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  • The electro-hydraulic servo valve for waste paper baler is used for control in the waste paper baler. The electro-hydraulic servo valve is used in the waste paper baler. It is small in size, small in area, less pipeline, and convenient for centralized operation. Of course, it also has some shortcomings For example, the preset manufacturing is complicated, not easy to repair, not easy to modify, not universal, and can only be used in a dedicated system. The use of electro-hydraulic servo valves for waste paper balers has a broad and broad prospect.

    On a waste paper baler where the liner of the extrusion chamber is not lubricated, the friction force will be approximately doubled, and the strength and density of the bale will be reduced. There are often cases of this kind of material. When inspecting and repairing the plunger of the hydraulic cylinder, the surface has to be turned 1.5 to 2.0 mm, so that the diameter of the plunger is reduced, so the unit pressure acting on the mass is also reduced accordingly. When the inspection and repair are repeated for the third time, the diameter of the plunger is reduced by approximately 9-12 mm, and the unit pressure on the N-level squeezed plunger should be reduced by approximately 4 to 5%, so the density of the mass is correspondingly reduced. 

    To fall.Up to now, waste paper balers on the market are mainly divided into horizontal and vertical types. The size of waste paper balers is relatively small, because the packaging size is also relatively small, and the efficiency is not high. Compared with the waste paper baler, the size of the waste paper baler is extremely large, but its compression force is also larger than that of the waste paper baler, and the size of the baler is relatively large. The waste paper balers feel suitable and use the horizontal method. The waste paper baler facilitates the successful realization of automation, can improve the overall efficiency of packaging, and save the manual cost of packaging.

  • 1. The consumption efficiency of the waste paper baler is directly influential: the type and specifications of the packaging, the output of different models is not equal, and the different specifications directly determine the efficiency of the waste paper baler. Conventional waste paper baler equipment is more efficient than equipment with a door at the discharge port.
    2. The production of waste paper baler equipment is inseparable from the performance of the oil cylinder. The performance of the cylinder determines the stability of the waste paper baler. To guarantee the consumer performance of the product, you must choose a consumer manufacturer with sophisticated cylinder manufacturing technology.

    3. The quality of the hydraulic oil used in the waste paper baler, and the radon-throwing of the hydraulic oil determines whether the cylinder can play a large role, and it also directly affects the failure rate of the cylinder and the number of years of life preservation. It is guaranteed that the consumption of waste paper balers cannot be used less than genuine No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil.

    4. The operation convenience, control performance and low fault rate of the waste paper baler control system also determine the baling operation efficiency.

    The waste paper baler can be applied to all light foaming and loose materials such as waste paper, waste paper boxes, waste cardboard, bark, waste plastic bags, etc. The package is compact, neat and beautiful, which can greatly reduce transportation costs and reduce storage swu'fupace.

    Nick company has been specialized in waste paper baler for many years, in order to be able to worry about customers, actively absorb advanced experience and high-tech achievements independent innovation. Welcome to visit our company website

  • 1. Horizontal structure, using conveyor belt for feeding, saving time, effort and convenience;
    2. Button operation, PLC control;
    3. The matching power is adjusted according to the machine model and actual production requirements;
    4. Chain plate or belt conveyor can be selected according to user requirements, with large conveying capacity, wear resistance, strong load capacity and anti-skid function;
    5. The packing length can be set freely, and the microcomputer records the packing value and production efficiency.
    Working principle of waste paper baler:

    Main frame system: Thickened steel plate and gas shielded welding cast a strong frame, mechanical design makes the equipment durable.

    Conveyor system: I-beam frame, high-strength steel plate conveyor belt.
    Hydraulic system: Imported parts are used for key accessories such as hydraulic pump, solenoid valve and hydraulic cylinder oil seal, which make the packing pressure high, fast, durable and low noise.
    Electronic control system: Siemens motor, original Mitsubishi PLC programming controller. Other key accessories such as buttons, sensors, infrared beams, and remote control systems are imported, which are easy to operate and maintain.
    Security alarm system: Program control five automatic locking shutdown alarms. Automatic shutdown and alarm in case of equipment misoperation, lack of phase of power supply, super high pressure, and personnel entering the packing port by mistake.
    Advantages of waste paper baler equipment:
    1. The hydraulic oil circuit power system is adopted, which improves the packing efficiency, and has the characteristics of fast packing speed, high efficiency and stable performance;
    2. A variety of cooling systems are available for users to choose (water cooling system, air cooling system and industrial air conditioning cooling system);
    3. Two wire binding methods, push wire and hook wire, are used, with low failure rate and easy maintenance;
    4. Adopting the principle of mechanics, 3 sets of tight-packing cylinders make the compressed material more tightly compressed, and the packed bag has a more regular shape and greater density;
    5. Touch screen console, microcomputer PLC control, simple, clear, and computer-assisted error correction function;
    6. The design of the introduced double-tough cutter greatly improves the cutting efficiency and prolongs the service life of the blade.
    Nick Machinery has many different models of mini packers for you to choose from. Please contact us, we will recommend the most suitable packer according to your requirements.
  • The installation of a semi-automatic waste paper baler has a great impact on the application of the equipment. A high-quality installation can effectively reduce the problems of failure and shortened service life of the semi-automatic waste paper baler during application. The following editor will briefly explain the installation matters of the semi-automatic waste paper baler:
    1. When installing, you should have a certain degree of familiarity with the schematic and electrical diagrams required by the hydraulic system of the semi-automatic waste paper baler, so as to effectively avoid some common sense errors of equipment.
    2. The hydraulic components are more likely to invade the sand during transportation. Direct installation will affect the normal application of the semi-automatic waste paper baler. Therefore, for the more important components, the performance of the more important components needs to be tested and then performed. Install or debug.

    3. The hydraulic components of the semi-automatic waste paper balers are precision machinery, so they need to be installed in a clean environment in strict accordance with the principle design drawing of the waste paper balers before installation, so as to effectively reduce the occurrence of failures and ensure The hydraulic components of the overall equipment work reliably.

    4. The semi-automatic waste paper baler is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions and pack them into a special packaging tape to greatly reduce the volume, thereby reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing benefits for enterprises Purpose. Used for packaging waste paper (cardboard boxes, newsprint, etc.), waste plastics (PET bottles, plastic films, turnover boxes, etc.), straw and other loose materials.

    Nick Machinery operates based on the development concept of integrity, quality and after-sales service, providing each customer with perfect after-sales service, solving any equipment problems for customers in a timely manner, and achieving greater work efficiency for customers to enter the market. Choose the standard machine model of the horizontal bagging machine, you can contact us to customize the waste recycling baler TEL: 86-29-86031588,

  • 1. Work frequently to check whether the connections of the machine parts are firm, whether the machine shape is firm, whether the machine shape has changed, whether the parts are worn, and whether the joints and flanges are loose and leaking.
    2. After each shift, clean the track of the chartered car every 2 hours during the shift to ensure that the chartered car is unimpeded.
    3. The air filter is cleaned every half month.
    4. The suction filter is cleaned every three months.
    5. Depending on the working conditions, replace the hydraulic oil regularly.
    6. When changing the oil, the oil tank and oil valve should be thoroughly cleaned.

    7. Refuel the remaining rotating parts once every shift.

    8. The baler will not be used for a long time and must be started once a month to prevent the hydraulic components from rusting and blocking.
    9. Replace the lubricating oil once a year for the main shaft bearings of the feeder and the reducer.
    10. Refuel the chain rollers of the feeder once every shift.

    11. When packing work, strictly follow the safety operating procedures, if abnormal noise, shaking, etc. occur, stop immediately to find out the cause and remove the fault before use.

    Nick reminds you that you must follow strict operating instructions during the use of the product, which can not only protect the safety of the operator, but also reduce the loss of equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.

  • With the continuous expansion of waste paper recycling scale, the horizontal waste paper baler in the waste paper baler is the mainstream equipment in the market. The baler with this structure has high efficiency, and the package shape is uniform and beautiful. At the same time, the density of each package can reach 500 kilograms per cubic meter, which can ensure that there will be no loss of tons during the transportation process, thereby increasing the single transportation value of transportation and saving expenses. The horizontal waste paper baler produced by Shaanxi Nick Machinery can achieve the following three aspects.

    1. Realize the predetermined function. The horizontal waste paper baler equipment designed by the designer can realize the predetermined function and efficiency under the specified working conditions and the specified life span, and can operate normally. To achieve the maximization of the ratio of investment and income, the packing station will create economic benefits and create environmental benefits for the society.

    2. Meet the reliability requirements. Reliability requirements refer to a certain probability that the horizontal waste paper baler can work normally within the specified use time and under the predetermined environmental conditions. After more than 20 years of production development, the company has accumulated rich production experience and technical theories. The reliability of the waste paper baler is guaranteed, and the equipment failure rate is reduced to a minimum.

    3. Investment economic requirements, no matter what kind of investment. Skills to meet production needs and minimize investment are economic requirements. The semi-automatic horizontal waste paper baler can meet the daily waste paper baling volume of less than 100 tons, which is much lower than the fully automatic waste paper baler. The investment cost is low, the production efficiency is high, the use process, and the maintenance and repair are simple. It can enable customers to deal with faults very quickly during use and reduce downtime.

    Nick Machinery has been engaged in the production of balers for more than ten years, and has grown from an unknown baler manufacturer to a well-known baler manufacturer with strength, technology and innovation, focusing on the international baler market. Welcome to our company website for more details Parameter information.

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