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  • In industrial production, including in our life, there will be a lot of scrap iron, and most of the scrap iron can be recycled,but some scrap iron scrap and iron slag after recovery,due to the reason of small volume,need to carry out several kinds of pressing block before putting into use from the beginning.Waste metal belongs to the packing machine is used to deal with scrap iron slag,so what are the technical characteristics of scrap metal baler Point.

    First,the operation is simple

    Second,high security

    Third,long service life

    The basic principle of scrap metal baler is to use the metal material under the effect of external force,which can produce plastic deformation,give the metal material to meet the external force,which can be combined with permanent deformation,and then form a tight bundle

    As a result,plastic deformation can not occur,or the metal with small plastic deformation can not be packaged directly.For example,high carbon steel, tool steel,steel wire rope and cast iron can not be directly packed into the machine for packing.The scrap iron slag recovered from the beginning will be made into cakes,which is more convenient for transportation and processing in the future.Therefore, the scrap metal baler has played a very positive role in it.And Nick brand scrap metal baler in the manufacturing time into advanced technology,making the use of better performance.

  • Metal baler is widely used in all kinds of waste paper mills,used goods recovery companies and other units and enterprises.It is suitable for the packaging and recovery of old waste paper and plastic straw.It is a good equipment for improving labor efficiency,reducing labor intensity,saving manpower and reducing transportation costs.

    Scrap metal baler is expensive,we must pay attention to the pressure of hydraulic pump when selecting,so how to select its pressure?The working pressure of scrap metal baler comes from hydraulic pump.According to different packing density and requirements,there is a certain scientific basis in the process of selecting hydraulic pump.The working pressure of hydraulic pump and the flow rate of hydraulic pump are determined.


    The metal baler can directly cold press the powdered cast iron,steel,copper,aluminum and high-quality mineral powder into cakes for storage,transportation and recycling.The operation loss is very low after the block is limited.

    Nick metal baler is easy to operate, safe and energy-saving. It is a good helper for your production.

  • Scrap metal baler is used to knead waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and use special packaging tape to pack and shape, so as to greatly reduce its volume, and then achieve the purpose of reducing transportation volume, saving freight and adding benefits for enterprises. Then the machine has problems in some aspects. The reason for the price noise of scrap metal baler may be improper operation and control, or the daily protection is not in place.

    In view of the noise problem in the process of scrap metal baler price packing, several solutions are proposed according to different conditions.

    1.Check whether the pilot valve is worn and whether it is close to the valve seat. If not,replace the pilot valve head.

    2.Check whether the tension spring of the pilot valve is deformed or distorted.If it is distorted,replace the tension spring or replace the pilot valve head.

    3.Check whether the coupling device of oil pump and motor is concentric and aligned.If not,adjust it.

    4.Check whether there is vibration in the price pipeline of scrap metal baler,and add sound insulation and vibration damping pipe clamp where there is vibration.

    5.The joint at the oil confluence of double pump or multi pump combined oil supply should be reasonable,otherwise vibration and noise will occur due to vortex cavitation.There may be only one phenomenon,but there are many different reasons for this phenomenon.In the production process,we should constantly accumulate experience and master the relevant technical knowledge,so that the scrap metal baler can be produced smoothly.


    According to the actual needs of everyone,Nick brand scrap metal baler has been recognized by many customers with high quality qualification and professional technology,which is trustworthy.


  • In the process of plastic bottle recycling and utilization,it is often inseparable from the satisfactory packaging equipment.The use of hydraulic baler makes the huge beverage bottle stack more regular,and also greatly reduces the site cost and transportation cost.

    After packaging,plastic bottles are usually collected to make clothing fiber,and some of them are reused to make recycled bottles.The first problem of the slow development of recycled bottles in China is that the clothing manufacturing industry needs a lot of recycled fibers,so the purchase price of waste plastic bottles is too high.


    It is more difficult to recover the plastic bottle,because the cap,bottom and body of the plastic bottle are not plastic.This means that after we take back the plastic bottle,we have to leave the bottle body,cap and bottom.

    It is widely used after parting.With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection,more and more plastic bottles have been recovered and used.Waste paper baler price market will also usher in new opportunities.

    Nick brand waste plastic baler has good rigidity,toughness and volatility,beautiful appearance,cheap,convenient operation and maintenance,safe and energy saving,low investment cost of equipment foundation project,which can better serve you.


  • The recovery process of straw baler for yellow storage is very complex and tedious.How to clean the baler can prolong its service life.Because there are many kinds of straw balers for yellow storage,we need to establish a set of effective sorting place according to the distribution of paper when processing the baler Management scheme,the use of yellow straw baler for the Yellow storage straw baler recycling treatment,can greatly facilitate our treatment of the yellow straw baler.

    There are more or less impurities in the straw baler for yellow storage,which need to be treated.It can be transported to the yellow straw baler processing center for processing.The task of the yellow rice straw baler processing center is to determine what kind of cleaning work should be carried out according to the classification of the straw baler.The relatively high-grade straw baler can regenerate it into high-grade industrial paper, and the low-grade straw baler can be further processed after cleaning.


    If a large number of impurities or other fiber materials mixed into the yellow straw baler,the increase of impurity quality will seriously affect the strength of the paper,especially the quality of the paper appearance,and will cause many hidden dangers to the subsequent processing.Among them, metal, brick and stone not only increase the difficulty of treatment,but also cause wear and tear to the equipment.

    The quality of straw baler directly determines the quality of products after regeneration.The principle of yellow straw baler for yellow straw baler should be to remove the impurities earlier than later.

    Nick straw baler has simple structure,small volume simple daily operation and maintenance,convenient transportation and storage,continuous operation and high efficiency.


  • Straw baler is widely used with high quality and low price.The dust-proof system of the yellow straw baler machine is used to pack the small-sized straw baler produced on the die-cutting table.The dust-proof system of the yellow straw baler includes pipes,packing devices, adsorption devices and conveying devices.One end of the pipe is connected with the outlet of the yellow straw baler on the die-cutting table,and the other end is connected with the packing device,and the adsorption device is installed in the packing device The conveying device is arranged at the lower end of the packing device,and the packing device is also provided with a dust removal device.

    The packing device includes a baler frame,a pressing bar and a bottom plate.A pressing chamber is arranged in the packing frame of the yellow straw packing machine.The pressing bar can be moved up and down and installed on the upper part of the pressing cavity.The bottom plate can be movably installed at the bottom of the packing frame.One side of the packing frame is also provided with an opening connected with the pipeline,and the other side of the packing frame is also provided with a plurality of plate holes It is installed on the packing frame on one side of the plate hole.


    The dust removal system device of the straw baler for yellow storage comprises at least one nozzle.The inner side of the packing frame of the yellow straw storage baler is provided with an installation cavity,and the nozzle is installed in the installation cavity,and the nozzle corresponds to the pressing cavity.The conveying device is a belt conveyor,and the adsorption device is a fan.Compared with the prior art, the utility model adopts an adsorption device to suck the yellow straw packing machine on the die-cutting table into the packing device through the pipeline,and a dust-proof device is arranged in the packing device,which can avoid dust interference in the packaging process,and has the advantages of high packaging efficiency and high product quality.Nick's high-end technology makes straw baler more adapt to the development of the times and provide better service for you.

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