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  • Introduction to the electronic control cabinet control system of Nick Machinery hydraulic Bailer:
    1. Voltmeter: display the voltage value during operation.
    2. Ammeter: Display the current value during operation.
    3. Host start: Press this button to start the main motor.
    4. Host stop: Press this button to stop the host.
    5. Feeder start: press this button, the feeder motor starts to run.
    6. The feeding machine stops: pressing this button will stop the feeding motor.
    7. Release button: Press this button and the clamping cylinder starts to contract, the tightening row begins to relax, and the clamping cylinder stops when the clamping cylinder is released.
    8. Lock button: press this button to tighten the plug rod and start to extend, the tightening row starts to tighten, and the clamping cylinder stops working when it is released.
    9. Main cylinder advance: press this button, the main cylinder will automatically stop when the second advance of the main cylinder reaches the front limit.
    10. Main cylinder retreat: Toggle this button, the main cylinder retreats and stops automatically when it reaches the rear limit.
    11. Master cylinder stop: Press this button to stop the master cylinder during movement.
    12. Manual-linkage: These two option switches, when switched to manual, press the working buttons to work, when switched to linkage, press the main cylinder enter button, the main cylinder will automatically retreat after reaching the front limit and back to the back. Automatically enter the first two times within a limited time, and move back and forth repeatedly.
    13. Emergency stop: When there is a failure or accident, press this button, and the machine will stop operating immediately. After the failure or accident has been dealt with, turn this button clockwise and pop it up to start a new job.
    14. Counter: When the power is turned on, the counter has the function of counting the packet length. When the packet length reaches the specified packet length, it will send a signal to accurately record the packet value.

    The above is a brief introduction of the hydraulic baler electric control cabinet by Nick Machinery. If you want to know more about the hydraulic baler, please pay attention to

  • It is mainly used for the packaging of waste paper (cardboard boxes, newsprint, etc.), waste plastics (PET bottles, plastic films, turnover boxes, etc.), straw and other loose objects. Greatly reduce the volume, increase the density, and facilitate transportation and storage. It is a powerful helper for comprehensive utilization and development of material energy.
    1. Horizontal structure, feeding by conveyor belt, saving time, effort and convenience;
    2. Button operation, PLC control, safe and reliable;
    3. The matching power is adjusted according to the machine model and actual production requirements;
    4. Chain plate or belt conveyor can be selected according to user requirements, with large conveying capacity, wear resistance, strong load capacity and anti-skid function;
    5. The Bailer length can be set freely, and the microcomputer accurately records the Bailer value and production efficiency.

    The NKW200Q produced by Nick Machinery can freely set the package length, accurately record the package value, and is convenient for the operator to use.

  • Nick hydraulic baler is divided into two series of automatic and semi-automatic. It is controlled by PLC microcomputer. It is mainly used for compression molding of waste cartons, newspapers, pit paper and other waste materials in large-scale renewable resource recycling stations, paper mills, etc., using waste paper baler The packaged waste paper has the advantages of uniform dimensions, high specific gravity, high density, and reduced volume, which reduces the space occupied by waste paper, and reduces storage and transportation costs.
    Horizontal hydraulic baler, with small investment and large income, can pack all kinds of fluffy materials: waste paper scraps, yellow cardboard, waste cartons, cartons, waste books, newspapers, crop straws, reeds, plastic bottles, plastics, Cotton, woven bags, hemp, etc. The pushing force is large, the size of the package can be customized, the button operation, the package is horizontal, the package density is large, and the package is neat and beautiful. Suitable for straw, forage, waste paper baling, cotton baling, clothing baling, straw baling, plastic baling, wool baling, recyclable garbage baling, and also for cotton, wool, waste paper box, waste cardboard, yarn , Tobacco, plastic, cloth, woven bags, knitted velvet, hemp, sack, wool tops, hair balls, cocoons, silk, hops, waste plastic bags and all light foam, loose materials and other soft materials are compressed and packaged, and the package is compact. It is neat and beautiful and can greatly reduce transportation costs. It is a tool for cotton producing areas, textile enterprises, garment factories, waste material recycling stations and various light industrial enterprises.

    Nick Machinery Horizontal Baler has simple structure, convenient operation and wide use, and is a good helper for your production.

  • The metal briquetting machine is divided into the following ways:
    1) Turn over package series.
    2) Side push bag series.
    3) Front push bag series.
    Metal briquetting machines are classified according to pressure:
    There are 60 tons, 100 tons, 135 tons, 160 tons, 200 tons, 250 tons, 400 tons, 600 tons, etc.
    Metal briquetting machines are mainly used in recycling and processing industries and metal smelting industries. Various metal scraps, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap copper, scrap aluminum, aluminum shavings, disassembled car shells, waste oil barrels and other metal raw materials can be squeezed into rectangular, cylindrical and other qualified furnace materials in various shapes . It is convenient for storage, transportation and recycling.

    The metal briquetting machine produced by Nick Machinery has always had its own uniqueness, because we believe that we can only make our products more refined and distinctive. Only by making users and friends more satisfied can we have a better market

  • This product is a general-purpose model with a large amount of customers and a general-purpose model. It is quick to pack and has a low cost. It is an ideal equipment for recycling and compressing waste paper, film, plastic bottles, sponges, medicinal materials, and waste materials. This equipment is used Two movable doors, four fixed doors to form the material basket, using traditional manual control, simple operation, fast efficiency, low investment cost, and the characteristics of multiple selection of pressing plate stroke parameters. The ideal pressing plate stroke can be selected for compressing a certain material Therefore, this equipment is a widely used equipment for manual vertical compression baler, and it is a compression stacking equipment for paper factories, plastic factories, medicinal materials factories, and recycling industries.
    Features of hydraulic baler:
    All models are hydraulically driven;
    There are different ways of discharging, such as turning the bag, pushing the bag (side push and forward push), or manually taking the bag (Bailer);
    No foot screws are required for installation, and diesel engines can be used as power in places where there is no power supply;
    The size of the compression chamber and the size of the bale can be customized according to the customer.

    The plastic film baler produced by Nick Machinery has good rigidity, toughness and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and energy-saving, and can also pack a beautiful packaging shape for you

  • 1. The hydraulic oil circuit power system is adopted, which improves the Bailer efficiency. It has the characteristics of fast Bailer speed, high efficiency, energy saving and power saving, and stable performance;
    2. A variety of cooling systems are available for users to choose (water cooling system, air cooling system);
    3. Low failure rate and easy maintenance;
    4. Adopting the principle of mechanics, 3 sets of tight-Bailer cylinders make the compressed material more tightly compressed, and the packed bag has a more regular shape and a greater density;
    5. Touch screen console, microcomputer PLC control, simple, clear, clear at a glance, and has a computer-assisted error correction function;
    6. The material is upgraded. The machine adopts high-quality steel, with strong bearing pressure, high-quality and durable.

    The woven bag Bailer machine produced by Nick Machinery has good rigidity, toughness and stability. We will further establish the awareness of "produce a product, establish a monument", and do the most convincing with the actual performance of the product and the integrity of the contract.

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