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  • The vertical hydraulic baler is mainly composed of hydraulic cylinder, motor and oil tank, pressure plate, box body and base, upper door, lower door, door latch, Baling Machine belt bracket, iron support, etc. During use, the following faults may occur:
    1. The machine does not work, but the pump is still running
    2. The machine is running too slowly
    3. Motor overheating
    4. Oil leaks or oil sprayed from the tank

    5. The machine can't work, the motor can't run

    If you can't repair by yourself, you can call NKBALER at 86-29-86031588, and our technicians will be there to solve the problem for you as soon as possible.
  • The fully automatic waste paper baler separates valuable and harmful components for waste utilization. The fertilizer treatment method utilizes the metabolism of microorganisms in nature. Under suitable moisture and ventilation conditions, the automatic waste paper baler carries out the self-reproduction of microorganisms, and the automatic waste paper baler converts biodegradable organic matter into stable humus.
    The characteristic of automatic waste paper baler incineration disposal is that it can achieve harmlessness, reduction and resource utilization. The automatic waste paper baler incineration can not only dispose of municipal solid waste, but also can be used to dispose of hazardous waste. Fully automatic waste paper baler pyrolysis method is to use thermal energy to crack large molecular weight organic compounds into easily handled compounds with relatively small molecular weight or organic substances such as fuel gas, oil and carbon black under the condition of low oxygen partial pressure.

    The key problem in the design, construction and operation of the automatic waste paper baler sanitary landfill method is to control the random flow of leachate containing a large amount of organic acids, ammonia nitrogen and heavy metals and other pollutants. Do centralized processing after unified collection. Some waste liquids containing oil, acid, alkali or heavy metals produced by general physical and chemical treatment methods should not be directly incinerated or landfilled, but should be treated by simple physical and chemical treatment. The physical and chemical method of the automatic waste paper baler is also a comprehensive utilization or pretreatment process.

    NKBALER has been committed to the research, development and production of waste paper balers and hydraulic balers for many years, and has perfect after-sales service. Welcome to call us: 86-29-86031588

  • Metal balers may have some failures when packaging items. This kind of thing can be said to be unavoidable. No matter how good the quality of the machine is, there will inevitably be some small defects. Although it is not a serious problem, there are often some small defects. The problem will also affect the normal work efficiency. The following has sorted out some common faults for your convenience:
    1. The reducer fails. Handling points: When returning to zero, the cam does not touch the LS5, and the high point is upward or downward. At this time, the reducer is worn out, and the reducer should be replaced.
    2. The oil pump is noisy. The reasons for this may be the oil pump suction, the blockage of the filter screen, the leakage of the oil suction pipe or the oil inlet of the pump, the fracture of the plunger, the fracture of the bearing, etc. The main points of treatment are to find out the cause of the failure, clear the blockage, and replace the damaged parts. .
    3. There is oil leakage in the hydraulic system. The occurrence of oil leakage is generally related to the aging of the seal, the falling of the seal or the loose connection.
    4. The oil pump is insufficient or has no pressure. This situation is generally caused by the wear of the oil pump body, the oil distribution plate or the damage of the plunger. In this case, the oil pump needs to be repaired or a new oil pump should be replaced.
    5. The crossbar electromagnet is not working properly. Handling points: The crossbar electromagnet does not work, of course, it cannot be automatically taken out. In this case, check whether the electromagnet wire is off, check whether it is displaced, burned out, or whether it has chips knowing some problems and failures that often occur in the use of metal balers, operators can quickly deal with them, and they do not need to wait for professional after-sales personnel from metal balers manufacturers to come to the door to avoid wasting time and save costs.

    NKBALER provides professional metal baler solutions and perfect after-sales service, choose us and save your time. Our hotline: 86-29-86031588
  • The main characteristic of hydraulic balers is contamination, and this positioning is extremely important
    First: It is decided that the foothold of hydraulic balers is to control air pollution and improve the ecological environment, that is, to complete harmless treatment;
    Second: It has been decided that as a householder, it is a natural obligation to dispose of domestic waste. Classification, mitigation and payment are all basic obligations that households should bear;
    Third: The hydraulic baler decides the main body of responsibility for the allocation of waste disposal funds and management and control. The hydraulic baler cannot shirk its obligations in the name of socialization.

    The pollutant characteristics of the hydraulic baler are the main ones, and the resource characteristics are secondary. The relationship between the two is dialectical and must be considered from the perspective of life cycle. When we treat the hydraulic baler as a pollutant, we must fully consider its resource characteristics, and try to recycle the natural resources and power energy contained in it. In addition, when we use the hydraulic baler as a resource, we also need to consider its pollutant characteristics.

    NKBALER is a company specializing in the production of hydraulic machinery and accessories, allowing you to purchase one-stop and worry-free after-sales. Welcome to buy:

  • The preferred technology and industry-leading baler company for small waste paper balers, the development prospects of small waste paper balers are bright!
    With the increasing material and cultural needs of people and the growth of modern logistics, more and more packaging is used in our daily life, so in terms of the current and future development situation, small waste paper balers are widely used. Broad market space and industry development potential.
    At present, the country attaches great importance to projects such as environmental protection and resource reuse. As far as the recycling of waste paper products in my country is concerned, it is still far from the level of some developed countries. Therefore, there will be a lot of room for the acquisition of small waste paper balers in the future. The state's investment in environmental protection is also increasing.

    The requirements for the cleanliness of the atmosphere and water resources are becoming stronger and stronger. No one can allow their living space to be shrouded in smog. We all hope to have a blue sky, a green river, and even more hope. There is fresh air to breathe. All of this is inseparable from our usual environment protect.

    If you still have questions about the small waste paper baler, you can go to our company website to learn, or you can call us at 86-29-86031588.
  • In recent years, the development direction of straw baler equipment is towards specialization, technology and energy saving. From the backward and weak in the past, it has gradually developed to the present, and hydraulic has become one of the leading professional straw baler manufacturers in China. Pioneering and enterprising is the creed we always adhere to, which also allows us to always stand at the forefront of the straw baler industry. Various types of straw baler equipment from our baler manufacturers are produced in strict accordance with the highest standards in the industry, privately customized according to the actual requirements of customers, carefully designed, and provide customers with a full range of personnel and technical support.

    Today, hydraulic balers have been able to stand on their own in the market, and provide our customers with the guarantee of perfect baler equipment. Looking at the development direction of the entire straw baler industry, we know that it is imminent to improve the manufacturing level of straw balers. Only by providing customers with more high-quality and efficient equipment and services can we further meet the various needs of social and economic development.

    NKBALER specializes in manufacturing various hydraulic balers to compress and pack waste into compact bales that are small in size and easy to handle. We can customize a baler that meets 
    your baling needs at a reasonable price according to your needs. Please contact us if you need

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