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  • Plastic bottle Baler machines are divided into two series, fully automatic and semi-automatic, which are controlled by PLC microcomputer;
    Plastic bottle Baler machine is mainly used for compression forming of waste paper boxes, plastic bottles, mineral water bottles and other waste materials in large-scale renewable resource recycling stations and paper mills;

    The plastic packaged by the plastic bottle Baler machine has the advantages of uniform and tidy appearance, large specific gravity, high density, and reduced volume, which greatly reduces the space occupied by plastic bottles and reduces storage and transportation costs.

    Choose Nick machine plastic bottle Baler with high efficiency, high performance and stability, saving time, effort and
  • 1. The equipment is suitable for Baler and filtering animal manure such as cow manure, chicken manure, pig manure, etc.;
    2. The equipment has the advantages of high work efficiency, easy storage, easy transportation, and reduced manpower and material resources;
    3. The Baler size can be set freely, and the Baler value can be accurately recorded, which is convenient for the operator to use;
    4. The machine adopts advanced technology and can meet personal safety and labor protection conditions.
     It can operate safely and continuously under normal working conditions without excessive stress, vibration, temperature rise, wear, corrosion, aging and other problems;

    5. The machine has simple structure, convenient use, high working efficiency and stable movement.

    Nick Machinery Cow Manure Filter Press has high working efficiency and reasonable price. If you are interested in our products, please contact our staff: 86-29-86031588. 
  • The user should carefully understand the performance of the hydraulic baler. The hydraulic baler is a mechatronic product, mainly composed of mechanical systems, control systems, feeding systems and power systems. The whole Baler process consists of auxiliary time such as pressing, returning, carrying, transferring, outgoing up, outgoing down, and receiving.  
    The use of hydraulic baler is very common. It can pack waste paper, waste paper boxes, straw, straw bales, plastic bottles, cans, etc., all at once. Even when it is transported, it saves space and becomes many of our waste products. Indispensable equipment such as recycling. 

    The maintenance and repair of hydraulic baler equipment must be operated by professional technical personnel. Rainproof work must not be ignored, and fireproof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion work must be handled properly. Finally, the installation process must meet the standards. The technicians sent by the manufacturer start the installation, regularly check and repair the circuit system, maintain the time, and fix the location, etc., and have complete and detailed operating specifications. The maintenance plan should be implemented in accordance with the standardized methods.

    Choosing Nick Machinery hydraulic baler, independent hydraulic system, servo system control, is the best choice to help you solve and recycle waste.

  • With the advancement of science and technology, the use of automated and intelligent machinery and equipment continues to be popular in the market, and is well received by users and major enterprises. The same is true in the packaging industry. With the rapid development of high-tech baler production technology in my country, intelligent technology, automation technology, multi-functional technology, and integrated technology continue to mature in my country's waste paper hydraulic baler products. This is reflected in the equipment we produce. However, if a baler manufacturer wants to adapt to this market trend and not be eliminated by the ever-developing market, it must continuously transform and innovate its own waste paper hydraulic baler products. Let the waste paper hydraulic baler have its own characteristics, only in this way can it be recognized by the market and be welcomed by people.
    The status quo and development direction of waste paper recycling in my country
    1. At present, 60% of the raw material for papermaking in some developed countries is waste paper, and its recycling rate is as high as 72%. my country's paper industry is currently experiencing a period of rapid development of demand. It is necessary to reduce dependence on imported raw materials and dependence on domestic raw materials. We must strive to increase domestic wood pulp production and waste paper recycling and utilization.
    2. Strive to develop and construct a resource-saving and environmentally-friendly economy The use of waste paper to produce all kinds of paper and cardboard can reduce deforestation and waste paper waste. The energy consumption, water consumption, chemical consumption and waste paper pollution load of waste paper pulp are also much lower than that of virgin fiber pulping. This is a green project that is conducive to resource conservation and environmental protection.

    3. How to improve the utilization rate of waste paper, the widespread promotion of waste paper baler, utilization seems very important. The waste paper baler can pack loose waste paper, which is conducive to the transportation of waste paper, thus achieving the problem of waste paper utilization. With the continuous development of the waste paper industry, the demand for waste paper balers is also growing. Therefore, domestic waste paper balers must improve their quality and grasp the market.

    Nick Machinery has specialized in the production of waste paper balers for more than ten years, providing automatic waste paper balers, semi-automatic waste paper balers, vertical waste paper balers, horizontal waste paper balers, suitable for recycling stations of various specifications, welcome Optional 86-29-86031588
  • The pressure oil of the waste paper baler flows directly back to the oil tank through the overflow valve and the oil return pipe, and the oil pressure will not continue to rise. Therefore, the overflow valve here at the same time plays the role of overload protection for the system.
    The oil sucked by the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler from the oil tank is first filtered by the oil filter to remove impurities and dirt to protect the valves in the system from being blocked.
    Most of the power of the waste paper baler is provided by the hydraulic pump, so the standard for the pressure of the hydraulic pump is strict.
    The pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler enters the lower cavity of the hydraulic cylinder along the pipeline through the ring groove on the left side of the throttle valve and the reversing valve spool. Under the action of the pressure oil of the waste paper baler, the piston moves upward, and the pushing mechanism realizes the lifting action.
    At this time, the oil discharged from the upper cavity of the hydraulic cylinder flows back to the oil tank through the ring groove and pipeline on the right side of the valve core of the reversing valve. The movement speed of the hydraulic cylinder is controlled by a throttle valve.
    The pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler flows through the one-way valve and is divided into two paths, one path leads to the hydraulic cylinder through the throttle valve, and the other path flows back to the oil tank through the overflow valve.
    The throttle valve is like a faucet. By twisting the valve core and changing the size of its opening, the flow of oil entering the hydraulic cylinder through the throttle valve can be changed to control the lifting speed.

    The output of the hydraulic cylinder is controlled by the overflow valve. Adjusting the pressing force of the spring in the overflow valve can control the pressure of the oil output from the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler.

    Nick Machinery is specialized in the research and development of waste paper baler, and has a professional R&D team and after-sales team. Provide you with better
  • The garment hydraulic baler we process and produce is mainly composed of four parts, namely transportation, compression, hydraulic transmission and control. When the equipment is running, the compression and ejection of metal raw materials are driven by hydraulic cylinders. Place the raw materials at the feed inlet, the transportation system runs on its own, and the materials are traditionally fed to the compressor. At this time, the weight measurement device judges the weight of the materials in the compression chamber. When the materials reach the expected weight, the transportation system stops operation, and then the main When the hydraulic cylinder is working, the pressure head moves downwards rapidly. After contacting the material, the compression resistance will become larger and larger. The volume of the material is continuously reduced by increasing the pressing force. When the main hydraulic cylinder reaches a certain pressure, the material can also reach the expected volume. This is the rapid rise of the pressure head of the main compression cylinder until it reaches the origin. At this time, the transportation system of the garment hydraulic baler is activated, the door baffle is opened, and the compressed material is transported out of the compression chamber.

    Nick Machinery has won the love of customers with its superb technology and the recognition of users with its excellent service. We will persist in serving the society, serving the majority of users, and serving the common people all the
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