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  • Nick summed up several methods and experiences for your reference.

    1.The exhaust valve must be installed on the upper part of the waste paper baler to exhaust the air in the cylinder and the system.The oil temperature change and load change adjusted by the straw baler are larger than the throttle valve,and the flow control valve is applied.The synchronous circuit of parallel hydraulic cylinders has simple structure,low cost,and is widely used.

    2.Try to prevent any pressure in the waste paper baler system from falling below atmospheric pressure.At the same time,use a particularly good sealing device.Replace the fault in time.Tighten the pipe joints and the surface of each joint,and clean the straws in time.Bundle the oil filter at the entrance of the oil tank.
    3.Always check the height of the liquid surface of the waste paper baler.The height of the waste paper baler should be kept on the mimeograph scale.On the low surface,the suction nozzle and the same oil pipe mouth should also be lower than the liquid level,separated by partitions.
    With my country’s vigorous advocacy of innovation,the technology of Nick Machinery’s waste paper baler is constantly infused with fresh blood,which has also enabled Nick Machinery’s waste paper hydraulic baler to gradually gain experience in the development and become a waste paper hydraulic A well-known brand in the baler industry.

  • When we use the fully automatic waste paper baler,the verification method to diagnose and deal with the fault is to find out whether the equipment can operate normally,so as to ensure the stable operation of the waste paper baler during operation.
    Therefore,when troubleshooting,we should try our best to meet the following precautions.
    1.Ensure the correct conclusion.If the correct cause of the failure cannot be found,the failure cannot be eliminated.

    2.The accuracy of the conclusion should be guaranteed.Only when the data conclusions are very accurate,can the time and effort spent on troubleshooting be reduced.

    3.Make sure that the conclusion is simple and applicable.Due to the many factors at the work site,the accuracy and complexity of the instrument are not applicable,and the price is relatively expensive,we need to adopt a relatively simple and effective way to deal with
    4.It must be fast.The hydraulic shutdown of the automatic waste paper baler will cause the entire workshop and even the entire production line to stop running,and the problem must be solved as soon as possible.
    If you have other questions during use,you are welcome to inquire,Nick after-sales service:86-29-86031588. 
  • The high and low pressure system technology of the waste paper balers can save electricity by 50% while ensuring the same packaging pressure and quality,which greatly saves the electricity cost of the customers of the packaging station.At present,the waste paper balers have been put into market experiments.Has been verified.

    With my country’s vigorous advocacy of innovation,the development of the waste paper baler industry has a new pattern.In the development of the waste paper baler with continuous improvement of technology,its packaging effect is more compact than before,and its durability is also better.The stronger it comes,and it’s packaged to save power,and it is more practical.

    The good market reputation of waste paper balers is inseparable from the enterprise development spirit of unremittingly pursuing technological progress of balers.Nick brand waste paper balers are also constantly pursuing innovation and development.In the future when environmental awareness is gradually increasing,the prospects are also considerable. 
  • 1.The large waste paper baler does not have any metal buckles,and the large waste paper baler will not produce indentation when packaging products,and there will be no scratches,and it can also improve the aesthetics of the product.When we choose,we should pay attention to whether the waste paper hydraulic baler is done in this regard.

    2.When the packing belt of the large waste paper baler is glued,the indicator light will flash green,and there will be a buzzer after the completion. 

    3.When the capacity of the battery is low,the flashing red light of the indicator light will continue to beep promptly to promptly charge and continue to use.When we choose,we must pay attention to whether the indicator light is easy to use,and it will be difficult to use.It is trouble.
    4.When we choose a large waste paper baler,we must choose according to our own needs,don't blindly,check the bonding effect of the large waste paper baler,etc.
    The above is the method to choose the suitable model of large waste paper baler.I hope it will be helpful to everyone.If you have any questions about the straw hydraulic baler and large waste paper baler,please contact 86-29-86031588.
  • The movement of the cylinder of the hydraulic waste paper baler is to transmit power through the hydraulic oil,and the hydraulic oil of the waste paper baler will generate heat and cause the temperature to rise after a long time working.When a certain temperature is reached,it will affect the viscosity and other properties of the hydraulic oil.Therefore, it needs to be cooled.

    Nick has equipped an independent water cooling system for the waste paper baler.When the equipment has been working at high temperature for a long time,the cooling system can be activated separately to cool down the hydraulic oil.Ensure the normal operation of the waste paper baler.It helps to improve the service life of the equipment,and can slow down the frequency of replacing the hydraulic oil of the waste paper baler.

  • With the increase of market competitiveness,strict requirements are also put forward for semi-automatic plastic baler. Semi-automatic plastic baler is a commonly used baler on the market now.The functions of semi-automatic plastic balers are also becoming more and more diversified.The baler equipment suitable for different types of balers has appeared one after another.Now whether it is the baling of conventional objects,bulky,heavy objects,liquid and powdery falling objects,particularly wide Semi-automatic plastic balers such as articles and pressurized packaging can complete operations smoothly,are convenient to use,and are modern and practical machines.

    After years of development,the semi-automatic plastic baling machine has become more and more modernized.The machineized production does not require manual tape insertion.It has high work efficiency,low labor intensity,guaranteed packaging quality,low failure rate,and automatic motor after packaging.Stop operation,save electricity and practicality,save energy and reduce emissions,and meet the requirements of sustainable development.
    Nick Baler semi-automatic plastic baler adopts two structures of opening and closing,which is convenient for packing out and high working efficiency.Among them are NKW80/NKW100/NKW100B,etc.For more details,please visit our company website

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