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  • The waste paper baler clarifies that the basic principles of solid waste environmental pollution control are reduction, resource regeneration, and harmless treatment.
    1. There are three ways to prepare waste paper balers: ⑴ compaction. ⑵ crushed. ⑶ sieving. The waste paper baler separates valuable and harmful components to complete "turning waste into treasure".
    2. The solution of waste paper baler composting.
    3. Waste paper baler environmental sanitation landfill method.
    4. The general organic chemical solution for waste paper balers.
    5. Waste paper baler landfill method.
    6. Centralized incineration of waste paper balers. .

    7. Hot punching method of waste paper baler processing equipment.

    NKBALER is committed to the production of waste paper balers. The semi-automatic waste paper balers and fully automatic waste paper balers produced are of high quality and low price. If you need, please visit our company's website: https://
  • At present, my country has attached great importance to the recycling, processing and utilization of waste tires. At present, there are four main ways of recycling waste tires:
    1. Prototype reuse means not making qualitative changes to waste tires, but only changing its appearance.The methods of bundling, cutting,and punching are often used to transform waste tires into useful items.
    2. Combustion and reuse
    3. Reclaimed rubber is to pulverize waste rubber, and then subject these pulverized materials to physical and chemical reaction processes such as heating and mechanical treatment. After these treatments, the elastic state and stickiness obtained can be vulcanized to form rubber again.,this method can reduce the production to a certain extent
    Reduce the cost of rubber production and improve the performance of the rubber compound during processing.

    4. Refurbishment and utilization of waste tires

    Retreading is to cut off the worn parts of waste tires, then fill them with rubber, and then reuse them after vulcanization.
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  • In today's society, the economy is developing rapidly, and every industry is developing fiercely. The small waste paper baler market is a good market. The intelligent small waste paper baler will be the most important development. The number and type of small waste paper balers are constantly increasing. growth, this market will be a very large market in the machinery industry.There are also many projects, and they are very stable. According to the current situation, the development prospects of intelligent small waste paper balers are limitless.
    With the development of society, my country's science and technology are constantly developing, and this has made various industries in our country sublime again in terms of technology. And now the technology of the packaging industry has also been improved again. The current research and development of small waste paper balers is moving towards high-speed, multi-functional and intelligent control.Direction of development to meet market demand. In order to meet the requirements of faster production of goods and lower costs, the future small waste paper balers require high-speed production.
    Now, the market has high requirements for intelligent small waste paper balers, which can be used in combination with production machinery, and can also use continuous work or diversified work methods. In addition, the cost and failure rate must be reduced, so that the normal productivity can be improved, so the next step for the small waste paper baler is to focus on

    Intelligent development. However, the current small waste paper baler cannot meet the requirements of the market, because a series of problems such as low production performance, poor stability and reliability, and unsightly appearance are still affecting the development of this small waste paper baler.

    NICKBALER is a manufacturer specializing in the production of balers, and can also customize the machine according to your requirements; if you have a demand, please let us know, and we will recommend the best solution to you according to your specific requirements.
  • The garment baling machine is suitable for the compression baling of various materials such as clothing, cloth, textiles, cotton, woolen sweaters, shirts, sweaters, underwear, socks, wool, old clothing, knitted wool, towels, curtains, woven bags, etc. The manual control system has the characteristics of easy operation, high packaging efficiency and low investment cost. In addition, it also has the following characteristics:
    1. The system is designed with a preload relief device, which completely eliminates the hydraulic shock.
    2. Advanced fast device to ensure the production needs of users.
    3. The electrical appliance adopts PLC automatic control system, which has strong anti-interference ability and low failure rate.
    4. The body adopts the overall steel structure, which has high strength and good stability, and does not need to install anchor screws.
    5. The machine adopts hydraulic transmission, highly professional integral valve block, and large flow diameter, which reduces the pressure loss of the system and eliminates the drawbacks of leakage.

    6. The unique oil circuit design makes the hydraulic system perfect, even if it works under the condition of long-term heavy load, the system will not be powerless.

    NICKBALER Machinery's double-chamber garment baling machine adopts a double-chamber structure, which can carry out baling and feeding work at the same time, which greatly improves the work efficiency. Contact consultation number 86-29-86031588
  • 1. Before the shearing work of the gantry shearing machine is carried out, it is necessary to obtain the working procedure of the pressing cylinder before it can be carried out.

    2. The hydraulic shearing machine has two oil cylinders, one is the main pressure oil cylinder, which is responsible for cutting work, and the other is the pressing oil cylinder, which is responsible for compressing the sheared material. Prevent the shaking, beating, splashing and other conditions of the material to be sheared, and the sequence control is more secure. The LMJ series produced by Nick Machinery has the following characteristics: reasonable design structure, lever principle, portal structure, stronger bite force and lower power consumption than traditional flat shears. Especially in the metal smelting industry, it is more important. If the metal material is long or large, it cannot be put into the furnace. The hydraulic metal shearing machine produced by our company can quickly cut the metal material, and it is carried out in a cold state, without the need for Other auxiliary processes are fast, simple, safe and reliable, which can save time, labor and labor than traditional gas cutting and flame cutting.

    NICKBALER is a professional service manufacturer specializing in the development, production, sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery. Welcome to consult 86-29-86031588 or

  • 1. Once a week, remove crumbs or dirt from the machine.
    2. Clean, maintain and lubricate the upper slide plate, middle knife and front top knife mentioned in the previous section once a month.
    3. Once every three months, after the above two maintenances have been done, add some lubricating oil to all (shaft, core) and bearings.
    4. Replenish the oil in the reducer wheel box every two years.

    5. It should be noted that several parts cannot be refueled: send and return belt rollers. All belts. Slip sheet in and around.

    NKBALER operates in line with the development concept of integrity, quality and after-sales, provides perfect after-sales service for each customer, solves any equipment problems for customers in time, and achieves greater work efficiency for customers. Go to the market https://www
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