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  • Uses: This machine is mainly used for the packing of fuel corn stalks, rice straw, and forage for biomass power plants, and it is also suitable for fast packing of various soft materials.

    Features: Easy to move, dual power, high and low pressure combined fast hydraulic system, fast packing, adjustable bag length, stable performance;

    1. Four-wheel movement and two-wheel movement can be selected: Four-wheel movement is convenient for short-distance movement and is suitable for moving on a flat field. The movement speed cannot be too fast. Long-distance movement must have a large turning radius, otherwise it will easily roll over and cause damage to the machine.

    2. When the two wheels move for a short distance, you need to use a jack to support the front frame, remove the outriggers and then move, the moving speed can not be too fast, the turning radius is small, and it is not easy to roll over and cause damage to the machine.

    3. Diesel engine and electric motor mechanism can be used as power: solve the problem of no power supply

    4. Top type single hydraulic cylinder clamping device: Top type single cylinder clamping is easier to maintain than multi-cylinder side clamping, simple operation, more synchronized parallel retracting, uniform force, and more squarely pressed packages

    5. Folding wire feeding mechanism: The folding wire feeding mechanism is reliable in use, does not need to be disassembled, is convenient to move, and the wire feed is stable

    6. Direct feeding: Compared with conveyor feeding, direct feeding saves labor and energy, has a small area and is convenient to move.

    Nick brand straw baler is reliable, low power consumption, economical and reasonable, easy to use, simple to maintain and operate. It is a good helper for your production.

  • The automatic baler has better practicability. For packaging equipment, this issue is also crucial. Because it relates to whether the equipment can gain a foothold in the market and be accepted by commodity manufacturers. Among these, the most affordable automatic baler is the one. The benefits of the automatic baler is not only reflected in the exquisite appearance of its packaging, but also because it can help commodity manufacturers shorten the listing cycle of commodities, improve their production efficiency, and strive for more development space and more development opportunities.

    The rapid development of the commodity economy and the improvement of people's living standards have also led to the different pursuits of everyone. Some people value the beauty of the same product, while others value its practicality. With the emergence of automatic baler, we pay more attention to its practicality than its appearance, because only practicality can better reflect the value of automatic baler equipment and better promote our commodity economy. development of. Regardless of the choice, the practicality of the automatic baler is a key factor to promote its development in the market. For some postal parcels, books, magazines and other items that need to be packed, good technology is important, which requires automatic balers to play the role of equipment to better pack items. Therefore, the automatic baler brings convenience to our lives invisibly.

    Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research, development and manufacturing of automatic balers and hydraulic balers for many years, and has perfect after-sales service.
  • The basic principle of the metal hydraulic baler is to use the property of metal materials to produce plastic deformation under the action of external force, and to give the metal materials sufficient external force (the baler, which can gather and produce permanent deformation, so as to form a compact bundle. So) Metals that cannot produce plastic deformation or have very small plastic deformation cannot be directly packaged. For example, high-carbon steel, tool steel, wire rope and cast iron, etc., cannot be directly installed for packaging.

    The basic requirements of metal hydraulic baler:

    (1) There must be sufficient squeezing force. It can make the processed metal material produce plastic deformation bundles, and make the bundles reach a certain required density.

    (2) There must be a material box that can hold metal materials and can be closed to withstand the squeezing force. On the premise of meeting these two basic requirements, and according to different application requirements and different processing objects, many different types of metal balers have been produced. The working principle of the metal baler is to use the working force to push the indenter to squeeze the metal material in a closed material box, so that the metal material forms a bundle of a certain size and density.

    Nick Machinery's metal hydraulic baler has good rigidity, toughness and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and energy-saving, and low investment in equipment basic engineering. You are welcome to come and buy:

  • Applicable to: waste paper, mineral water bottles, carton paper, cans, film tape, plastic buckets, cotton, straw, household garbage, industrial garbage and other loose materials.
    The baler has the characteristics of good rigidity, toughness and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, and low investment cost of equipment basic engineering. Improve labor efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
    The package outlet adopts a double hydraulic cylinder door opening design, which is tighter and denser than the traditional "doorless" package;
    Working method: powerful hydraulic packing, the machine is threaded manually, the wire is used in the range (3.0-3.5mm);
    Shearing blade: replaceable segmental turning tooth-shaped blade; cutting method: breakthrough;
    Bottom structure: roller track, interchangeable 12mm wear-resistant high-quality steel + 16mm bottom plate, reinforced main body and bottom plate.

    Bag pushing system: The roller device is adopted to reduce the mechanical resistance of the main hydraulic cylinder's return movement and effectively increase the speed of pushing the bag.

    The semi-automatic baler produced by Nick Machinery is simple in structure, stable in action, low in failure rate and easy to clean and maintain. Welcome to visit

  • The hydraulic straw briquetting machine is classified from the transmission mode. Waste paper briquetting machines, straw briquetting machines, plastic bottle briquetting machines and other equipment are now used in this way. Therefore, when we hear about hydraulic straw briquetting machine, we are referring to the straw briquetting machine equipment currently using hydraulic system. There are two methods for straw briquetting machine. After the straw is sent to the straw baler, the straw is packed in two compression stages in the machine.

    In the first stage, the straw briquettes are relatively loose and require a small amount of pressure to achieve a large proportion of deformation. The relationship between pressure and deformation in this process can be approximated as a linear relationship. The compression process of the straw briquetting machine is mainly to reduce the gap between the briquettes. Because the straw itself is relatively loose, the compression volume at this stage is relatively large. Easy to complete.

    The next stage is mainly compact. After the previous stage of compression, the density between the straw briquettes decreases, and more compression is required to achieve more compression. The deformation amplitude of the straw becomes smaller, but the pressure needs to increase more quickly. The relationship between material deformation and pressure is linear in length. At this stage, the pressure of the straw briquetting machine is mainly to overcome the gaps inside the straw. The compressed packing at this stage is significantly affected by moisture content, feed rate and loading speed.
    Nick brand straw baler is safe and reliable, low power consumption, economical and reasonable, easy to use, simple to maintain and operate. It is a good helper for your production.
  • The metal briquetting machine can improve the utilization rate of materials and meet the requirements of environmental protection work. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the methods and methods during the installation and use of equipment, and complete the processing and production tasks through accurate operation procedures, so that it can be effective Avoid problems such as failure during the production process. Some metal briquetting equipment causes the problem of no pressure in the equipment due to improper operation during operation. So how do you deal with this situation?
    Generally, there are several reasons why the metal briquetting machine has no pressure. Some of them are because the preparation work is not done before the equipment is installed and used, so there is no pressure during the equipment operation. For this kind of problem, you can check the direction of the motor and the pressure of the oil pump to solve it. In addition, the lack of pressure in some equipment during work may also be caused by the blockage of the hydraulic valve. When the blockage occurs, it needs to be disassembled and replaced in time.

    During the installation and use of the metal briquetting press, the leakage of the hydraulic system can easily cause similar failures. Therefore, when the hydraulic system is found to have an oil leakage problem, you can check the hydraulic pipeline and other devices to determine the oil leakage problem. The reason and detailed location, so that you can deal with the problem in time.

    Nowadays, the application of metal briquetting machine is very wide, and the application range in metal processing places is also relatively wide. It is believed that improving the working efficiency of the equipment and solving various hidden trouble problems in time requires the application of metal briquetting equipment and Specific understanding of skills, etc., makes the equipment more stable during operation.
    If you have any relevant knowledge that you don't understand, please contact us, and we will give you a detailed answer.

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