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  • There are many characteristics of the waste paper baler. The hydraulic carton baler firstly can be operated hydraulically by means of manual and computer automatic control. It also has a variety of discharge forms, including overturning or manual. Come and take. Automatic hydraulic plastic balers have long been used in the packaging of commercial, postal, railway, banking, food, books, publishing and other industries for cartons, wooden boxes, paper bags, and cloth bags. Anbo Heavy Industry automatic hydraulic plastic baler adopts hydraulic transmission to create reasonable, compact structure and stable hydraulic performance. It has the characteristics of high work efficiency, low energy consumption, easy installation and operation, safe use, workplace adaptability and reasonable more infomation ,please visit us ,nkbaler company can provide all kinds of waste paper baler ,rice husk baler ,sawdust baler with horizontal baler type .welcome to contact us !whatsapp:008615021631102
  • In China's current recycling of used paper products, for the distance that meets the national requirements, the hydraulic carton baler can be seen that there will be a lot of space in the future waste paper purchase industry. The bag type is compact, neat and beautiful, and can greatly reduce the transportation cost. It is a cotton production area, textile enterprises, supermarkets, garment factories, and one step to improve the manufacturing tools of the waste recycling industry and other light industrial enterprises. Large and medium-sized waste paperboard baler advanced flash point: 1, according to the use of the environment and the requirements of different waste carton balers can be divided into two-phase electric and three-phase electric two types, customers can choose according to the actual power conditions, Further increase the purchase power.
  • Most of the waste paper balers are in the horizontal form, and the hydraulic carton packer horizontal waste paper baler is easier to automate, which can improve the efficiency of packaging and save a lot of labor costs. How many tons of small waste carton compressors are pressed at one time? How many tons of small waste paper balers are packed at one time? The waste carton baler is also a waste paper briquetting machine, a waste carton compressor, which is used for extruding waste paper and, for example, a product under normal conditions, and the waste cardboard baling machine is fed into and packaged with a general packaging tape. The volume is greatly reduced, so as to reduce the transportation volume, the good equipment of the baler manufacturer reduces the transportation cost, saves the freight, and aims for the growth of the enterprise. as more information ,please visit us
  • Waste paper baler is a mechatronics product, mainly composed of mechanical system, control system, loading system and power system. The whole packaging process consists of auxiliary time such as pressing, returning, carrying, transferring, outbound, outbound, and receiving.

    The following is the practice of improving the performance of horizontal waste paper balers.
    1. Improve the footprint of the waste paper baler and achieve the largest possible compression force.
    2. Adopting new rapid pressurization technology to achieve rapid pressurization and improve the working efficiency of the oil pressure system.
    3. For the customer to timely maintain the hydraulic system of the hydraulic waste paper baler, especially to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, to prevent the life and reliability of the hydraulic system, resulting in system impact, timely adjustment and adjustment to avoid Causing losses.
    4, to improve the pressure loss of the internal flow channel, the use of high-quality hydraulic components and integrated circuit and runner casting, to reduce the pressure loss of the pipeline, while also reducing oil leakage.
    5. Reduce the damage of the internal pressure of the component system of the hydraulic waste paper baler and reduce the loss of more information ,please visit

  • The automatic waste paper baler has the characteristics of good rigidity, good stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, and low investment cost of basic equipment. Widely used in various types of waste paper mills, waste materials recycling companies and other units. Suitable for recycling of waste paper, plastic straw, etc.

    It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs. Fully automatic waste paper balers are used in a wide range of applications.
    However, if the maintenance is not in place, some minor faults will occur, affecting the packaging process, and often, the noise is very high. So, what is the common maintenance method for the automatic waste paper baler? Below, I will introduce the use and maintenance method of the automatic waste paper baler.
    Automatic waste paper baler maintenance method:
    1. Check whether the components of the baler are in good condition before starting the machine; if the screws and nuts of each part are loose, tighten them in time. In the absence of nails and fewer hats, the repairman must promptly notify the process.
    2. Check if the belt armrest is blocked. If there is any debris, we must use compressed air to remove the dust from the rails.

  • Waste carton baler piping planning and piping should be based on hydraulic schematics to consider the components, hydraulic components and flanges that need to be joined.

    The laying and direction of the pipeline should be neat and versatile, and the level should be clear. Try to use horizontal or straight pipes. The horizontal parallelism of the pipeline should be ≤ 2/1000;
    Straight pipe straightness should be ≤ 2 / 400, with detection level.Waste carton baler piping must have a certain degree of rigidity and vibration resistance,Valves, pumps and other hydraulic components and accessories should not accept piping components; piping should not support the weight of the components.
    Longer pipes need to consider useful methods to avoid the pressure of the tube to expand and contract due to temperature changes.
     The configuration of the waste carton baler piping is necessary to facilitate the handling and repair of pipes, hydraulic valves and other components.Any pipe or part of the component in the system should be free to disassemble without affecting other components.
    The gap between the hydraulic fluids of the waste carton baler should be greater than 10 mm between parallel or intersecting piping systems.

    As more information ,please visit us :

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