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  • The speed of the scrap iron baler is very fast, which improves the packing efficiency of the workers. At the same time, waste is reduced and costs are saved. Various types of fully automatic balers are suitable for regular object baling, bulky, heavy object baling, extra wide items, and pressure baling.
    When the scrap iron baler is working, the packing object is generally placed in the middle of the baler, and its packing process is as follows:
    1. Put the bundled goods in the middle of the automatic baler, under the work frame, first the right top body rises, and after pressing the front end of the strap, the bag is tightly tied to the goods.
    2. After the right top body rises, the left top body rises along with it. After pressing the lower belt, the heating plate of the baler extends to the middle of the bag. At this time, the middle top knife works to cut off the belt.

    3. After the middle knife cuts the straps, the automatic baler will send the next bundle of straps to the position, and one strapping cycle is completed.

    To learn more about metal baler skills, please visit
  • Straw balers play a vital role in many fields. Because objects must be baling pressed and the levels are different, with the current economic development of large shopping malls, the demand for straw balers is also gradually increasing. What are the practical effects it brings us?
    We summarize the following five points:
    1.High production output power: At this stage, it is also the main intention of customers to choose straw balers, and it is also the key practical effect of straw balers; the output power of using straw balers to carry out actual operation products is unparalleled by manpower.
    2.Save the cost of infrastructure investment; save floor space and indoor space and indirectly save the cost of infrastructure investment through these levels.
    3.Improve work standards; reduce human and material investment.
    4.Reduce the cost of products; the use of straw balers to bundle objects not only reduces the cost of human resources, but also saves the cost of material application, and largely suppresses waste.

    5.Provide the quality of the object; the effective application of the straw baling machine can make the outer baling machine box of the product tighter and more beautiful, and also make the appearance look more quality.

    NICKBALER's straw baler has reasonable planning, takes up small space, and conforms to the concept of environmental protection. It is your ideal choice. NICKBALER hopes to cooperate with you and contribute to environmental protection together.
  • Matters needing attention in the process of installing the hydraulic oil pump of the straw baler
    1. The quality of the oil pump device has a very important influence on the smooth operation and service life of the pump, so the device proofreading operation should be carried out carefully and should not be acted rashly. The support or base of the hydraulic pump should be strong and strong, and the pump shaft of the hydraulic pump should be aligned with the motor.
    2. The installation height, length and pipe diameter of the suction pipe of the oil pump should meet the calculated value, and strive to be simple;
    3. The suction and discharge lines of the oil pump should have brackets.
    4. The location of the oil pump of the straw baler device should be spacious for maintenance work.
    5. After the hydraulic oil pump of the straw baler is installed, check the temperature and vibration status of the bearing as follows: loosen the coupling, separate it from the pump shaft and the base of the electric oil pump with a spirit level, adjust the wedge pad, and check the unit. Level, properly tighten the anchor bolts to prevent movement.

    6. In order to prevent debris in the pipeline from entering the pump, a filter should be installed for the pipeline of the new device, and its useful section should be 2 to 3 times larger than that of the suction pipe.

    NICKBALER straw baler has the characteristics of small footprint, simple operation, high work efficiency, mobile use, compact baling effect, high density and good air permeability.

  • 1. The gantry shearing machine is mainly suitable for the processing of various plates, cutting steel plates, nickel plates, copper plates, etc. into various sizes, which can completely replace flame cutting and reduce processing costs.
    Electrolytic copper plate dicing machine is a hydraulic equipment specialized in processing copper plate dicing in hydraulic gantry shears.
    2. The gantry type shearing machine adopts hydraulic drive, which has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low motion inertia, low noise, stable movement, flexible operation and large shearing section compared with the mechanical transmission type shearing machine.

    3. The gantry shearing machine has a wide range of applications. It can be used not only as processing equipment in metal recycling and processing units, but also as furnace charge processing in factory foundry workshops and metal shearing processing in mechanical construction industry.

    NICKBALER mechanical shearing machine adopts hydraulic drive mode, no foot screws are required for installation, easy operation, simple maintenance, and diesel can be used as power to run the machine when there is no power supply.
  • 1. Hydraulic configuration: The hydraulic circuit system with fast regeneration oil and low noise adopts the combination of imported and domestic good components, which not only ensures the quality but also reduces the cost, and the performance of the whole machine is stable.
    2. The electrical configuration of the silage baling press machine: PLC control is used to make the circuit simple, the failure rate is low, and the inspection and troubleshooting are simple and fast.
    3. Conveyor: The conveyor belt is made of PVC new material, which is anti-corrosion and anti-aging, and has the advantages of anti-slip, large conveying capacity and strong load capacity.
    4. The length of the straw bales of the silage baling press machine can be freely set, and the baling value can be recorded accurately.

    5. Easy installation, simple foundation construction, no need for foundation reinforcement

    For more detailed instructions about the baling press machine, you can go to the website of NICKBALER, or you can call our sales phone: 86-29-86031588.
  • Choosing a manufacturer of waste paper baling machines is a complicated process, and we must make a comprehensive comparison of many manufacturers before making a choice. So, how do we compare the major manufacturers? Today, we have sorted out the three-point selection of waste paper baling machine manufacturers, let's take a look at what these three points are.
    The products of waste paper baling machine manufacturers must be qualified products. If there is no way to meet the most basic functions of waste paper baling machines, then the product is undoubtedly an unqualified product. Some people ask why such a situation exists. The reason is that some small businesses choose to make profits, use products to make products well, and put substandard products on the market, which will naturally make you inadvertently buy substandard products.
    Learn to evaluate your choice of waste paper baling machine as a cost-effective product, including baling machine efficiency, baling machine size, machine price and many other factors, only after taking these factors into account, choose a waste paper manufacturer to produce products that can meet your needs Demand needs: baling machine quantity, mineral water baling machine.

    Whether the manufacturer's investment and income are proportional to the manufacturer of waste paper baling machines, at this time we should consider the amount of baling machine, baling machine materials and many other factors that waste plastic baling machines. Then choose a set of suitable and correct operation method of waste paper baling machine. Investment is also an efficient investment device that can meet your own needs. Only in this way can you achieve the purpose of multiple returns on investment.

    For more detailed description of waste paper baler, you can go to NICKBALER Machinery's website:, or you can call our sales phone: 86-29-86031588.

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