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  • Straw baler requirements for raw materials:

    1. The straw baler chain selects high quality and extends the service life of the conveyor belt platform.
    2, hydraulic cylinders, piston pumps and control system accessories, try to choose the type of large factory specifications, so as not to cause trouble. Straw baler
    3. Regarding the choice of channel steel, since the straw baler is mostly welded by channel steel, it is necessary to pay attention to this production process in the manufacturing process.
    4, the motor should use copper core motor, most of the baler products are now mainly three-phase electricity, so the motor can be considered as its power supply, the requirements of raw materials can also add machine functions, reduce production troubles.
    5, the core hydraulic components to ensure quality.
    The role of the straw baler accumulator:

    1. The accumulator of the straw baler can supply a large amount of oil, and the accumulator can store excess pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump. The function of the accumulator is released by the accumulator when required by the straw baler system.
    This can reduce the rated flow of the hydraulic pump, thereby reducing the power consumption of the motor and reducing the temperature rise of the hydraulic system.
    2. Maintain the pressure of the straw baler system in the hydraulic system of the straw baler. When the hydraulic pump stops the oil supply, the accumulator can supply the pressure oil to the system, compensate the system for leakage or fill the emergency energy, and make the straw baler system for a period of time. The internal pressure is maintained to prevent the oil source formed by the power failure or system fault from being suddenly entrapped and damaging the machine.

    The straw baler accumulator also has the function of absorbing hydraulic shock and pressure pulsation. The accumulator is installed at the outlet of the hydraulic pump to absorb the pulsating pressure of the hydraulic pump of the straw baler.

    Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co. LTD 
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  • When using the straw baler, the customer must be trained in advance by the special person. How to do regular maintenance, we must ensure that the staff is proficient in the operation and operation of the straw baler, and the workflow of the straw baler can be skillfully applied even during the packaging process. The problem can also be solved.
    For the daily application of the straw baler, Shaanxi Nick baler manufacturers remind customers to pay attention to the following points:
    1. It is necessary to check frequently whether the link position of the straw baler is firm, whether the movement is smooth and flexible, and whether the straw baler parts are worn.
    2. During the work, it is necessary to check the large parts in the straw baler for 3-5 days. For some small items, check every day. Once problems and potential problems are discovered, they should be dealt with promptly.
    3. The straw baler must be cleaned and lubricated frequently to ensure that all parts inside the hydraulic baler can run freely.
    4. The oil level should be clearly seen in the straw baler tank. It is necessary to regularly filter and replace the oil. It is generally recommended to replace it once a year. When changing the oil for the straw baler, be sure to clean the fuel tank to ensure the fuel tank. There is no impurity inside. When changing the oil in the straw baler tank, it is necessary to do dustproof treatment, and some small debris will inevitably enter the cylinder.
    5. Always observe the working condition of the straw baler, ensure effective and safe production, find abnormal conditions, the body shakes, etc., should immediately stop the inspection, find out the straw baler failure and deal with it, then continue to use.

    Buy baler equipment to the Shaanxi Nick Straw baler manufacturers, the straw baler equipment here is reasonable, good after-sales service, let you use the comfort, use the rest assured.

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  • The packing work of the corn straw baler is effective in packaging and recycling the straw crops. It is also a support for the strong recovery power of the corn straw baler. The corn straw baler is mainly based on the characteristics of the straw, and the packaging plan is effectively carried out. .today nick baler company give blew suggestion :
    For the corn straw baler hydraulic cylinder, the stroke is longer, and the size after retracting is smaller. It is suitable for the occasion where the space for placing the hydraulic cylinder is limited and the stroke requirement is long. It is often used in construction machinery and transportation machinery. .

    When the corn stalk baler hydraulic cylinder drives the high-quality components to make rapid reciprocating motion, since the moving parts of the corn straw baler have great kinetic energy, when the corn straw baler piston moves to the hydraulic cylinder terminal, it will be combined with the end cap. Collision, which produces shock and noise. The mechanical impact of the corn straw baler not only causes damage to the relevant parts of the hydraulic cylinder, but also causes damage to other related machinery. In order to prevent this hazard and ensure safety, buffer measures should be taken to control the speed of the hydraulic cylinder.

    Note on the operation of corn straw baler

    1. All parts of the corn straw baler should be cleaned with kerosene or diesel, and no dirt should remain in the hydraulic cylinder.

    2. Disassemble and clean the corn straw baler. Dispose the cotton yarn and rag to wipe the parts to prevent the falling cotton yarn from mixing into the hydraulic system.
          3. During the assembly process of the corn straw baler, the surface of each moving pair should be coated with lubricating for further information ,please contact us :
  • When using the corn straw baler to make silage, we must stop feeding in the setting range of the machine, so that the density of the feed can be optimal.
    Because the higher the density, the less air remains inside the feed.
    Mechanized production drives the research and development and production of mechanized production products by many large enterprises. Manufacturers will produce different degrees of defects when manufacturing products in large quantities.
    When you buy a bad machine buyer, you feel that you are not lucky or the quality of the manufacturer.
    Shaanxi Nickel Company will also give users some precautions about product maintenance and operation while purchasing customers.
    Sometimes when the product is used, I always ask if I have not maintained my maintenance or the machine is in working condition for a long time. The machine also has a long life.
    How to make this problem of continuous and efficient production is very important, which is related to the interests and the buyer's trust in the producer.

    We take the straw baler as an example. It is suitable to check whether the voltage is stable. 

    After all, it is from the electrical appliance. It is also necessary to see if the line is aging. The long-term production of the machine is hydraulic.

    The hydraulic oil used in the machine also has a long life. If the oil temperature is high, it is also necessary to hurt the machine. There is no special noise, etc. If problems occur, it should be solved in time. Do not wait until the machine stops working to know how to repair. This is wrong of Pre-preparation is very important, and one aspect is also very important, that is, the scope of application of the machine, the range of feeding, such as the size of the material, etc., can not be too long or too thick.
    Because the straw baler has a wide range of functions and a wide range of materials, it is impossible to meet all the materials, so the buyer should pay attention.
  • First, the output flow of the straw baler oil pump is not enough and the output pressure is not high.

    Second, the overflow valve is permanently deformed by the spring, the main valve center damping hole is partially blocked, and the main valve core is stuck in the position of the small opening, so that the pressure oil outputted by the oil pump partially overflows into the oil tank, so that the straw baler system is passed to the actuator The effective flow rate is greatly reduced, so that the speed of rapid movement is not enough.

    Third, the internal and external leakage of the straw baler system is serious: the general working pressure is lower when fast forward, but it is much higher than the return oil pressure. When the piston seal of the cylinder is damaged, the two chambers of the cylinder leak greatly due to the cavity, so that the rapid movement speed of the cylinder is insufficient, and the internal and external leakage of other parts may also occur.

    Fourth, the guide rail is lubricated and oil-cut, the installation accuracy of the cylinder and the assembly precision are poor, which causes the frictional resistance to increase when fast-forward.
    After reading the above content, everyone should know why the straw baler has a slow package. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us at any time.if further information ,please visit:
  • Nick Machinery specializes in the production and sale of straw balers and provides sales and after-sales services for various balers.

    (Main products: straw baler, plastic bottles baler, PET Bottle plastic baler, carton baler, waste paper baler, etc.)

    1. After the equipment is installed, the grounding protection terminal in the electric control box must be connected to the grounding angle iron with a wire diameter of not less than 16 square millimeters.
    (The grounding protection angle iron is installed by the customer.) If the equipment is not connected to the grounding protection, the equipment is not allowed to operate. Check the grounding protection line connection regularly.
    2. Non-professionals are prohibited from opening the electrical control box for overhaul.
    3. It is forbidden for users to modify the wiring of the electrical system by themselves.
    4. Users are not allowed to adjust system pressure themselves.
    5. It is forbidden to replace the original accessories on the device by yourself.
    6. Rain protection measures shall be added to the hydraulic system and electrical system of key parts of the equipment.
    7. It is forbidden to operate the equipment under the age of 18.
    8. Operation of equipment is prohibited without training.
    9. Do not allow signs such as tearing, smearing, or safety warnings on the equipment.
    10. Please use a stable power supply with sufficient capacity to consider the voltage attenuation caused by the long transmission distance when the transformer is far away.
    A power cable with sufficient wire diameter should be used.
    11. Fire-fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers should be placed near the equipment. The operator should know how to use the fire extinguisher.
    12. If there is any abnormality such as smoke on the site or equipment, use fire-fighting equipment in time and call the fire.
    13. Children and unrelated persons are prohibited from being in the vicinity of the equipment during operation to avoid accidents.
    14. Please disconnect the main power switch before troubleshooting. Remember: All live wiring will accidentally damage the equipment or endanger personal more information ,please visit

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