically driven, and the discharging method is also divided into the methods of turning over, pushing and manually taking the bag, and the installation is also very convenient, saving a lot of costs for the enterprise Therefore, it is widely used in steel mills, recovery processing occupations, and non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting occupations. So, how can the service life of the hydraulic waste plastic baler be extended better in the application process?
    First, cleaning: we must frequently clean and wipe the hydraulic waste plastic baler. We must keep the inside and outside of the hydraulic baler clean and free of oil stains on the sliding surfaces, chains, and racks. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the hydraulic baler There should be no oil leakage at all parts, and there should be no debris or dirt around it.
    Second, neat: around the hydraulic waste plastic baler, pay special attention to the neat placement of items, and the power lines should be organized and not chaotic.
     Third, safety: When working with hydraulic baler, you must follow the instructions for safe operation, and work equipment that is not overloaded. At the same time, the safety protection measures of the hydraulic baler should be done well, and the hydraulic baler should be checked and maintained regularly. For example, when working on a hydraulic baler, pay attention to refueling or changing the oil regularly to ensure that the hydraulic baler works well.

    Nick brand waste plastic hydraulic baler has beautiful packaging, simple operation, high safety, and a variety of feeding methods can better meet your needs

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