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  • China is a big agricultural country. When the summer harvest and autumn and winter come, many stalks of rice, wheat, corn and other crops are burned in the fields. The large amount of dense smoke produced has seriously affected the ecological environment and air quality. In response to this, implementation plans for comprehensive utilization of Straw Baling Machine have been issued in various parts of China, and the state has also subsidized this to some extent. However, many farmers friends can still see it being burned. So what causes the repeated prohibition of Straw Baling Machine burning? What are the benefits of comprehensive Straw Baling Machine utilization?
    1. Straw Baling Machine is high-quality fertilizer
    Rice Straw Baling Machine, big wheat and rape Straw Baling Machine are good organic fertilizers. Implementing Straw Baling Machine return to the field, or using rapid decay techniques such as preservatives and compound bacteria to concentrate and compost fertilizers and apply them to farmland will promote soil fertility and soil physics Nature, enhance crop disease resistance, optimize farmland ecological environment have very good results, can increase grain production by 10-20%.
    2. Straw Baling Machine is an important feed for the development of aquaculture
    The direct use of Straw Baling Machine to feed cattle and sheep and other herbivorous livestock to develop the breeding industry can greatly save the breeding costs and increase farmers' income. At the same time, fertility can be improved by returning the Straw Baling Machine to the field. If the Straw Baling Machine is treated by silage and ammoniation, it can also improve the crude protein content of the Straw Baling Machine, the digestibility of organic matter, and the feed intake.

    3. Straw Baling Machine is a good base for the development of edible fungi

    Straw Baling Machine, wheat Straw Baling Machine and corn cob are good culture substrates for edible fungus cultivation. Approximately 5 kg of Straw Baling Machine can be consumed per square meter of cultivated area. The quality of the culture medium after use is still a rare high-quality organic fertilizer, which can be directly returned to the field without pollution and harm.
    4. Straw Baling Machine is an alternative material for new energy

    Crop Straw Baling Machine power generation can not only relieve the energy shortage in rural areas, but also help protect ecology and resources. It is a good clean renewable energy source. Through the gasification of Straw Baling Machine, the carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other elements in the Straw Baling Machine become combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and methane, which can be directly used as high-quality energy for domestic and industrial production, and improve the biomass energy conversion rate than direct combustion -4 times.
    5. Straw Baling Machine is an important biomass energy
    According to expert estimates, crop Straw Baling Machines contain about 5% protein and about 30% cellulose, and also contain certain amounts of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. The nutritional value of 1 ton of common Straw Baling Machine is on average equivalent to that of 0.25 tons of grain.
    6. Straw Baling Machine is an environmentally-friendly industrial raw material.
    Using Straw Baling Machine as a raw material, developing building materials, light panels, fast-food lunch boxes, packaging materials, etc., and developing environmentally-friendly green industries, can play the role of Straw Baling Machine instead of wood to make a variety of products.
  • In the increasing competition, the waste paper baler has become an indispensable link in life. With the improvement of people's living standards, the rapid development of the logistics and express delivery industry, the cardboard box industry, the waste paper industry, the plastic industry, etc. have seen significant changes At the same time of change, a large number of waste paper, cardboard boxes, waste plastics and other complexes appeared. While promoting waste separation, people sorted out waste paper and plastic and used waste paper balers to pack waste paper separately. There are two purposes for this. First, packaging can reduce storage space and transportation costs, and save labor and material costs. Second, the waste paper after packing is sent directly to the carton factory for secondary use after crushing, and the pulp is turned into carton, paper and other daily necessities again. It can be seen that the role of the waste paper baler is sufficient to prove its help to humans.
    However, when many people ask about the price of waste paper baler, different manufacturers have different responses. In response to this situation, I will give the following points
    1. First of all, quality determines the price. I believe that there is a clear comparison between the price of a better quality waste paper baler and a poorer quality baler. When choosing, many people will ask about the weight of the machine, but this is not the machine of choice. The key point is to compare the configuration of the machine, the selection of the hydraulic system, and the energy consumption ratio of electricity.
    2. Second is the after-sales service of the product. A good manufacturer must have a good after-sales service. Regardless of the quality of the machine and the length of time in the future, it will require after-sales service.
    Generally speaking, there are comparisons when you have choices. I believe you can buy a good waste paper more information ,please visit us :
  • Are you planning to buy a baler machine to ensure an advanced recycling process? Well, there are two things you need to know before making a buying decision. Here is a guide that will reveal the key points you need to know. 

    waste paper /carton paper/newspaper/fiber /OCC paper /

    Once you have decided the material, you have to calculate the quantity of the material that is needed to be compressed into an hour. It is advisable to go for the hand-press series if your requirement is less than 10 Ton/ day. so you can consider the vertical Baler,These balers are also called vertical Baling Machines or manual balers.
    However, if you need more than 10ton/day, but less than 3ton/hour, then go for the horizontal Baling Machine that includes both the fully automatic balers and semi-automatic balers. If your range more than 3000 kg/hour, then you should go for the auto-press series fully automatic bailing press that is fully automated coupled with auto feeding, compressing, strapping, and ejecting. All you need to do is press the “start” button to activate the machine. The capacity of balers varies according to the model.

    In the meanwhile, auto-press series baler machines means less labor cost and large baling capacity. Hand-press series baling press means more labor cost and less material recycling capacity. Semi-auto press series balers reuired the labor cost between the auto-press and hand-press.

    When you are done deciding the material and rate of compressing per hour, then contact us to buy the most suitable baler machines that would solve all your bailing issues. Our bailing press includes fully automatic Baling Machine, semi-automatic Baling machine, and manual balers.

  • Merry Christmas 2019-12-24
    It seems that Christmas time is here once again, and it is time again to bring in the New Year. 
    We wish the merriest of Christmas to you and your loved ones,and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the year ahead
  • Sawdust and shavings are the most commonly seen in our market. Such materials are mainly derived from wood. Sawdust and shavings that appear during the wood processing process have many functions and are widely used in daily life.The role of sawdust is most obvious.  people compress the sawdust to a certain shape size, weight, and size for different functions.

    First, if it is a bale compressed by a wood chip briquetting machine, the main size is 300 * 300 * 200-300 mm, and the effect is about 15kg-20kg, or 480 * 480 * 400.
    This type of size and weight is mainly used for transportation and loading. In this way, transportation costs and storage can be reduced. At the same time, choose the output of the machine according to your output. The maximum output of this machine is 3 tons.The minimum output is 1 ton per hour. Then it can also be packed in tons of bags. In this case, the weight can reach 800-1020 kg.
    Second, many manufacturers can make high-pressure boards after crushing. At present, high-pressure boards made of wood shavings and sawdust are widely used in the production of furniture products.
    Third; many manufacturers use heating and domestic energy, high combustion efficiency, easy storage, easy to use, safe and hygienic. At the same time, it is also used in biomass industrial boilers as an industry to replace coal, heavy oil and natural gas to solve environmental pollution.
    In short, the wood briquette briquetting machine is currently used by manufacturers engaged in related industries in the market. If necessary, please pay attention to
  • A new year is coming ,Nick company thanks for your supports work in past year .

    Sincerely hope you get a good results in 2020 .

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    With good healthy ,lucky ,fortune to you .

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