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  • As domestic enterprises have a clear gap in product technology development concepts with some foreign developed companies, the domestic scientific research funds and R&D funds are seriously insufficient, which further restricts the 
    improvement of technical levels. The lack of high-tech talents is also the reason for restricting the improvement of technology. Moreover, it is worth noting that, compared with foreign countries, the level of motion control technology 
    for packaging machinery, which is more important in technology, has disappointed everyone. The function of motion control products and technology in packaging machinery is mainly to achieve precise position control and strict speed 
    synchronization requirements, which are mainly used for loading and unloading, conveying, marking, palletizing, depalletizing and other processes. So it is clear that motion control technology is one of the key factors that distinguishes high-end, mid-end and low-end packaging machinery. The technical support of this packaging machinery upgrade has also become a bottleneck for the development of domestic high-end packaging machinery.
    Although the domestic baler industry and some of the foreign leading domestic starters are several decades late, the development of the domestic fully automatic waste paper baler is currently at its peak. Although there are many 
    difficulties and tribulations in developing the domestic baler industry in China, with his own efforts and continuous enterprising spirit, the successful launch of the new baler equipment has brought good news to the development of 
    domestic shopping malls, and also to the domestic baler market. New blood was injected. The change of the baler has allowed user companies to be recognized and widely used, not only for daily chemical occupations, but also for other 
    occupations, such as food, medicine, and chemical industries. All these are formed by the advancement of technology and packaging skills, which ushered in new opportunities for the baler company. This is the opportunity for our business. 
    Nick Machinery is a professional company engaged in the development, production, sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery and equipment. It creates professionalism with concentration, reputation with integrity, and sales with service. If you are interested in learning more, please contact
  • Horizontal waste paper Baling Press machine is generally suitable for the Baling Press and purchase of idle goods, waste paper, plastic straw, etc. It is a good mechanical equipment to improve labor productivity, reduce labor efficiency, save human resources, and reduce transportation costs. The main purpose of the horizontal waste paper baler is universal, and it is widely used in various waste paper factories, waste recycling enterprises and other enterprises.
    1. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low inertia of fitness exercise, low noise, stable fitness exercise, and flexible practical operation.
    2. The application field is versatile, and can be used as a mechanical equipment for Baling Press waste paper and a production equipment for Baling Press and compacting similar commodities.
    3. PLC control, with industrial touch screen (touch display) and visual supervision, synchronized posture display diagram with incorrect warning, you can set the length of the lumps.
    4. The design scheme of floating necking in the left, right and up directions is conducive to the automatic distribution of working pressure on each side, and can be widely used for Baling Press of different raw materials.
    5. Fully automatic lashing to increase the packing speed.

    6. The propulsion cylinder and the propulsion head are connected by a curved structure, which has good stability and long service life of the skeleton seal.

    7. The feed port is equipped with distributed cutters, which has high cutting efficiency.
    8. Low-noise hydraulic machine control circuit design, high efficiency and low common faults.
    9. Simple installation, no need for roadbed.
    10. Horizontal structure, can be equipped with conveyor belt feeding or manual feeding.
    Horizontal waste paper Baling Press machine waste paper Baling Press machine normalization pressure waste paper and similar products to form firm, special Baling Press has the advantages of Baling Press molding, greatly reducing its volume, reducing transportation volume, saving transportation costs, and improving the company's economic efficiency.

  • In normal applications, the automatic waste paper balers are more prone to common problems. Sometimes the adverse effects caused by some mild vibrations will damage all the normal applications of the automatic waste paper balers and cause such conditions. What are the reasons and how to prevent such situations:
    1. When manufacturing or overhauling the automatic waste paper baler, it should be installed and eliminated strictly in accordance with the specifications. When installing, make sure that there is no air pollution and no water seepage.
    2. Attention should be paid to tightening the joints of the pipelines of industrial equipment, and the sealing gasket should be wiped with vegetable butter to avoid the deviation and damage of the sealing gasket during the whole process of tightening, and strictly avoid leakage at the joints of the pipelines.
    3. When tightening the connecting screws of each part, use symmetrical force. When tightening the screws, cross corners and force to avoid flange bias. In addition, pay attention to the sealing gasket should be symmetrical, and double-layer gaskets are not allowed.
    4. The oil inlet and outlet pipelines in the automobile fuel tank of the automatic waste paper baler should be kept at a certain distance to avoid the foam caused by the suction and return of the oil inlet when the oil is removed, which will cause the noise of the hydraulic oil pump. Naturally, a baffle can also be lifted in the automobile fuel tank to separate the oil suction port from the oil return inlet.
    5. When removing the debris on the oil filter, avoid secondary pollution. The removed filter element should be scraped off with an air pump and eliminated by a diesel engine. If the filter element is seriously polluted, the disassembly and assembly can be considered. In addition, pay attention to the capacity when equipped with a filter device.
    6. The hydraulic filter element must ensure that there is sufficient vehicle oil, and ensure that it is not less than the mark line of the oil level gauge. If the remaining oil is too low, it will cause the oil pump to empty, damage the hydraulic oil pump work, and cause the oil pump to be destroyed.
    7. The hydraulic press generally used for automatic waste paper baler is part of the external control leakage type. In that case, the product should be installed in the pump. One is to maintain a certain working pressure, and the other is to avoid backflow of oil.
    Nick Machinery specializes in manufacturing and selling straw balers, waste paper straw balers, hydraulic balers, etc., with fair prices and guaranteed quality. For more information, please contact us
  • Experts pointed out that, as a commonly used machine for production, it is the three keys to look for the manufacturer’s qualifications, promises, and machine quality when purchasing a baler.
    Packing machine manufacturer qualification
    As long as the straw baler manufacturer's plan reaches a certain plan and the operating time reaches a certain number of years, there will be enough experience in the production and maintenance of the baler. It is precisely because of the long operating time that it has a deep experience in the field of baler production and can also guarantee the quality of the baler.
    Baler quality
    Work-related accidents are something that factories and individuals do not want to see. How to prevent work-related accidents is actually very important when acquiring machinery. At this time, the advantages of the good quality of the old factory are highlighted. Quality is about work safety. If you don't want to deal with all kinds of troubles in the future, you still have to choose a reliable old factory or make a personal investigation before buying.
    Another point must not be ignored, that is, what kind of after-sales service the manufacturer can provide you, because as long as it is a machine, it will inevitably fail. If the manufacturer can solve the problem for you in time, it can also save you. For your worries, it is recommended that when you buy equipment, you should learn more about several companies for comparison, and choose the manufacturers with high cost performance, good reputation, guaranteed quality, and timely after-sales service! Finally, I recommend Shaanxi Nick Machinery Co., Ltd., good quality, big brand, and reliable. For details, please contact sales 86-29-86031588

  • Over the past few decades, my country's economy has developed rapidly, and all walks of life have gradually grown and expanded. Today, our country has entered an era of commercialization, and people's requirements for commodity Baling Press have greatly increased, which has also promoted the development of the Baling Press machinery industry.
    The Baling Press of commodities is bound to be inseparable from various Baling Press machinery. With the continuous advancement of the times, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the outer Baling Press of commodities, which has stimulated the continuous progress of the Baling Press machinery industry. Therefore, Baling Press machinery is in the Baling Press industry. Has a very important position in the industry, and at the same time played a pivotal role.

    It is understood that in the early 1960s, with the emergence of polypropylene materials, foreign countries successfully developed polypropylene plastic strapping strapping strapping machines. In many fields, especially light industry, it gradually replaced steel strapping, making the strapping machine obtainable. Rapidly popularized. At present, some domestic manufacturers of baling presses have greatly improved their standard level, design and manufacturing technology, and product quality by adopting international standards and absorbing advanced technology features from abroad.

    Now the degree of automation of the technological process is getting higher and higher. At present, automation technology has accounted for more than 50% of the baler production line. Computer design and mechatronics control have been extensively used to improve productivity, equipment flexibility and flexibility, and increase manipulators to complete complex baler actions.
    In my country, the overall technology of Baling Press machinery is not perfect, but the market demand for Baling Press machinery in my country is very large, which greatly promotes the development of the Baling Press machinery industry, and at the same time promotes the continuous self-innovation of production enterprises, which greatly changes the backward operation idea. Therefore, the future development prospects of my country's baler industry are very optimistic. my country's baler industry will stand at the forefront of the world's Baling Press industry in the near future.
    Nowadays, the competition in the baler market is very fierce. If a baler company wants to develop better in the market, it must find a brand new road that suits the needs of market development. High-tech content and equipment quality are indispensable. Secondly, it must be professionally built in accordance with the needs of market development. We at Nick Machinery Co., Ltd. have various styles of balers, which are suitable for various industries. If you want to know more details, please call 86-29-86031588 or follow our website, we will tailor it for you Program.
    Experts said that the future development trend of balers extends to full automation, advanced and diversified aspects. The current technology is developing rapidly, the technology is constantly being updated, and the function of the Baling Press machine is constantly being upgraded. I believe that in the future, the Baling Press machine will have a better development in China, and continuing to tap the development potential of the Baling Press machine in the country is the development focus of the Baling Press machine industry in the future.
  • In recent years, great attention has been paid to the promotion of environmental protection, energy saving and recycling. It is due to the lack of resources, air pollution, global warming and other problems caused by the lack of attention to the environment. Therefore, the scrap iron baler is convenient for metal scrap. Recycling equipment is becoming more and more popular in the market. The technology of scrap balers is constantly innovating and improving over time, and the current technology is relatively mature.

    Scrap iron baler is a kind of equipment with a high degree of automation, high output, low price and simple operation. When choosing a waste iron baler, besides it is a high-quality energy recovery equipment, the manufacturer also hopes that the waste iron baler can provide Enterprises bring more profits, so the safe and efficient production of scrap balers is also very important to users.

    When using the scrap iron baler, pay attention to the following aspects to ensure the efficiency of the equipment. At first, a comprehensive inspection of the oil leakage of the equipment should be carried out before each use of the scrap iron baler. If there is an oil leakage, the seals should be replaced in time to ensure the sealing of the equipment, and the oil tank should be checked before each start. Whether the liquid is too low.
    The scrap iron baler needs to be cleaned and filtered regularly during use. The new equipment should be cleaned once every half a month, and then every half a year. Every time the equipment is started, it is necessary to observe whether the rotation direction of the oil pump is correct, and correct any problems in time.
    The above are the advantages and precautions of our products from Nick Machinery Co., Ltd. If you are interested in understanding or purchasing our products, you can contact our sales telephone 86-29-86031588 or log in to the website, we are dedicated to help you Service, please call.

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