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  • The  OCC waste paper baler has now entered the fully automated era, and the development trend of the waste paper baler is currently an extension of the trend toward fully automated operation.
    Now the world's science and technology are developing rapidly, and the technology is constantly improving, and the functions of the waste paper baler equipment are also constantly being upgraded.
    It is believed that the waste paper baler will have a better development in China in the future, and the development potential of the fully automatic waste paper baler in the country will be the focus of the development of the hydraulic baler industry in the future.
    Nowadays, the competition in the waste paper baler market is very fierce. If hydraulic waste paper baler companies want to develop better in the market, they must find a brand new road that suits the needs of market development. The high-tech content and equipment quality are It is indispensable and is built in accordance with the needs of market development.

    The era of automatic waste paper baler has come. If you want to win the trust of customers in the market, you must make your own equipment stand out. Unique advantages and good reputation are the foundation for the survival and development of enterprises.

    Since its establishment, NICKBALER has always put the interests of customers first, and actively develops new products with low cost and high production efficiency for customers.
  • With the increasing importance of the concept of environmental protection, the straw baler has a greater effect, and can reuse some waste paper, and it is also more widely used.
    The guy accepts that the straw baler has been continuously innovating independently, and has continued to follow the development trend of some overseas technologies. In straw baler applications
    The entry of water should be avoided to prevent harm to the conventional application of the straw baler, resulting in a reduction in the characteristics of the equipment. The moisture mentioned here refers to the source Hazards from surrounding cooling circulating water, water vapor or moisture.
    There are certain reasons why the straw baler avoids the entry of water. Water has an erosive effect on the metal materials in the hydraulic transmission system of the straw baler, reducing the number of components.
    expiration date, and the eroded particles fall into the system software, causing damage. Straw baler accelerates oily mildew, especially iron, copper, manganese
    In the presence of particles, water and oxygen in the air quickly oxidize the oil in the air, and the straw baler converts it into a viscous polymer, collectively referred to as oil scale. When the application temperature exceeds 65 degrees, the air oxidation rate is accelerated, and the chemical effect continues to rise for every 10 degrees of straw baler increase.

    If you want to know or consult more information on straw baler, you can log on to learn,NKBALER is committed to straw baler.

    It has the characteristics of reasonable design, beautiful model, convenient operation and accurate precision. Look forward to working with you!
  • For us, cultural construction is not an unfamiliar concept. In fact, it is a kind of spiritual connotation formed in the long-term production and operation process. Good cultural values can have the effect of cohesiveness and contribute to the development of manufacturers. Provide inexhaustible spiritual power.
    We can say that it is both an art and a science. How to strengthen the cultural construction of waste paper baler manufacturers is very important. Doing a good job in cultural construction is of great significance to the sustainable development of our waste paper baler manufacturers.
    The development of the times reminds us that the cultural construction of the majority of waste paper baler manufacturers should also be accelerated. However, most of the current domestic waste paper baler manufacturers have not established a complete cultural system, which severely restricts the further development of the waste paper baler industry.

    In order to further expand the market and enhance the brand and competitiveness of the packaging machine manufacturers, we must establish a sound modern production and marketing system and mechanisms, and form cultural values with our own characteristics and rich connotations to guide us in continuous development.

    NICKBALER keeps up with the market dynamics and makes timely improvements, so as to better serve the new and old users and provide help for the development of the society.
  • When distinguishing different horizontal waste paper baler models, they are generally classified according to the size of the pressure, and they can also be classified according to the vertical and horizontal types, and the pressure classification is added at the same time.
    1. According to the pressure of the horizontal waste paper baler, the small waste paper baler produced by the manufacturer has a pressure of 10 tons, and one of them is composed of an oil cylinder, which corresponds to different pressure equipment such as 20 tons and 30 tons. The pressure of the type waste paper baler is greater, ranging from 80 tons to 200 tons.
    2. Judging by the production capacity, the output of small waste paper balers and each type of waste paper baler is different, ranging from 80-500kg per pack. The greater the output per hour, the greater the pressure.
    3. Judging according to the cylinder diameter, the larger the cylinder diameter of the general waste paper baler, the greater the pressure, and the cylinder combination and configuration are different according to different applicable objects.

    The above is for you to introduce the distinction between different horizontal waste paper baler models. I hope to help you. 

    If you have any questions about horizontal waste paper baler and vertical waste paper baler, please feel free to consult us and contact us. Tel86-29-86031588

  • Shearing machine is an indispensable important processing equipment in the metal recycling industry. Choosing a good shearing machine can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Of course, when choosing a shearing machine, you must purchase it according to actual needs. Let’s take a look at the selection of shears. What aspects should be paid attention to when cutting the machine:
    1. Perfect after-sales service guarantee system
    The shearing machine will inevitably cause abnormal load of the mechanical equipment during long-term processing operations. Therefore, customers should pay attention to whether the manufacturer can provide after-sales service when choosing the shearing machine equipment. Only good after-sales service can ensure the user's follow-up worry-free Use, don't worry about being at a loss or delaying normal production in case of failure.
    2. Safe and stable equipment operation
    When selecting a shearing machine, the safe and stable operation of the equipment is very important. Since the shearing machine uses a cutter to cut, the cutter is extremely sharp. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the protective measures of the equipment during the operation to ensure that the equipment is in operation. In the stability.
    3. Applicability and practicality of the equipment
    Different companies have different functional requirements for shears. In order to improve the utilization rate and ease of operation, the selection should be made according to the actual application of the function. The benefits of this choice can not only save costs, but also meet the company's cutting requirements. Functional Requirements.

    When choosing a shearing machine, it is necessary to conduct on-site inspections in order to quickly purchase hydraulic shearing equipment that meets the actual conditions of use.

    NICKBALER reminds everyone that when choosing a shearing machine, you must choose a regular and qualified manufacturer, so as to better guarantee the quality of the equipment.
  • Hydraulic balers are now commonly used equipment in people's lives. They are often used in waste paper recycling stations and large garbage disposal sites. High-efficiency and energy-saving hydraulic balers have brought many benefits and conveniences to life and are a good helper for people's lives.
    In the future development, the development of packaging machinery is the demand of the future market and the guarantee of people's life improvement. In the packaging industry, the development of hydraulic baler is very obvious. Since entering the 21st century, the packaging industry has continued to develop It provides a lot of convenience for people's lives. With the continuous development of the market economy, the use of hydraulic balers is constantly increasing. The development of waste paper balers is the trend of social development.
    The hydraulic baler market is getting bigger and bigger. Now the world's science and technology is developing rapidly, and the technology is constantly improving. The functions of the hydraulic baler are also constantly upgraded. I believe that in the future, the hydraulic baler will have a better development in China. Continuing to tap the development potential of hydraulic balers in China is the focus of the future development of the hydraulic balers industry.

    The development of hydraulic baler is a manifestation of the improvement of people's lives, and at the same time provides innovative technical support for the development of the packaging industry and the market economy.

    NICKBALER has strong technical force and is committed to creating better value and better service for consumers.
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