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  • The accumulator has the function of absorbing hydraulic shock and pressure pulsation, and is used to absorb the hydraulic shock caused by the rapid change of liquid flow speed and direction, so that the pressure amplitude of the straw baler is greatly reduced to avoid component damage. Install an accumulator at the outlet of the hydraulic pump to absorb the pulsating pressure of the hydraulic pump of the straw baler.
    The accumulator is an auxiliary device in the straw baler. For example, filters, fuel tanks and pipe fittings are all auxiliary devices of the straw baler, which have a direct impact on the stability and temperature rise of the straw baler. Should be taken seriously. The specific functions are as follows.
    1. A large amount of oil can be supplied

    In a hydraulic system that works intermittently or realizes periodic action cycles, the accumulator can store the excess pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump. When the straw baler system needs it, it is released by the accumulator. This can reduce the rated flow of the hydraulic pump, thereby reducing the power consumption of the motor and reducing the temperature rise of the hydraulic system.

    2. Maintain the pressure of the straw baler system
    In the hydraulic system of the straw baler, when the hydraulic pump stops supplying oil, the accumulator can provide pressure oil to the system to compensate for system leakage or act as an emergency energy source, so that the straw baler system can maintain pressure for a period of time, which can avoid causes Sudden interruption of the oil source caused by power outages or system failures caused damage to the machine.
  • 1. The automatic waste paper baler can automatically feed and detect, and continuously discharge the package, or it can be completed by manual operation. It can be used for waste paper, cardboard boxes, newsprint, etc., waste plastics, PET bottles, plastic films, turnover boxes, etc., straw Wait for loose objects to be packed, and the Press effect is good.
    2. Fast Press speed, saving time and electricity, low failure rate, high degree of automation, labor saving, high reliability and long service life.

    3. Double reinforcement is used to form the package, which effectively avoids the occurrence of loose packages during the pushing process and the final binding step. The packaging is of good quality, safe and reliable, avoids rework, and effectively improves the overall efficiency.

    4. This conveying device is equipped with multiple baffles with evenly spaced intervals to effectively prevent the material from sliding down. The material is conveyed at a uniform speed from bottom to top, and the same amount of material is fed into the material channel of the main body of the baler.
    5. The fully automatic waste paper baler has reasonable structure, simple operation, safe and reliable use, easy to promote and apply, and can effectively improve production efficiency.

  • As the saying goes, there is a way to get rich, and only by having a reliable doorway can you get better development. Nowadays, the 21st century with rapid economic development is also a period of frequent product upgrading. In such a special development process, it is a rare development opportunity for packaging machinery. In particular, the application of waste paper baler machines plays a vital role in the development of modern markets.
    The waste paper baler is specially used to bundle and pack waste paper to facilitate the transportation and overall storage of commodities. Time passed by one minute and one second, and the development of the baler has also made significant progress. With fierce market competition, more and more Baler series face increasingly critical packaging needs, and begin to do their best to serve consumers and meet people's needs amid changes in performance.
    The fast pace of life means that the production and development of commodities is also accelerating. An efficient and fast lifestyle is the trend of the development of modern life, and it is also the function of improving our living standards. In the mutual promotion, the packaging industry is gradually changing for people's lifestyles, and more efficient, fast and exquisite packaging effects are attracting people's attention. The advancement of science and technology has gradually made the baler continuous improvement in the direction of superior performance, and the positive innovative and enterprising attitude allows the equipment to vigorously play its own functions and advantages in the packaging production process, and provide more commodity manufacturers. While sending profits, it has also become a magic weapon for customers to get rich.

    Efficient and fast packaging is the most important thing for many commodity manufacturers when choosing equipment. Today's development has made the equipment widely used in all walks of life for fast bundling of all kinds of bags. If the enterprise can recognize the development trend of the packaging machine industry, continue to invest, and improve the application performance of the equipment, in the future, the equipment will be able to grasp the development opportunities in the process of innovation. Through continuous improvement of technology and product innovation, the baler will be further developed from the low-end field to the high-end field, so as to further provide customers with more superior equipment and become your magic weapon for getting rich.

    NKBALER's high-end technology makes the waste paper hydraulic baler more adapt to the development of the times and provide you with better services.

  • In recent years, with the widespread application of fully automatic balers, as an indispensable and important part of packaging equipment, due to the wide variety of equipment, the types of equipment are also different. So how to choose the equipment that suits you?
    First of all, we must pay attention to the matching degree of the fully automatic baler. Generally, different consumers must make purchases according to their own conditions, otherwise it will cause waste of resources or insufficient use. For different production lines and different manufacturer environments, the applicable equipment models are different, so everyone has to work out very detailed processing methods and different solutions to make the baler the best match.
    Secondly, pay attention to the consumables of the fully automatic baler. Different types of balers have different requirements for the degree of material consumption. If an energy-saving device is used, it will save the company a lot of money in the later stage.

    The above is about how to choose a suitable fully automatic Baler model for everyone. I hope that the above introduction will have some substantial help for everyone's purchase.

    NKBALER is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of hydraulic balers, with a complete range of balers and various models. Welcome to buy.

  • In the NKBALER factory, I waited for customers to buy me every day, but I waited and waited until I was tested by the test machine. How can my handsome waste paper baler now become an experimental product? In fact, you are not, you just passed a small test and entered the post-production stage. After passing the test machine, you can quickly enter the work, so as not to delay the normal production operation of the customer. Then I will briefly introduce it. How do you operate this equipment? When you see the waste paper baler, you can press the button switch to ON to start the motor oil pump. You can press the manual valve to hit the lower position. Below the pressure plate, you can automatically go down until it hits, and then when the lower limit travel switch, the motor will automatically stop running. This is my technical master. I hope I can help you with the answers from the explanation.

    NKBALER waste paper baler is safe and reliable, stable in performance, easy to operate, easy to install, no infrastructure required, everyone is welcome to come and buy.
  • The semi-automatic waste paper baler is compared to some waste papers that require intermediate processing or picking parts. Unlike the fully automatic baler, some waste paper processing requires a fully automatic baler, but some waste paper requires semi-automatic processing. It is done manually.
    Papermaking is one of the main ways of wood consumption. Papermaking consumes a large amount of high-quality wood every year, and the waste pulp of papermaking causes great harm to the water environment. The utilization rate of waste paper can reach 80%, and it is not only compared with wood papermaking. It can reduce environmental pollution, protect forest resources, and greatly reduce damage to the ecological environment. Therefore, waste paper can be the first choice for papermaking.
    For example: 1 ton of waste paper is equivalent to 20 pieces of wood with a lower diameter of 17M, an upper diameter of 10M, and a height of 8M. Using waste paper as raw materials can save 2-3m of wood per ton, as well as coal and electricity resources in large deniers. Waste paper is recycled. It has important practical significance to improve the utilization rate of waste paper, reduce the pollution of waste paper to the environment and reduce the investment of capital and raw materials.
    The country with the highest waste paper recycling rate in the world is Japan, which is about 53%, while the highest percentage of waste paper in papermaking raw materials is South Korea, with more than 75%, and the lowest percentage is Finland, a large wood pulp producer, with less than 5%. , But the recovery rate also reached 61%.
    According to statistics, my country’s paper consumption is about 35 million tons per year. Calculated by one-third of the waste, the amount of waste paper that can be recycled each year amounts to more than 10 million tons, but the recycling rate is actually not high. The total recycling rate of packaging product waste is required to reach 43%, of which the recycling rate of paper packaging reaches 40%

    There are many ways to deal with waste paper. For different industries and for different purposes, our baler is also divided into automatic and semi-automatic, to better use the waste paper to regenerate and to further process the waste paper.

    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of waste paper balers, providing waste paper balers, horizontal balers, vertical balers, automatic balers, semi-automatic balers, etc., suitable for waste paper recycling stations of various specifications, welcome Shop
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