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  • Uses of used clothing recycling and used clothing baling Pressing Machine
    When the Used clothes are recycled, they must be washed, disinfected and sorted, and then the clothes are sorted reasonably. After the sorting is completed, different treatment methods will be adopted to make these Used clothes produce better value. If everything goes well, you can make a lot of money. Then in this process, you will use a clothing baler, also called a clothing compressor, which reduces the convenience of shipping and reduces the transportation cost.
    1.Fashionable and clean clothes can continue to be sold
    If the fashionable and clean clothes sorted out can be sterilized, ironed, and packed, then they can be sUsed to some places where they are needed at home and abroad. The prices are cheap, the styles are good, and they are very popular products. Then in this process, a clothing baler is also needed because it is transported.
    2, cotton clothes can be made into industrial supplies
    If it is cotton clothes, after sorting out, it can be processed and sent to a professional factory for industrial supplies. Such as oily rags, or mops, or other products.This process requires the use of a garment bagging machine, also called a compressor.
    3.Blend waste textiles can also be reused
    Blended clothing can be used to produce flame retardants after crushing, and can be used for pressing into automotive panels, air conditioning and sound insulation materials; or chopped and functionalized finishing into wall insulation materials. This process requires the use of clothing shredders and Used rag baler machine or used rag bagging machine.
    4, waste polyester clothing can also be reused
    Waste polyester clothing can be processed in factories to re-produce polyester fibers. Or adopt alcoholysis and other processes to produce regenerated functional fibers and make them into high-heat-keeping and memory-filling materials for the home industry.
    In summary, the recycling of used clothes is also a relatively environmentally friendly and profitable industry. After the disposal of used clothes, the uses are also very extensive, but it is also very difficult to obtain huge profits by recycling used more information ,please visit us :
  • It is understood that China can produce 300 million tons of fuel from crops every year; 900 million tons of wood fuel can be produced from raw materials such as mixed wood generated in mountain forest harvesting and waste wood and wood chips generated after wood processing as an alternative. The potential resource of energy is 1.2 billion tons per year.

    The use of wood pellet fuel as an alternative energy source and environmentally friendly fuel can make a substantial contribution to "greenhouse gas emission reduction", and at the same time can greatly reduce energy consumption. Compared with fossil fuels, it can save more than 50% of energy on average.

    According to reports, wood pellet fuel refers to those wood by-products produced after logging in forests or wood chips produced after wood processing are dried, press-molded, and cooled. They are used for boiler fuels and can replace light oil. Environmentally friendly commercial fuel products such as chemical fuels. And compared with chemical fuels, wood pellet fuel is also a new renewable energy source with excellent economic performance. It has been widely used in developed countries such as North America and Europe. It can be said that it is one of the future alternative energy sources.

    if you want to know more about the wood sawdust baler machine ,kindly visit us :

  • Sawdust refers to the sawdust and shavings left during wood processing. It is mainly used as fuel and light bone filler, or composited into artificial boards, such as MDF. Can also be used as a raw material for papermaking.
    For heating and living
    Civil heating and domestic energy use, high combustion efficiency, easy storage, easy to use, safe and hygienic. Use at home is universally welcome.
    Well, in this process, everyone will think of what machine to use to complete such a process. In fact, it is very simple. For wood chips, when processing wood in general, the rest is wood chips, wood flour and the like. Granular,
    Some people use wood chip briquetting machines to compress into blocks to reduce transportation costs. In this way, they can get 450 * 450 * 400 or 350 * 350 * 300, with a weight of about 30-35kg and an output of 2 tons per hour.

    Many people ask what is the use of compression?

    The compressed sawdust can be sent to the following places:
    1.Boiler fuel
    Biomass industrial boilers, as industries, replace coal, heavy oil and natural gas to solve environmental pollution.
    2. Power generation
    Can be used as fuel for thermal power generation. Every 10,000 tons of wood chips can replace 80,000 tons of standard coal, reduce 160 tons of SO2 emissions, 80 tons of smoke and dust, and 14,400 tons of CO2 emissions. Based on a 4 ton boiler burning 3,600 tons of coal per year, the use of biomass particulate fuel saves 1.7 million yuan over coal, 4 million yuan in savings over heavy oil, and 2.1 million yuan over natural gas.
  • Waste sorting has become an indispensable part of the daily life of every citizen.
     For the treatment of sorted garbage, it currently looks like this:

    1. The recyclable garbage is sorted by the staff and re-entered the renewable resource recycling network; 

    2. The kitchen waste is collected and processed by corresponding professional companies for the production of biogas;

    3. Hazardous garbage is also handed over to a specialized hazardous waste treatment plant for harmless treatment after selection; 

    4. Other garbage is sent by the property company to a garbage transfer station and then to a waste incineration power plant for incineration or another sanitary landfill.

    In the first case, the recovered waste paper, cardboard boxes, newspapers, bottles, cardboard boxes, etc. are sent to the corresponding packing station for packing treatment, and then recycled again. It can be seen that the waste paper baler plays a key role in this more information ,please visit us
  • Shaanxi Nick Machinery is a large company specializing in renewable resource production equipment. It mainly includes waste paper balers, plastic balers, and metal balers. It mainly faces some recycling companies. So what do we usually see after the waste paper and plastic recycling, what role does it bring to our lives, I hope the following data will help you.

    We classify and dispose of used and waste items in order to reduce environmental pollution, make full use of resources, and strive to build a better society.

    So, how are all the used and waste items treated? "

    1. Milk beverage paper packaging generally has 6 layers, of which the content of pulp, aluminum and plastic are about 75%, 5% and 20%, respectively. This combination can block air and light as much as possible, so that milk or beverage is not easy to spoil.

    This kind of packaging is a 100% recyclable resource. After consumption, the packaging undergoes effective waste sorting and processing. After it enters the recycling process, it can be “transformed” into recycled paper, color music board, and plastic after it is recycled. Recycled products such as particles and aluminum powder.

    2. Recycling one ton of waste paper can produce 0.8 tons of good paper, which can save three cubic meters of wood (equivalent to cutting 17 adult trees), one ton of standard coal, 200 cubic meters of water, and 600 kWh of electricity. Can reduce three cubic meters of landfill space and about 100 cubic meters of sewage and a large amount of waste gas. Due to the sharp rise in the price of wood pulp, domestic waste newspapers have become a resource vying for by major paper mills across the country. The new ink removal process is used to remove the ink on waste newspapers, treat it into pulp, and add a certain proportion of wood pulp to produce high-quality new paper more information ,please visit us :

  • What is the most important issue in today's society ,that is the issue of environmental protection. Environmental protection has become an important part of people's lives.

    As small as every family, every business, as large as every celebrity, country, they have a deeper understanding and responsibility for environmental issues.

    However, while each country is developing, it has brought some pollution and damage to the environment.
    Therefore, every country now advocates protecting the environment, and at the same time, the policy of separating household waste and implementing environmentally friendly products for industry,
    At present, industries that are closely related to people's lives, such as waste paper recycling industry, crop straw industry, all have new industrial equipment,
    Such as waste paper baler, straw baler, etc. all use the hydraulic environmental protection principle to reduce environmental pollution,
    Firstly, the waste paper baler is also suitable for compressing and sorting waste paper, waste plastic, clothes, metal, etc. separately, so that it can be recycled again.

    It is not harmful to the environment. For the straw baler, during the maturation of the crop, the straw baler is used to compress and pack the returned straw to be used for crops or animal feed, which prevents the phenomenon of burning in the atmosphere. . Our straw hydraulic baler manufacturer should start from itself and carry out our company's sustainable development strategy! as more information ,please visit :

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