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  • With the rapid development of my country's industry, especially since the reform and opening up, the waste paper baler industry has developed faster. What we are more concerned about now is how the waste paper baler should be valued? According to different models of waste paper baler, the size is different, and the price ranges between 100,000 and 500,000.
    Nowadays, waste paper baler has become a good helper for people, and it has brought great convenience to people. But sometimes there will be some failures, such as unstable production, what is this? Nick Machinery will analyze for everyone:
    1. Factors directly influencing the production efficiency of the waste paper baler: different packaging models and specifications, different output models, and different specifications directly determine the production efficiency of the baler. The working efficiency of the automatic waste paper baler is significantly higher than that of the traditional waste paper baler.
    2. The production of waste paper baler is also inseparable from the performance of the oil cylinder, which determines the stability of the waste paper baler. In order to ensure the production performance of the product, we must choose a manufacturer with exquisite craftsmanship to produce the cylinder.
    3. The quality of the hydraulic oil selected by the waste paper baler directly determines whether the cylinder can play a great role, and also directly affects the failure rate and service life of the cylinder. To ensure that waste paper baler manufacturers must use anti-wear hydraulic oil.
    4. The convenient operation, control performance and low failure rate of the waste paper baler control system also determine the performance of the packaging operation.

    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of waste paper balers. It provides more than 140 types of balers. There is always one suitable for you. Welcome to buy

  • There are two types of hydraulic baler, vertical waste paper baler and horizontal waste paper baler, no matter which type of equipment. All need to use hydraulic oil. Different types of hydraulic oil can be selected due to the difference in ambient temperature in different regions. At the same time, in the different temperature difference seasons between winter and summer, attention should be paid to effective work such as antifreeze and cooling of the hydraulic oil. Ensure the cleanliness, viscosity and fluidity of hydraulic oil. In short, it is the premise that the hydraulic oil can ensure the normal and effective operation of the waste paper baler.
    Hydraulic oil protection work includes three aspects: cleanliness, cooling, and antifreeze. Cleaning maintenance requires attention to the daily working environment and the quality of the hydraulic oil purchased. Cleanliness is generally not a problem, and the newly purchased hydraulic oil generally does not have such a problem; antifreeze protection work is generally carried out when the temperature is too low in winter, for example, the temperature in many areas this winter is lower than in previous years. This leads to increased hydraulic oil viscosity and lack of fluidity. Can not make the hydraulic waste paper baler work normally. A heater can be used for preheating; the cooling work is generally carried out when the temperature in summer is high and the baler is working for a long time. The high temperature will reduce the viscosity of the hydraulic oil, and the pressure cannot be transmitted well. At this time, the temperature can be cooled by equipped with cooling equipment, such as a water-cooled system or an air-cooled system, or a combination of the two. The normal operation of the hydraulic waste paper baler is a prerequisite for creating value, and it is a necessary condition to ensure the normal working state of all links.

    Nick Machinery recommends that you do a good job in the daily maintenance and maintenance of the waste paper baler to effectively improve the working efficiency of the waste paper baler. For more information about the maintenance of the baler, please pay attention to

  • With the development of my country's automobile industry, the sales volume of automobiles is very high every year, which will also drive the development of the tire industry. As we all know, when a car has traveled to a certain number of kilometers, it is necessary to decide whether or not to change the tires according to the degree of tire wear. Then how do you deal with the old tires that you have replaced?
    Under normal circumstances, most car owners will throw away the old tires directly after changing the new tires. Some people will sell the replaced old tires to the garage or 4S shop at a low price. Some garages recycle the old tires. Tires are piled up like a mountain, and many people are wondering, why use so many old tires? First of all, for manufacturers who specialize in recycling used tires, they select the recycled tires for the first round, pick out those lightly worn tires, vulcanize them with some professional rubber compounds, and use them as spare tires after completion. Sell ??to some car manufacturers, so that you can make a profit. Everyone knows that spare tires generally cannot be used for too long, which is why!
    Large tires are generally used to make rubber powder. The rubber powder is further processed and then made into raw rubber. No matter how old or badly damaged, waste tires can be reused as resources through thermal cracking. The steel wire in tires can also be extracted and sold to steel mills; the purpose of small car tires is relatively single, it can only grind the tires into powder, and then process them to make waterproof materials without other uses. Tires of all sizes can be used for oil refining. They can be used to refine gasoline for our cars. There are also diesel used for other machines, which can be used as fuel and sold to people in need; they can also be used as a plastic track.
    So how to store and transport these tires? It has become a headache for manufacturers. The tire baler produced by Nick Machinery solves this problem for everyone. This is a special design for tire compression and packaging. Hydraulic door opening, dual-cylinder compression, manual valve operation, stable and reliable; movable and fixed dual anti-rebound device; front and rear door opening, convenient for bundling out.

    If you need to dispose of used tires, please contact us, we will recommend you the most suitable Baler plan to turn your tires into valuables.

  • The machine adopts hydraulic transmission and control system. It has high degree of automation, stable speed, high output and simple operation. It is suitable for compression and packaging of sawdust, shavings, cotton seed husks, peanut husks, corn cobs and other materials. It is compressed into bags at one time, which is convenient for storage and reduces transportation costs. After being compressed, it is easy to loosen when taken out. It can also be used for environmentally-friendly building materials, agricultural fertilizers, mushroom cultivation, etc. The size and shape of the compression chamber can be made according to user requirements.
    The main cylinder pushes the compaction horizontally-the side cylinder longitudinal compaction-pushes the Baler head to push the block into the Baler bag. The components return to their positions to continue the next working cycle. The whole process is done in one go, and it can be switched to semi-automatic or manual at the same time. The entire packaging process only takes 1 minute. In contrast, the unit packaging cost of the vertical baler is low, but the production efficiency is low; the horizontal peanut shell baler has a large investment, but the production efficiency is increased by 10 times, the pressure is large, and the weight of the bale is large, which can make up for the equipment investment. Disadvantages.

    NKBALER is an enterprise specializing in the production of hydraulic machinery and accessories. It allows you to buy one-stop, direct factory direct sales, and worry-free after-sales. Welcome to buy:

  • This machine is a fully automatic peanut shell compression Baler machine. The machine completes the whole peanut shell Baler through the cooperation of sensors and 5 hydraulic cylinders, and only needs to pick up the bag and cover the bag manually. The machine is divided into collection box, compression box, discharge port, fan-shaped gland, main pressure head, side pressure head, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic valve, electrical appliances and other components. The fan-shaped cover of the machine enables the collection box to continuously supply materials, which increases the efficiency of the machine. The collection box of the machine can also control the amount of filling and adjust the weight of the package. The Baler process is to transport the peanut shells to the Baler box of the Baler machine through the air conveying system, and the Baler machine will automatically run when it senses that there is enough material in the Baler box through the sensor-fan-shaped cover pre-compression-main cylinder compaction- The side cylinder continues to compact-the side cylinder moves back for 0.1 seconds-the door opening cylinder opens-the side cylinder pushes the peanut shells into the Baler belt-each component returns to position to continue the next working cycle. The whole process is done in one go, and it can also be switched to semi-automatic, manual, and jog. The entire packaging process only takes 1 minute.

    Nick Machinery's peanut shell bagging Press Press machine has simple structure, convenient operation, high efficiency and high output. It is a good helper for your production. Welcome to buy

  • 1. Check whether the bolts are loose before and after the middle shift, whether the frame is deformed or welded and other abnormalities. If any abnormalities are found, repair them in time and eliminate hidden dangers before using.
    2. The hydraulic oil of the hydraulic system is replaced or filtered once a month after the first use, and then replaced or filtered every six months to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and the normal operation of the hydraulic system (the oil tank must be cleaned before refueling) .
    3. When it is not in use, it should be inspected and repaired first, and then sealed with a tarp. The exposed part of the piston rod should be coated with anti-rust oil to avoid rain, moisture, and corrosion.
    4. When restarting, check whether the hydraulic oil has deteriorated first, and test the machine according to the requirements of debugging, and the Baler operation can only be carried out when it runs normally.
    5. If the diesel engine is configured as the power source, please refer to the diesel engine instruction manual for the maintenance of the diesel engine.

    Here, Nick Machinery reminds you that doing a good job in the daily maintenance of the baler can effectively extend the service life of the baler. For more information about the rice husk baler, please follow Nick's homepage

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