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  • 1. Turn on the power supply and check whether the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the direction of the arrow marked on the motor hood. If it is inconsistent, swap any two of the three power cords after a power failure.
    2. Restart the motor, respectively manipulate (push in and pull out) to step on the bag, pressurize and open/close the door handles (there are three handles for hydraulic open/close doors) to make the upper pressing row and the open/close cylinder run back and forth for 2-3 times, check If there is any abnormality, stop immediately if there is any abnormality; eliminate the abnormality.
    Test the car again later. If there is no abnormality, add hydraulic oil to the oil tank until the marking line (because the hydraulic oil enters the oil cylinder during the test run, the oil level in the oil tank is reduced; if the hydraulic oil is not added, abnormal phenomena such as pressure and discharge jitter will occur).

    The peanut shell Baler machine produced by Nick has always had its own uniqueness, because we believe that only to make our products more refined and more distinctive. Only by making users and friends more satisfied can we have a better market.

  • The peanut shell baler is divided into vertical and horizontal according to the structure, and divided into manual rope binding and automatic bagging Press Press according to the packaging form. Generally speaking, the vertical balers are usually tied manually, while the horizontal peanut shell balers are usually automatic bagging Press Press.
    Before Baler the vertical peanut shell Baler machine, place a layer of Baler cloth on the bottom of the Baler machine, and then close the Baler case body, and put a layer of Baler cloth on the upper part of the Baler block before the last pressure. Layer the Baler cloth, and then use the Baler machine to compact the peanut shells. When the door of the Baler machine is opened, the wire is manually tied, the pressure head of the Baler machine is returned, and the packed peanut shells are pushed out of the Baler machine. The vertical baler is characterized by its low price, but its disadvantage is its low efficiency.
    The horizontal peanut shell Baler machine is a fully automatic peanut shell compression Baler machine. The machine completes the whole peanut shell Baler through the cooperation of sensors and 5 hydraulic cylinders, and only needs to pick up and cover the bag manually. The machine is divided into collection box, compression box, discharge port, fan-shaped gland, main pressure head, side pressure head, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic valve, electrical appliances and other components. The fan-shaped cover of the machine enables the collection box to continuously supply materials, which increases the efficiency of the machine. The collection box of the machine can also control the amount of filling and adjust the weight of the package. At the same time, it can be switched to semi-automatic, manual, and jog. The entire packaging process only takes 1 minute.
    In short, whether it is a vertical peanut shell Baler machine or a horizontal peanut shell Baler machine can complete the work of peanut shell Baler. In contrast, the unit Baler cost of the vertical Baler machine is higher, but the investment cost is lower; The unit cost of the peanut shell Baler machine is low, but the investment is relatively large. Therefore, it is recommended that friends who need a peanut shell Baler machine choose the machine according to their actual situation

    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic balers, providing more than 140 types of balers, there is always one suitable for you, welcome to buy 86-29-86031588

  • The straw bagging Press machine is suitable for wood chips, shavings, rice husks, cotton seed husks, peanut husks, corn cobs, hay, mineral wool and other loose scraps that cannot be bundled and crushed peanut seedlings, bean seedlings, sweet potato seedlings, and wheat for animal feed. Straw, straw, etc. This kind of horizontal special bagging Press machine is a one-time compression bagging Press machine, which reduces waste storage space, saves up to 80% of stacking space, reduces transportation costs, and is conducive to environmental protection and waste recycling.
    The compressed objects are easy to take out and loose, and can be used in environmentally-friendly building materials, farmland, fertilizer, mushrooms, and animal feed. The package delivery speed can reach 100-120 packages/hour, with high efficiency. It is suitable for compression bag packaging of bulk materials that cannot be bundled.
    The current electric heating function of the bagging Press and packing machine is a fully automatic electric heating device, which can adjust the dry humidity of the material and solve the problem of material blocking and not forming. The corn stalk Baler machine produced by our company has undergone practice and continuous improvement. Gongyi's technology has been perfected day by day. The straw Baler machine has the advantages of high automation, high output, low power consumption, and simple operation. It is a kind of special equipment for squeezing crop stalks as long as they are corn stalks, branches, forages and other stalk biomass materials.
    Simple operation, convenient use, high degree of automation, less labor, manual feeding or automatic feeding by conveyor can be used. It has the advantages of high efficiency and low power consumption, and can be divided into different categories according to different structural principles.

    The straw bagging Press machine produced by Nick Machinery has one-key operation, compressing, unpacking and bagging Press continuously complete the whole process at one time, which improves the operation convenience and production efficiency. You are welcome to buy from our website:

  • The box-type balers (usually also called clothes balers, clothing presses, and textile balers) are specially designed machines that are specially made in accordance with the packaging requirements of the textile recycling industry. This clothing Baling Press is an ideal choice for almost any textile manufacturer, used clothing recycling, second-hand clothing distributor/exporter, wiper sorting seller, etc.
    The operation of the bag Baling Press is very simple and convenient-the lifted compression chamber makes the threading, bundling and unpacking of the blocks easy and simple. You only need to press a button, and the compression chamber will automatically lift before threading and strapping. This means that the entire process only needs to be operated by one person, which greatly saves labor costs.
    The suitcase-type clothing baler can generally produce bales with different weights ranging from 200kg to 500kg. The specific bale size can be determined according to the model change, so as to ensure that consumers of any size can find a baler that meets their size requirements. From a small shop operator managed by one person to a large company with a recycling production line, the bag Baling Press of Nick Machinery is suitable for your needs.
    Baler applications: second-hand clothing, towels, pillows, quilts, blankets, old shoes, old clothes, rags, textile fibers, yarns and other textile waste.

    Nick Machinery’s case Baling Press hydraulic case is high in efficiency, safe and reliable, and simple in structure. It is a good helper for your production. Welcome new and old customers to visit and buy.

  • Hollow plastic bottle is a kind of material with relatively large compression. Nick Machinery's long-stroke baler (also known as plastic bottle baler) is a recycling machine with a large compression chamber and a long-stroke cylinder specially designed for this kind of hollow plastic. Due to the long stroke design of the cylinder, the height of this type of machine is also higher than that of the ordinary vertical baler.
    The friction between the textile material and the inner wall of the compression chamber of the baler is relatively large, and it is not easy to turn the package. In addition, textile bales usually need to be wrapped to protect the packaging materials from being soiled during storage and transportation. Therefore, the design of textile balers is usually a suitcase or four-door, which is convenient for wrapping and turning over.
    For materials with high rebound force such as tires, the inner wall of the compression chamber of the baler must have a rebound hook to prevent the rebound of the material during the return stroke of the pressure plate during the compression process.
    Scrap metal is a relatively hard material that requires compressive forces from multiple directions to effectively compress and pack. Therefore, metal balers are generally designed to compress materials in three directions.

    In order to maximize your efficiency and profitability, if the standard type of baler cannot meet your requirements, Nick Machinery can also customize the baler that meets your requirements according to your specific requirements.

  • The main purpose of the peanut shell bagging Press machine is to compress and pack relatively loose materials, such as wood chips, shavings, rags, peanut husks, rice husks, cotton seeds or other similar materials, because such loose particles and small materials are very easy to handle. inconvenient. The peanut shell bagging Press machine is specially designed for this kind of loose material. It can automatically load, compress and push the bag, and the compressed bag can be automatically loaded into the plastic bag, which is convenient for storage, transportation and recycling. It is also a good choice to resell the material bales that have been bagged.
    Nick brand peanut shells are controlled by PLC programmable logic controller, one-button operation, and a detection switch on the feeding port. These characteristics ensure the easy operation, high efficiency and safety of the baler, and the same size of bales. This bagging Press machine can produce and cover with plastic bags or woven bags within a few minutes. It can hit 45-50 bales per hour, the bale weight is 44 kg, and the bale size is 750*430*310mm. This Nick horizontal bagging Press and packing machine is widely used in pet food factories, animal bedding material factories, textile material recycling factories, rag pack exporters, plant fertilizer factories, farms and other manufacturers that produce large amounts of loose materials that are difficult to transport.
    The scope of application of the baler: shavings, wood chips, chopped straw/hay, shredded paper, chaff, cottonseed, rags, peanut shells, mineral cotton fibers and other similar loose materials.

    Nick Machinery offers a variety of balers, please choose the horizontal bagging Press balers that suits you, or contact us to customize a balers solution that meets your special needs.

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