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  • The straw hydraulic baler is mainly used for the development of the baling work. The stable performance of the hydraulic system is the manifestation of effective work. For the relatively new type of straw hydraulic baler, it is essentially different from the original baler. The straw hydraulic baler is currently The production technology is the most advanced and practical, and it is the first choice for Baler work.
    In normal work, the straw hydraulic baler should be regularly inspected, repaired and inspected. The mechanical parts are checked to check whether the baling is regular or not. In this way, once a problem with the straw hydraulic baler is found, it should be shut down for inspection immediately to avoid causing out-of-packs. If the parts are unqualified or abnormal, we have to disassemble it again, which is laborious and laborious, which also affects the beauty of the secondary packaging, and effectively avoids the failure of the straw hydraulic baler.
    The more you know about the straw hydraulic baler, the more conducive to the development of the baling work, and the more responsible attitude towards the baling work, which is more conducive to the production of products that satisfy customers. It is a fact that we all know that the straw hydraulic baler is widely used. It is mainly used in waste paper, printing, cardboard and other industries, and it can also pack some straw, waste materials, waste plastics, waste clothing and licorice. Applicable to a wide range of industries. Therefore, the market for corn stalk balers is huge. Because of the great market potential of corn stalk hydraulic balers, there are countless manufacturers of straw hydraulic balers, and the choice of straw hydraulic balers is also a difficult problem. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good quality straw hydraulic baler. It is necessary to comprehensively measure the comprehensive factors of a manufacturer and take into account the scale and capacity of the factory. The straw hydraulic baler is selected and may be used, but the maintenance of the machine is also a big problem. The maintenance should be done as follows:
    1. Before each use, the staff should check whether the machine is normal, whether there are any loose parts, whether the oil pipe is leaking, and whether it is intact. If one item is abnormal, it cannot be used.
    2. In use, the staff should pay attention to whether the sound of the machine is normal, whether the hydraulic gauge is normal, whether the temperature is within the normal range, whether there is excessive temperature, whether the safety valve is normal, etc., these problems are The staff in use need to pay attention.
    3. Turn off the switch immediately after use, and wipe and clean the machine.

    The daily maintenance of the straw balers is to extend the service life of the straw balers, extend the service life, and improve work efficiency. The staff must have a good understanding of the functional structure of the straw balers in order to inspect and maintain them one by one to ensure effective maintenance. , Operators should also be trained on a regular basis, so that everyone's understanding of the straw hydraulic baler is increasing, which is more conducive to operation and work.

    Nick Machinery has a professional design team and after-sales team, if you encounter problems in daily use, please contact our after-sales staff 86-29-86031588, we will serve you as soon as
  • All manufacturing companies will put the quality of their products in the first place. Take the waste paper baler as an example. If the quality of the waste paper baler is not good enough. The quality problem of the machine in the customer's hand is not just a quality problem, which affects the credibility of an enterprise unit. We need to make sure that machinery and equipment are different from other products. Excellent quality is the foundation of its existence. Quality determines how much loyalty users have to the brand, determines the degree of brand development of an enterprise, and determines the brand's success. Now. With the development of society, only focusing on the quality of equipment is no longer sufficient to satisfy the development of waste paper baler companies. Now is an era of service products exploding. People not only need equipment with excellent quality, but also good products. Service quality also has high requirements. The quality of the equipment allows the enterprise to win at the starting point, and the quality of the service also determines the development of the brand.

    NKBALER waste paper baler has undergone more than ten years of development and has formed a variety of models to keep up with the advancement of the market. 86-29-86031588 
  • With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the sandpaper baler has played a big role. Some waste paper can be reused, and it is more and more accepted by everyone. The domestic waste sandpaper baler has been constantly innovating. Continue to follow the development of some foreign advanced technologies.
    This product has the characteristics of good rigidity, toughness and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, and low investment cost of equipment basic engineering. It is widely used in all kinds of waste paper factories, old waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is suitable for packaging and recycling old waste paper, plastics, etc. It is a good equipment for improving labor efficiency, reducing labor intensity, saving manpower, and reducing transportation costs.
    1. All models adopt hydraulic drive and manual control operation;
    2. The size of the compression chamber and the size of the bale can be customized according to customer requirements;
    3. The machine is manual out of the package (if you need to automatically send out the package, please contact customer service);
    4. There is no need for foot screws for installation, it can be used only when it is filled with hydraulic oil and connected to the power supply;

    5. There are ten grades of pressure from 10 tons to 400 tons for users to choose;

    Nick Machinery Sandpaper Baler has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and high work efficiency. It can also be customized according to your specific needs. Welcome to buy
  • Corn is planted in a large area of ??traditional crops and is distributed all over the country. In the face of the burning and treatment of corn stalks harvested in the autumn each year, local governments have adopted a variety of methods. The effective way is to reuse straw resources. The briquettes of straw are used as biomass fuel and feed, which opens up a new path for the sustainable development of straw resources.
    The straw Baler Press machine is a device for crushing and compressing biomass materials such as straw into high-efficiency, environmentally friendly fuel or feed. The products extruded by the straw Baler Press machine are used as feed or fuel. After practice and continuous improvement, the straw Baler Press machine has become more and more perfect. The straw Baler Press machine has the advantages of high degree of automation, high output, low price, low power consumption, simple operation, and pollution-free environment. Therefore, the straw Baler Press machine can be widely used to press various crop straws and twigs and other biomass materials.

    Pressing stalk biomass into blocks can be used as a new type of biomass fuel to replace coal for multiple purposes such as power generation. Compared with mineral fuels, biomass fuels have less environmental pollution, are easy to obtain, cheap, and rich in resources. As long as there are green plants growing year after year, this resource will never be exhausted. In today's situation where coal, petroleum and other minerals are in short supply, the widespread use of biomass fuels will play an important role in solving the country's vast rural energy problems. The straw Baler Press machine can also be used to produce forage grass and forage straws into forage grass blocks. The forage grass has good palatability after maturation, and it is stored for a long time without deterioration. It is easy to store, so that the resources in the forage production area have a wider market. It plays an important role in protecting grassland and developing captive animal husbandry. At the same time, forage block is also an important disaster relief reserve material. Putting it in the disaster area is not only a feed for saving cattle and sheep, but also a high-quality feed for large-scale breeding areas and pastoral areas in spring and summer forage seasons. It is the fuel that is urgently needed in the disaster area.

    The straw Baler Press machine produced by Nick Machinery can reuse waste materials, and more importantly, it can promote the conversion of a series of economic chains, and at the same time respond to the country's current economic development policy: take the path of sustainable development.
  • In the rapid development trend of my country's paper industry, the price of horizontal hydraulic baler is also rising all the way. Coupled with the increase in environmental protection awareness and the problem of rare wood materials that cannot be dealt with in a short time, the shortage of waste paper materials will continue for a long time. Under such conditions, the use value of waste paper resources in my country has rapidly increased in China, coupled with the country’s relevant policy support for the resource recycling industry chain and the development trend of industry machinery and equipment such as horizontal hydraulic Balers, China's horizontal hydraulic Balers The machine industry has become a prosperous prospect industry. At this stage, the utilization rate of waste paper is low in our country. In addition, many of the raw materials needed by the paper industry are imported waste paper. China, a powerful country in the paper industry, has gradually increased its dependence on imports of horizontal hydraulic balers, but the utilization rate of waste paper in China has not improved, and a lot of waste paper purchased is also used for production and processing into low-grade cardboard, handkerchief paper, etc. Commodities do not give full play to the resource use value of waste paper. Therefore, the horizontal hydraulic baler acquisition industry has a bright market prospect, and under the conditions here, it also has a high resource utilization value. The horizontal hydraulic baler industry will make contributions to my country's sustainable development concept and its ecological environment protection. Therefore, the waste paper purchase industry will inevitably become the country's top priority to help new projects in the near future. China's waste paper purchase and reuse industry has a bright future.

    Nick Machinery believes that only the perfect combination of the performance and quality of the waste paper baler can make the waste paper packaging equipment fully play its role in the market and promote the entire waste paper recycling industry to a better development
  • The success value of a device is not that the sales status is good, but how much value is created after the user purchases it, and how much the user benefits from it. The manufacturer is considered to be a real success. Sawdust Baler Press machine is one such device. , Has created infinite value for users, in which ways are they reflected? Let's take a look together.
    If a company's products cannot guarantee the quality, what is the difference with manufacturing garbage? After all, what we sell is a sawdust Baler Press machine equipment that can bring benefits to investors, not a machine that can't produce charcoal after cheating customers to pay. Although it is said that there is no profit and no business, we are paying more and more attention to integrity in a civilized society. If a company wants to develop, it cannot only consider the problem from its own standpoint. The interests of the sawdust Baler Press machine customers are first. It will always be the purpose of Nick Sawdust Baler Press Machine Equipment Factory, and quality is the way to success.
    The working principle of the sawdust Baler Press machine is to use the inherent characteristics of the wooden raw materials to soften the biomass materials at high temperature through the pressure of the screw. Under high temperature and high pressure, the lignin cellulose in the wooden raw materials combines the fibers to form a belt center Semi-finished products with holes.

    The production characteristics of sawdust Baler Press machine: The humidity of the raw material is within 8-12%. No need to add any adhesives and harmful chemicals. Adopting advanced hot air drying system, the drying effect is good. After high temperature, purification, and smoke removal, the carbonization equipment can convert semi-finished products into smokeless, odorless, non-toxic clean charcoal. There are professional technical guarantees and no risks. The mechanism of sawdust Baler Press equipment and straw pulverizer operation is 5 major considerations. 1. Manually idling for a few laps before starting the machine, check whether there are foreign objects and all fasteners are loose, and then start the machine after confirming that it is normal. 2. Frequently check the lubrication in the rotating bearing. Locking phenomenon. 3. After confirming the driving conditions of the corn stalk Baler Press machine, start it for a short time. 4. When starting the machine, it must be operated for 1-2 minutes before feeding. Feeding is not allowed before starting. 5. Under normal conditions, the machine can work continuously. If there is any abnormal noise, immediately stop it for inspection and repair. Operators must wear safety helmets when working.

    Nick Machinery adheres to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, quality, innovation, and service" and the service concept of "integrity-based, customer first", and continues to create more value for customers. "Be honest, do things down-to-earth" and win-win cooperation with customers
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