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  • As a very common mechanical equipment, the appearance of metal shredder has brought great help to our lives. For example, it reduces the environmental pollution caused by excessive waste plastics, and also reduces the waste of plastic raw materials. It can be reused. As mechanical equipment, different equipment has different operating methods and skills. For some new users, it is very necessary to master the operating methods and procedures of the metal shredder. Next, major manufacturers will share the operating procedures of the metal shredder.
    First of all, before operating the metal shredder, make sure that there is no problem with the wiring of the equipment. Secondly, check the installation and fixation of the blades and bolts, and whether the rotating rotor is stuck. If everything is normal, you can start the machine. Starting preheating is one of the effective ways to improve production efficiency. Then, pay attention to the feeding speed can not be fast and violent, the material can not be too much or too little. Only uniform feeding can make the equipment operate normally. After the work is completed, the undischarged materials should be cleaned up in time for the next use.

    Product features: 1. Grinding effect of feeding equipment. 2. Driven by a geared motor, it saves 20% of electricity compared to other waste can shredders. 3. Start up smoothly, without too much noise, and installed a sound-absorbing foundation, so the noise is very low. 4. The blade is a mesh blade refined from high alloy, suitable for any high hardness. 5. Conveyor belt charging equipment can be configured. 6. The structure is sturdy and the stiffening plate is dense to ensure the strength of the box.

    The above is the method of checking the equipment before use organized by Nick Machinery for everyone. For more information about the metal shredder, please visit
  • As an important equipment for the recycling of waste materials, the emergence of metal shredders reduces the waste of floor space caused by excessive waste materials, reduces environmental pollution, and effectively reduces the waste of raw materials. As a kind of mechanical equipment, if there are some problems in the production due to improper operation, such as blockage, which is very common in the production of metal shredders, then there is a reason that the metal shredder will be blocked. The following are the answers of major metal shredder manufacturers.

    Too fast feeding speed will increase the load of the metal shredder, which will result in clogging of the tuyere. If it is not treated for a long time, it will cause the motor to overload and damage the motor. At this time, changing the feeding method is one of the reasons to effectively solve this situation. The second is that the discharge pipe is not unblocked. As long as it is dredged in time, normal work can be carried out. If the material to be shredded has a high water content, the shredded material will stick together, then stick more and more, and then cause clogging. As long as we know the cause of the blockage, we can find a suitable solution or avoid the blockage, and then enable the mechanical equipment to perform daily work well.

    The metal shredder produced by Nick Machinery has reasonable design and excellent manufacturing, which effectively improves the service life and production efficiency of the equipment. The operation is simple and reliable, and the assembly structure used during maintenance is very easy to maintain, which reduces the production cost of the equipment during maintenance and is more suitable for the use of users.
  • Anyone who has bought a metal shredder knows that the prices in this industry are very vague, which is mainly reflected in the huge difference in equipment prices. Let me give you an example of my personal experience. It is to purchase equipment in the same area, but I found that the same metal shredder equipment in this area has the sales prices of different manufacturers, so many people have always been concerned about the metal shredder. The existence of a price gap between the two is suspected. The following Nick will analyze where the price difference of metal shredders is reflected.
    1. The market competition is fierce. There are many metal shredder manufacturers, especially in Shandong and Henan. It can be said that the machinery industry is an important source of local economy, but there are many manufacturers and not many buyers, so the current market is , There are too many porridges, so the competition is very fierce. Many manufacturers deliberately lower the price of metal shredders in order to retain users. However, some manufacturers can lower their prices, but some cannot, so the market makes a difference in equipment.
    2. The number of middlemen and leather bag companies continues to increase. These units are indispensable no matter what industry they are in. Especially in the past few years, machinery has been in good condition, so there are many help metal shredder manufacturers to sell equipment The price of equipment has been rising because manufacturers need to make money, and so are the middlemen, so only the price of equipment continues to rise, especially the middlemen. The higher the price I sell, the more the manufacturer gives us. At this time, the price of the equipment is different. Sometimes you buy the equipment from the manufacturer, and the price is different where the middleman buys the equipment.

    3. Due to the impact of the local economic level and the steel market, this year is a relatively low year for steel prices. In addition, which industry is in a downturn this year is now a good opportunity for users to purchase equipment. Because metal shredder manufacturers need capital turnover, many equipment are sold on a breakeven basis. In addition, equipment prices sometimes vary, which is also related to the local economic level. To put it bluntly, it is the labor cost, which is possible in Henan and Shandong, but basically there is not much difference. However, some machinery manufacturers in Shanghai and Zhejiang have higher local labor costs, so the equipment prices are naturally different compared with other regions.

    Nick Machinery specializes in the production, development and sales of metal shredders. Our equipment is of high quality and low price. Welcome to buy
  • When users buy a metal shredder, they are a little confused about the manufacturer's choice. In the market, metal shredders are usually divided into direct manufacturers and middlemen. What is the difference between the equipment of these two distributors? Let us do a simple analysis of this problem.

    In essence, there is a difference. The equipment selected by the direct selling manufacturer is guaranteed in both price and after-sales. Therefore, when using the metal shredder in the later stage, the manufacturer can help the user solve the problem together. The intermediary only needs to have an official website to publish some information. In the Internet age, since most things on the Internet are expected to be virtual, the prices of middlemen and direct manufacturers are different, and the prices of the same model of equipment will also be different.

    When we buy a metal shredder, most users tend to go to the manufacturer to buy it. Not only is the price cheaper, but the purchase must be a first-hand device, and there will be no turnover. In addition, the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer can effectively guarantee the post-production of the metal shredder. Intermediaries rely on sales to make the difference, so prices are usually high, and they are not as good as direct-sale manufacturers in terms of after-sales service.

    This is the difference between middlemen and direct manufacturers. Therefore, when we choose a metal shredder, we should try our best to go to the manufacturer and try the machine at the manufacturer, so that we can understand the equipment intuitively, while the middleman does not have it.

    The tank shredder is a product developed with good technology. China attaches great importance to the recycling and utilization of waste cans, which promotes the application of effective cans paint removers in the waste market. After improvement, the metal shredder produced by Nick Machinery is different from the old crushing equipment, and it is also a practical crushing equipment in the garbage recycling market. This model not only improves production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expands the scope of application.

    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the development, production and sales of hydraulic machinery and equipment, and has perfect after-sales service. If you need to dispose of waste metal, you can buy our metal shredder. It is your scrap metal that turns waste into treasure. Welcome Call 86-29-86031588

  • NKW200BD semi-automatic closed-end baler is specially used to recycle loose materials such as compressed plastic film, PET bottles, plastic boards, waste paper, cartons, cardboard leftovers. It is an indispensable equipment for the waste recycling industry. Today Nick will take everyone to learn about this machine:

    The compression force is up to 200Ton, and the packing size is 1100*1250*1700mm. The packed blocks are neat and compact, with high packing density and high packing efficiency. Packing 9-12T per hour

    1. Closed hydraulic side door opening and closing structure, there is no need to move the bag in time after the bag is out;

    2. Unique hydraulic system design, equipped with high-end energy-saving power-saving mode and cooling system;

    3. High-strength out of the package door, hydraulic automatic door opening and closing device, safe and convenient operation;

    4. Unique remote control operation, convenient and quick;

    5. PLC program, electric button control, simple operation, self-contained feeding detection, automatic compression;

    6. This equipment is suitable for the recycling, compression and packing of waste paper, cartons, plastics, cloth, PET bottles, brown silk and other waste materials.

    Nick Machinery’s NKW200BD semi-automatic baler has good rigidity, toughness and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and energy-saving, and low investment in equipment basic engineering. You are welcome to come and buy:
  • With the continuous development of science and technology, Nick Machinery is also constantly innovating. Based on the original clothing baler, it has made innovations and developed a new double-cavity clothing baler. This machine has a simple structure and is suitable for old clothes, towels, rags, Fiber fabrics are compressed and packed, and the packing efficiency is high, up to 10-12 bags per hour, and the weight of the bales is 75-150kg. The bales are neat and beautiful, which is convenient for storage and transportation. Let's briefly understand the characteristics of this machine:
    1. Double-cavity structure can pack and feed materials at the same time, which greatly improves work efficiency;
    2. The method of carrying the case is easy to operate and improve efficiency;
    3. Cross-bundling to achieve compact and tidy packing;

    4. Suitable for weaving, plastic film, plastic bag to wrap the block

    The NK-T90L double-cavity garment strapping machine produced by Nick Machinery has simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance. It is a good helper for your production. Welcome to buy 86-29-86031588

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