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  • China's domestic semi-automatic waste paper baler market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In the future, it should cooperate with the trend of industrial automation, and develop towards technology, talents and the development of higher-speed waste paper charter balers. In the future, the technology development will move in the following directions. development of:

    1. The waste paper baler structure design is standardized and modularized. The original organic type modular design can be used to convert the new waste paper automatic baler model in a short time.

    2. The structure of the waste paper automatic baler is highly accurate. The structure design and structural motion control of the waste paper automatic baler are related to the performance of the waste paper automatic baler, and the paper waste automatic baler extension is moderately developed, and the waste paper automatic baler equipment of the high-tech industry is developed.

    3. Control automation. The controller is the CPU of the waste paper baler, which is the brain that gives the action command. The domestic waste paper automatic hydraulic baler manufacturers generally use the PLC controller, touch screen, photoelectric switch. Although the PLC function is very large, it is still not as good as the DCS control system function. powerful. In the future, waste paper balers must have multi-functional, diversified and human-machine interface development. The computer-based DCS control system has become a new trend in the development of waste paper automatic balers.

    4. The waste paper baler has various functions. With human-machine interface, fully automatic operation, and arbitrary change of program control waste paper automatic baler market demand is large.
  • Shaanxi Nick will come to explain the development prospects of semi-automatic waste paper balers and plastic balers.

    The development of the plastics machinery industry should be combined with China's national conditions and the basic realities of the existing industries, and strengthen the "three links", that is, to link plastic machinery with the high-end manufacturing industry, to develop for high-efficiency industries; and to influence the important industries of the national economy. It is related to the specific needs of people's lives, highlighting the important parent-child status of plastic machinery in the manufacturing industry; linking plastic machinery and processed products with national policies for sustainable development, realizing plastic machinery through the coverage and huge output of the plastics industry. The industry's important contribution to sustainable development and scientific development reflects the overall planning and development trends of the industry's green development.

    The development of professional plastic machinery has driven the development of strapping machines, automatic waste paper balers, strapping machines, automatic strapping machines, etc. It is mainly used for steel companies and non-ferrous metal enterprises to bundle various small-sized pipes, plates, profiles, etc. The packaging of the product is also suitable for the bundling of various products in wooden boxes.

    According to the current situation of the industry, we will continue to encourage enterprises to obtain high and new technology through joint ventures, cooperation, license transfer, etc., but prevent foreign capital from taking advantage of joint ventures to swallow domestic enterprises; formulate corresponding policies to encourage enterprises to increase technology and product development. Sex investment, focusing on high-efficiency energy-saving plastic injection molding machine, baler, winding machine, vacuum packaging machine, lightweight technology and equipment for plastic products, as well as independent research and development of high-efficiency and low-pollution plastic recycling and other technologies and equipment; The enterprise technology center cooperates with scientific research units to set up a plastic machine R&D institution, and actively utilizes government innovation funds to improve the independent development and innovation capabilities of domestic enterprises. Only in this way will China's waste paper baler industry take it to the next level!

  • Widely used in the packaging and recycling of waste paper and plastic straw, it is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower and reduce transportation costs. Horizontal waste paper is widely used in various waste paper mills, recycling companies, etc. enterprise.
    The horizontal paper baler waste paper baler forms the waste paper and similar products under the extrusion, and special packaging, so that its volume is greatly reduced, thereby reducing transportation, saving transportation, and improving the waste paper baler for enterprises. The purpose of efficiency advantage.
    It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, small inertia, low noise, smooth motion and flexible operation. It can be used as packaging equipment for waste paper and packaging and compaction processing equipment of similar products.
    PLC control, with computer interface (touch screen) and detection and monitoring, synchronous action indication map with error alarm, can set the package length. Left, right, top three floating pattern design can automatically distribute the four sides of pressure, can be widely used in various materials Packaging. Automatic strapping to improve packaging speed.
    The spherical structure between the pushing cylinder and the push rod has good reliability and long service life. The feeding nozzle adopts distributed shearing knife with high shearing efficiency. Low noise hydraulic circuit design, high efficiency and low failure rate. Installation. Horizontal structure, can be equipped with conveyor belt or manual feeding.
  • Before using the fully automatic waste paper baler, it is necessary to adhere to hydraulic oil cleaning. The carton waste paper baler should take time to observe the oil before filling the oil. If it is found, it should be dealt with in time. First, the waste paper baler equipment is used to pack waste paper, which is used to pack loose waste into bundles to reduce the space occupied. Because there are some things that are not considered for compression, and the role of the waste paper baler has a fault precaution, so use a waste paper baler to help. So look at it for this. The automatic waste paper baler is a kind of equipment for bundling, which is responsible for reducing the volume of those large volumes for carrying.

    People have increased their share of capital. The waste paper balers of carton waste paper balers are skill-intensive industry features. Waste paper baler manufacturers insist on higher market share in order to make products first adhere to skills. As a customer of the same waste paper baler, it takes a lot of money to invest in all the investment, so that the space occupied by the waste paper baler manufacturers is not the same small amount for ordinary investors, which may lead to liabilities. Tired, the serious consequences of bankruptcy. The manufacturer reminds everyone: When you choose to buy a waste paper baler, you don't need to go to the manufacturer's site to conduct on-the-spot investigations. You can shop around and the waste paper baler manufacturers can't be cheap. The multi-faceted opening is to pack loose waste into bundles so that users everywhere can conduct on-site inspections. Our customers should not pay attention to the price in the purchase step, but pay special attention to quality and safety.

    The foreign machinery manufacturing industry is a great variety of goods, carton waste paper balers foreign companies pay attention to the user communication in the planning process, providing products, exquisite details, ensuring targeted goods and customer satisfaction. One of the important reasons why we buy a waste paper baler that doesn't work is the cheap price. At present, the demand for waste paper packaging industry has increased greatly, in order to meet the needs of the market. A lot of manufacturers who do not have R&D design experience and strength imitate the design, and the equipment produced only has appearance and no substance. Quality is beyond more information ,please visit:
  • The application of waste paper baler has many advantages. The choice of using waste paper baler can reduce the production cost, the packaging speed is relatively fast, etc. It is beneficial to clean and maintain in time after selecting the waste paper baler. Long-lasting application of equipment. Now Nick wants to introduce you to the scope of application of the waste paper baler and the benefits of choosing it.

    The main machine adopts high-quality steel, super wear-resistant steel plate is strictly welded according to the process. The hydraulic system adopts domestic famous brand parts and some key components are all imported. The motor adopts Siemens energy-saving motor/Japan Mitsubishi original PLC. It has the characteristics of rigidity, good wear resistance, high service life, safety and energy saving, accurate operation, convenient operation and maintenance, etc., which effectively improves work efficiency, reduces labor intensity and reduces production cost.
    Automatic waste paper baler
    1. Mainly applicable to: packaging of loose materials, such as waste paper edge, carton and other compression packaging.
    2. Hydraulic configuration: low noise hydraulic circuit system, using imported high-quality components, not only to ensure the quality but also improve the packing speed, the performance of the whole machine is stable
    3. Electrical configuration: PLC control is adopted, the failure rate is low, and the inspection and elimination are simple and fast.
    4. Shearing knife: The imported universal scissors design is adopted to improve the cutting efficiency and extend the service life of the blade.
    5. Wire tying device: The latest international wire tying device saves wire, fast binding, low failure rate, easy cleaning, maintenance and repair.
    6. Conveyor: The conveyor belt adopts new PVC material, which is resistant to corrosion and aging; it has the advantages of non-slip, large conveying capacity and strong load capacity.
    7. The length is freely set and the packed value is accurately recorded.
    8. Easy installation, simple foundation construction, no need for foundation reinforcement.

    9. Feeding mode: optional air suction feeding, conveyor belt feeding, direct feeding

    as more information ,please visit:  

  • The electrical control part of the waste paper baler is mainly composed of PLC, motor and electrical components of relays and switches. The parts that are easy to be easily damaged in these parts are the parts of the motor and electrical components.
    1, pay attention to the power line grounding, lightning protection, rain, moisture.
    2. The electric control cabinet is forbidden to use by non-operators.
    3, should pay attention to the anti-freeze work of the motor, as well as the long-term overload of the motor, do a good job of these two protective measures can greatly reduce the damage of the motor, thus maintaining the normal packaging of the waste paper baler.

    4, we must pay attention to the button operation of the console part, the force of the switch button should not be too large, so as to avoid misoperation, resulting in a short circuit.   

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