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  • When using the horizontal baler, pay attention to these 10 common sense knowledge that you must know
    Any type of baler should pay attention to certain matters during use. This is not only to improve its work efficiency, but more importantly, to ensure the safety of human beings. Next, Xiao Wang, a technician from Huazheng Machinery, will come with you. Introduce various precautions during the use of the lower horizontal baler.
    When using the horizontal baler, pay attention to these 10 common sense knowledge that you must know
    1. Pay attention to the production power of the waste paper baler. If the transformer is used together for time, the use of excess power will not only cause the equipment's motor to burn out, but also easily cause fire. Special attention must be paid to prepare the special voltage and capacity for this machine only.
    2. The ground wire of the device must be installed correctly. If the ground wire is not connected correctly, there is a danger of electric shock.
    3. Try not to exceed 10M when using extension cables. Extension cords used beyond this range may not only damage the machine, but also overheat the plug and socket, which may cause a fire hazard.
    4. Please be sure to use gloves, protective glasses and masks when installing the equipment or when producing the baler. If not used, to ensure production safety.
    5. Waste paper baler is a professional equipment for compressing waste paper and plastic bottles and other soft materials. Do not use for other purposes. Packed objects refer to items that need to be packed. Do not put your hands or body near the main unit.
    6. Do not remove the Baler panel, cover, door and other parts while using the machine. When removing the protective parts, it will not only cause the machine to malfunction, but also easily lead to accidents. Do not modify the machine privately.
    7. Do not place the power cord in the forklift or other passages, or avoid directly pressing the power cord and other places. Once the outer skin is damaged or disconnected, there is a danger of electric shock. be careful.
    8. Do not use wet hands to plug in or out the power plug, there is a danger of electric shock. Packing items with water or dampness may cause electric shock.

    9. When not in use, you must unplug the plug from the socket. Cut off the power to avoid electric shock or fire caused by leakage.

    10. When the heating plate is at a very high temperature, please do not put combustible materials around the back of the machine, as there is a risk of fire.
    For the safety of you and me, please follow the requirements. Through the description of the editor, everyone should understand how to operate the horizontal baler. I hope you can use it in the future. .
  • The plastic bottle packing machine has many advantages. When the plastic is punched, it is beautiful and firm, and the speed is relatively fast, which improves the efficiency of workers' packing, while reducing waste and saving costs.
    Various types of plastic balers are suitable for conventional objects, bulky and heavy objects, liquid and powdery falling objects, particularly wide objects and pressurized balers.
    So for the plastic baler, what are the installation environment and attention issues? The following editor will give you a detailed introduction.

    The first is the overall environment where the plastic baler is placed. Be sure not to choose a place where the sun can be directly exposed to the sun, or a place with too much dust, which is very easy to cause machine pollution, and the operator is not conducive to cleaning. Being in such an environment for a long time can cause great damage to the equipment. Yes, it can't be too humid. We know that a too humid environment can easily cause a short circuit, and the equipment's wire failure rate will increase.

    The second is that when we are operating the machine, we must ensure that the power connection of our machine is correct, the wire is grounded, and that our machine is operating normally during operation.
     Finally, after the machine is used for a long time, its heating plate will be very hot, so please do not touch the heating plate of the machine directly with your hands to avoid unnecessary harm to people. When the equipment is working, it is not possible to cross the track with the head and hand. This behavior is quite dangerous. We must remember that safety is the first priority. The heating plate is what we call the ironing head. This is one of the main wearing parts of the packaging equipment. After a long time of use, it will definitely cause the wear of the machine, so we must pay attention to replacement.
    There is also that after we have finished packing, we return the packing belt to the reel. The packing belt of this machine is not directly transported from the packing reel to the core position, but from the storage box of the plastic packing machine. For the movement, the packing tape in the storage box is stored in a "Z" shape, so it will be bent if it is not taken out for a long time, so that the tape will not be in place or jammed when it is used again the next day .
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  • 1. Hydraulic configuration: The hydraulic circuit system with fast regenerated oil and low noise adopts the combination of imported and domestic high-quality components, which not only guarantees the quality but also reduces the cost, and the performance of the whole machine is stable.
    2. Electrical configuration: PLC control is selected to make the circuit simple, the failure rate is low, and the inspection and troubleshooting are simple and quick.
    3. Shearing knife: The internationally-used scissors design is used to improve the efficiency of paper cutting and extend the service life of the blade.
    4. Wire tying device: Internationally-used new type of wire tying device, saving iron wire, fast tying, low failure rate, easy to clean, maintain and repair.
    5. Conveyor: Conveyor belt adopts new PVC material, which is anti-corrosion and anti-aging, has the advantages of slip resistance, large conveying capacity and strong load capacity.
    6. The length can be set freely, and the packing value can be accurately recorded.

    7. Easy installation, simple foundation construction, no foundation reinforcement treatment.

  • Waste beverage bottle balers and waste plastic balers are environmentally friendly and efficient waste recycling and packaging equipment. Shaanxi Nick Machinery’s plastic bottle balers have the characteristics of large packaging, heavy packaging, and high prices. Therefore, they are more suitable for special purchase of plastic products. Recycling stations with a certain amount of purchase are used. The function of this kind of packing machine is even more diversified, all kinds of waste cartons, waste plastic bottles, oil drums, etc. can be packed with this equipment. It can also be used to pack waste paper, waste paper boxes, straw, etc., with high density, which is very suitable for long-distance transportation and storage.

    How many packages can the automatic waste paper baler produce in one hour

    Plastic bottle balers have different models and different packaging quantities. There are large, medium and small. The small 120-type plastic balers can be operated manually or automatically. Output: 6~9 bags/H, bag weight 800kg, 160 Type plastic baler, output: 8~12 packs/H, each pack weighs 1000kg, 180 type plastic bottle Baler produces; 10~15 packs/H, each pack weighs 1200kg, 200 type plastic Baler, output 12-15 Package/H, each package weighs 1400kg

    Nick Machinery operates based on the development concept of integrity, quality and after-sales service, providing each customer with perfect after-sales service, solving any equipment problems for customers in a timely manner, and achieving greater work efficiency for customers to enter the market. Choose the standard machine model of the horizontal bagging machine, you can contact us to customize the waste recycling baler TEL: 86-29-86031588,

  • Waste cardboard baler is also waste paper baler, waste carton baler, large automatic waste cardboard baler with reasonable design, large processing capacity and high efficiency, suitable for large waste paper baler station, waste collection station, papermaking Factory and other use. One-time packaging and molding, good results!
    How much does it cost to buy a set of large waste paper baler

    Large waste paperboard baler, waste paper box baler can be applied to waste paper, waste paper boxes, waste cardboard, bark, waste plastic bags and other light foaming and loose materials. The package is compact, neat and beautiful, and can greatly reduce transportation costs. It is a production tool for cotton-producing areas, textile companies, supermarkets, clothing factories, waste materials recycling industries and various other light industrial enterprises.

     Advanced features of large waste cardboard baler:
    1. In terms of power supply, according to the use environment and different requirements, the waste paper box baler can be divided into two types of two-phase power and three-phase power. Customers can choose according to the actual power supply conditions to further improve the efficiency of purchase.
    2. The size of the box, that is, the size of the place where the material is placed in the machine. Generally, the smallest size is 1000×800×900mm. Of course, with the further development of technology and productivity, the size of the box can also be designed according to customer requirements and designs The craftsmanship is comprehensively considered and set so that it can better meet the production needs.
     3. The production form can be divided into manual and automatic, mainly including discharging, operation, out of the package, etc. Customers can choose according to the production volume requirements, production efficiency, etc., to increase the applicable space of the equipment.
    The waste paper box packing machine has complete equipment sizes and models, and customers can design different discharge directions, tonnages, sizes, etc. according to the site.
    Shaanxi Nick large-scale waste paper box balers, waste cardboard balers, and fully automatic waste paper box balers are reasonably priced at about 100,000 yuan. It is equipped with balers conveyor belts, balers feeding devices and other equipment, which are efficient, environmentally friendly and durable. Large amount, high income!
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  • The stability of the automatic waste paper baler depends on whether the equipment is designed reasonably and has high-quality installation. High-quality installation is an important part of the fully automatic waste paper baler. What should be paid attention to during installation?
    1. Be familiar with the schematic diagram and electrical diagram of the hydraulic system when installing.
    2. Since hydraulic components are easy to invade sand and soil during transportation, if they are directly installed, they will affect the use of the equipment. Therefore, the performance of the more important components should be tested first during installation, and then the installation and debugging should be carried out.

    3. Since hydraulic components are precision machinery, they must be installed in a clean environment before installation.

    As long as the installation is carried out in strict accordance with the principle diagram of the automatic waste paper baler, the incidence of failure can be reduced and the reliability of the hydraulic components of the equipment can be ensured. Pay attention to the repair of blades when disassembling and installing the automatic waste paper baler. The damage of the blade is mainly the wear and tear of the contact between the top of the blade and the inner surface of the stator and the relative sliding of the end surface and the plane of the oil distribution plate. If the fuzz is not serious, it can be slightly polished and reused.
    1. When disassembling and assembling the vane pump of the fully automatic waste paper baler, please keep it clean anytime and anywhere to prevent dirt and dust from falling into the pump.
    2. In the process of disassembly, assembly and cleaning, cotton yarn and rags are forbidden to scrub the parts, so as not to mix the fallen cotton yarn ends into the hydraulic system. Brushes and silk cloth should be used.
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