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  • Hydraulic shears are now deeply rooted in people's lives, so what are the operating rules of hydraulic shears? What should I pay attention to during use?
    Before the hydraulic shearing machine works, it should be checked whether the drive device is normal, whether the oil in the oil tank is enough, whether the system is in a closed state, etc., doing these tasks is conducive to enhancing the operational safety.
    There are many factors that affect the shear resistance of hydraulic shears, including shear temperature, shear speed, shear blade shape, shear blade gap and relative cutting depth, etc.
    Regarding the shear temperature, the higher the temperature, the smaller the shear resistance and the greater the relative cutting depth. Regarding the deformation speed, the deformation speed can be ignored during cold shear. In theory, the faster the deformation speed, the slower the shear speed.

    Any factor that does not conform to the convention will have a huge impact on the hydraulic shearing machine. Only by doing the work of each part can the overall normal operation of the hydraulic shearing machine be guaranteed. Every part and detail cannot be ignored.

    The appearance design of NICKBALER hydraulic shearing machine is practical and beautiful, and the key components adopt well-known products at home and abroad, and it has the characteristics of fast speed and high precision.
  • Facing the fiercely competitive waste paper baler market, our majority of manufacturers should strive to enhance the competitiveness of the basic technology and basic components of the waste paper baler industry to strengthen the supporting capabilities of the baler equipment and shape the design performance of the equipment. Powerful way.
    This is the problem we must emphasize in the face of overcapacity, and it is also the key content of my country's waste paper baler manufacturers to enhance independent innovation.
    Whether it is the ability to open up the market or the ability of waste paper baler manufacturers to innovate production methods, they must rely on the market to carry out independent innovation and strengthen core competitiveness to make the brand strategy start in the industry, and to develop the strength of mutual support in the industrial chain. Next, improve the overall comprehensive quality of the industry.

    For foreign markets, my country’s waste paper baler manufacturers must do a good job of brand positioning, and in the case of clarifying the technology research and development system and equipment target customer group, the market growth point is to create differentiated equipment, and the waste paper baler market Competitiveness is firmly in our own hands, thereby increasing market share, improving the overall quality of my country's waste paper baler industry, reducing the gap, improving the quality of baler equipment, and having the courage to face international competition.

    According to the needs of market development, NICKBALER continues to provide economical and practical products and efficient and complete after-sales services to develop together with new and old users.
  • In recent years, the state has paid great attention to improving resource utilization and environmental protection, and even given certain subsidies to related industries. Under this policy situation, the scrap steel recycling industry has undoubtedly developed rapidly.
    In the scrap steel recycling industry, gantry shears have played an important role in the process of scrap steel shearing and reorganization, and its status is irreplaceable. Therefore, many manufacturers purchase gantry shears in large quantities.
    Hydraulic gantry shears are favored by users with their own advantages, so do you know about gantry shears?
    As the name implies, hydraulic gantry shears are mainly driven by hydraulic pressure, which makes it highly safe, reliable, and convenient to operate, which is beneficial to the operation of workers.

    Hydraulic gantry shears are suitable for many fields. It plays an important role in some general industries and has important advantages in improving work efficiency and increasing income.

    NICKBALER hydraulic gantry shears have different blade lengths and shear force values, which can be customized by users according to their own needs.
  • People who often use hydraulic baler will find that sometimes the hydraulic baler has insufficient pressure, so what are the specific reasons for the insufficient pressure of the hydraulic baler?
    1. The temperature of the oil in the oil cylinder of the hydraulic baler is too high and the viscosity is decreased, which increases the leakage, or the piston and piston rod are stuck due to excessive impurities, and measures such as heat dissipation and temperature reduction should be taken to replace the oil.
    2. The sealing ring at the end cover of the hydraulic baler cylinder is too tight or too loose. Adjust the sealing ring to have proper tightness to ensure that the piston rod can be pulled back and forth steadily by hand without leakage.
    3. The coaxiality of the piston and the piston rod is not good, so it should be corrected and adjusted.
    4. If the piston fitting clearance is too large or the sealing device is damaged, causing internal leakage, the fitting clearance should be reduced and the seal should be replaced.
    5. The matching clearance of the piston is too small, the sealing is too tight, and the movement resistance is increased. The matching clearance should be increased, and the tightness of the seal should be adjusted.

    6. The piston rod of the hydraulic baler is bent, causing severe friction, and the piston rod should be straightened.

    NICKBALER is equipped with a professional after-sales service team. When there is a problem with the hydraulic baler equipment, you can communicate with us 86-29-86031588

  • With the continuous acceleration of the pace of reform and opening up, the domestic economy is also developing at an amazing speed. The waste paper packaging machinery industry has also benefited from the improvement of the economic situation and has developed well.
    The domestic semi-automatic waste paper baler industry started late, but the speed of development is amazing. This is partly due to the rapid development of the domestic economy, which has a lot to do with the huge consumer market behind the domestic 1.4 billion population.
    As a kind of mechanical equipment, the hydraulic baler has a long life cycle under normal use. This has also caused the market’s demand for waste paper balers to be greatly reduced after a round of sales explosion period. The sales of Baler machine manufacturers have brought great suffering, and have also caused a great increase in the pressure on the production and inventory of the enterprises.

    As far as the current situation is concerned, the contradiction between supply and demand in the waste paper baler market is still worsening, production capacity cannot be effectively controlled, and sales cannot start. If effective capacity structure adjustments are not made, the industry is in a downturn. The degree will be significantly worse than expected.

    Based on the development needs of customers, NICKBALER continues to provide economical and practical first-class products and efficient and complete after-sales service, and develop together with new and old users.
  • Gantry shears can be used in the metal recycling industry as well as processing equipment in the foundry. Its advantages and characteristics are very obvious:
    1. Gantry shearing machine is different from traditional shearing equipment. It uses a hydraulic transmission system to ensure the advantages of light weight and low noise of the equipment itself, and it is very convenient to use.
    2. The gantry shearing machine is equipped with multiple parts. These parts have their own unique uses. They can also easily deal with materials of different shapes and sizes. When purchasing equipment, you can choose according to your own The needs are equipped with different parts.
    3. Under normal circumstances, the gantry shearing machine is equipped with five stations and consists of two hydraulic workstations. Each station can operate independently, and there is no need to debug the equipment during use.
    4. The body material of the gantry shearing machine is processed by high temperature quenching. These materials are welded by welding technology. The body has high rigidity due to the effect of the quenching process, and the tool itself has been specially processed. The service life is greatly enhanced.

    The gantry shear itself has good durability, and often does not require too much maintenance work, but daily lubrication and cleaning still need to be done.

    NICKBALER is a professional manufacturer of environmental protection equipment, with excellent product quality and better after-sales service, serving customers in many ways.
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