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  • As people’s awareness of environmental protection is getting more and more important, the automatic waste paper baler has played a great role. It can reuse some waste paper, and it is more and more accepted by us to use waste paper as a waste paper baler. Under normal conditions, waste paper and similar products are kneaded robustly, and packaged with special packaging tape to greatly reduce the volume, and then achieve the intention of reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and adding benefits to enterprises. The automatic waste paper baler has brought us a lot of convenience, and we have also made the greatest improvement in its functions as much as possible, so that the fully automatic waste paper baler can perform long-term and high-quality operations, so that it can continue to improve Our work efficiency, the emergence of fully automatic waste paper baler has improved the recycling rate of waste paper, greatly saved resources, and made a great contribution to environmental protection.

    So, how much is the price of a fully automatic waste paper baler, and how to buy it?
       1. The degree of automation of the fully automatic waste paper balers. Any type of waste paper balers will have work efficiency, which can be roughly divided into semi-automatic, automatic, and fully automatic. The packaging machine with a high degree of automation has relatively high work efficiency, but the relative price is also relatively expensive.
       2. The size of the automatic waste paper baler is different, and the price is also different. The larger the baler, the higher the price. The faster the baler per unit time. We can choose to pack according to our needs. The size of the machine, if we have a lot of waste paper a day, we can choose a large waste paper baler.

       3. We can choose a good automatic waste paper baler according to the brand of the baler. The brand effect is popular among many customers. The brand is good, and the quality of the fully automatic waste paper baler is relatively high in the market. , So we try to buy branded packers when we buy.

       4. When purchasing a fully automatic waste paper baler, you need to shop around, not only the price, but also the quality of the fully automatic waste paper baler, market reputation and after-sales service. We learned a lot of this from our customers. After comparing several waste paper baler manufacturers, we chose the one with a lower price. However, some of the later equipment cannot meet the production needs, and the quality of the equipment does not meet the standards. Affects production, the initial investment is low, but the subsequent maintenance, etc., delays the production time. Caused greater losses
  • With the continuous emergence and growth of many recycling station companies in today’s society, everyone attaches great importance to environmental protection and resource issues. In recent years, waste cardboard baler equipment has gradually come into people’s sight and has become a major recycling station company for waste paper The most important tool in the packaging process, but the same waste cardboard baler has also gone through many hardships and has gradually matured!

          The waste cardboard packaging machine produced by my waste cardboard packaging machine manufacturer has excellent capabilities and can provide the most suitable assistance to the waste recycling station, effectively saving labor and improving the efficiency of construction operations. Of course, this is only used as waste cardboard. The most basic function of the baler equipment. In addition, our waste cardboard baler also has high safety performance, which can effectively ensure the personal safety of waste paper baler. For this kind of machinery that is often used in many industries Equipment, safety performance is very important!

           We believe that only the perfect combination of the performance and quality of the waste paper packaging machine can make the waste paper packaging equipment fully play its role in the market, and promote the entire waste paper packaging machine industry to a better development direction. .
    NKW160BD waste cardboard baler is a multi-functional waste cardboard baler developed by our company's technicians based on years of production experience and integrated the performance characteristics of many domestic and foreign automatic balers.

             This waste cardboard packing machine is mainly suitable for packing waste paper boxes, waste books and newspapers, mineral water bottles, waste wood, car interior trimmings, beverage bottles and other waste loose materials before transportation. Compared with other products: the packing machine has high production efficiency, large packing weight and low noise. It is a multi-functional and efficient packing equipment. The waste cardboard baler can be equipped with different power motors and different types of oil cylinders and hydraulic components according to different packaging materials to meet the actual production needs.

            Take this NKW160BD waste cardboard baler as an example: we are equipped with a Siemens 37KW motor; a national standard inner diameter 280mm cylinder; imported high-pressure oil pump and high-performance cartridge valve, which greatly improves the production performance of the baler. The circuit adopts German Siemens PIC control, which improves the safety and reliability of equipment operation; the production efficiency of this machine is increased to 8-10 packs/hour. The weight of the bale is increased to 1.2 tons-1.6 tons per bag. It saves production costs for customers and reduces transportation costs. This packer also shows extraordinary production performance in the production process of other materials. Users are welcome to call or come to the waste cardboard packer manufacturer for consultation and guidance!

  •  In our daily life and office work, we always cannot do without the use of some paper. Sometimes some paper is wasted like this. In fact, paper is a kind of renewable energy that can be greatly reduced if it is used well. Waste of resources and also contribute to the improvement of our environment,

    So as to reduce the felling of many trees, the waste paper baler is a good tool for recycling resources, but we will see that there are many types of waste paper baler on the market, we must according to our own situation Many people do not know how to choose a waste paper baler.
    The choice of waste paper baler is very important. If we choose a good choice, we can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles in the process of use and there will be special personnel to guide us. We must choose the model according to our waste paper recycling volume. We are choosing Do not judge the quality of the machine based on the price, but purchase it from a regular manufacturer, so that the after-sales can be better guaranteed, and there will be someone to guide you during the use.

    After knowing how to choose a waste paper baler, we can buy a machine that is more suitable for us, so as to avoid trouble when using it, and to a large extent help me to regenerate resources, and protecting the environment can make our living environment change. It’s more comfortable, and every one of us must be environmentally conscious, and it’s best to sort and dispose of garbage in our lives.

    From which aspects to choose a waste paper baler:
        1. Usable: A product that can't even reach the basic functions is a substandard product. If it can't be put into production, it can't produce value, and the equipment itself has no value. Among the waste paper baler manufacturers, there are many small companies who put substandard products into the market with shoddy products.
        2. Usability: What needs to be evaluated is the usability of the waste paper baler, which includes the efficiency of the equipment, low failure, long working hours, and low maintenance. Such equipment can complete the workload and allow production to continue.
        3. Applicability: There are various types of waste paper baler, which can meet the production requirements of various baling stations. However, considering the quantity and packaging of raw materials, a suitable equipment is required. This can save investment and gain benefits.
  • The waste paper baler is divided into two series of automatic waste paper baler and semi-automatic waste paper baler. It is controlled by PLC microcomputer. It is mainly used for large-scale renewable resource recycling stations, paper mills, etc. for waste paper boxes, newspapers, pit paper, etc. Compression molding, the waste paper packaged with the waste paper baler has the advantages of uniform size, large specific gravity, high density, and reduced volume, which greatly reduces the space occupied by waste paper, and reduces storage costs and transportation costs.

    How much is a Changchun waste paper baler

    Scope of application:
    The waste paper baler is mainly suitable for waste paper, plastic, iron filings, cotton, wool, waste paper shell, waste paper box, waste cardboard, yarn, tobacco, plastic, cloth, woven bag, knitted velvet, hemp, sack, Compressed packaging of loose materials such as tops, hair balls, cocoons, silk, hops, wheat wood, grass, garbage, etc., reduces the volume, facilitates packaging, transportation and reduces storage space. It has the characteristics of compact structure, strong and firm; economical, practical, and easy to operate. It is a rich equipment for materials packaging, waste recycling and other industries.
    Performance characteristics of waste paper baler:
    1. Horizontal structure, using conveyor belt for feeding, saving time, effort and convenience;
    2. Button operation, PLC control;
    3. The matching power is adjusted according to the machine model and actual production requirements;

    4. Chain plate or belt conveyor can be selected according to user requirements, with large conveying capacity, wear resistance, strong load capacity and anti-skid function;

    5. The packing length can be set freely, and the microcomputer records the packing value and production efficiency.
  • Nick brand metal briquetting machine is simple to operate, easy to use, automatic out of the package, safe and energy-saving, and can better serve you.
    Through the operation of the metal briquetting machine, the original waste products are reduced a lot in volume, so that the transportation becomes more convenient and the handling is also carried out. After the waste is pressed into blocks, it is not only convenient to transport, but also the recovery rate is relatively high. No chemicals are added during the entire production process, so to a large extent the properties of the original materials are preserved intact.
    With the development of the economic market, metal compactors are known to more and more companies, and even used as important production equipment by companies.

    The development of metal stamping machines in the industry has also been rapidly developed, so the demand for the industry continues to increase, the gap problem of scrap metal materials in my country is becoming more and more serious, and the price has risen sharply, making the market development prospects of metal briquetting machines more clear.

    Metal briquetting machines are widely used, mainly including metal side corner materials, scrap aluminum, scrap steel, scrap copper, waste oil drums, steel cores and other metal raw materials, extruded materials and objects made after cracking, which are convenient for storage and transport.
    The metal briquetting machine sorts and compacts the waste material before reuse. It has played an active and effective role in promoting the improvement and development of metal waste.

    In this situation, as a manufacturer of environmentally friendly equipment, Nick Machinery actively cooperates with national policies, observes the metal recycling market, and does a good job in the promotion of scrap metal recycling, and produces metal balers and metal briquetting machines for scrap metal recycling. make a contribution.

    Company website:, phone: 86-29-86031588, looking forward to your arrival.
  • Nick brand metal baler is easy to operate, safe and energy-saving, and is your best helper.
    The can balers are mainly used in recycling and processing industries and metal smelting industries. Various metal scraps, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap copper, scrap aluminum, aluminum shavings, disassembled car shells, waste oil drums and other metal raw materials can be squeezed into rectangular, cylindrical and other shapes of qualified charge . It is convenient for storage, transportation and recycling.

    The can Baler adopts hydraulic drive, stable operation, no noise, fast extrusion speed, high extrusion force, compact block, not easy to disperse, standard steel plate and advanced welding technology, durable mechanical parts, low failure rate and long service life .

    The can Baler is easy to install, small in area and easy to use. Cold extrusion will not change the metal material and improve the utilization rate. Better than traditional hammer packaging and mechanical packaging.
    The can Baler is divided into different types according to the way of unloading: Turn over bag series, side push bag series, front push bag series, you can choose according to your needs. The size of the feeding box and the shape and size of the block can be designed and customized according to the user's raw material specifications.
    Nick Machinery provides: can balers, metal balers and other packaging equipment, company website:, telephone: 86-29-86031588, looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!

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