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  • The waste paper baler is composed of the main frame system, electrical control system, electrical system, and hydraulic system.
    The purpose and operating specifications of the waste paper baler are as follows:
    1. The No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil added to the oil tank should be strictly used with high-quality anti-wear hydraulic oil, which must be strictly filtered, and sufficient oil should be kept frequently, and the oil should be filled immediately when it is insufficient.
    2. Each lubrication point of the machine should be filled with lubricating oil at least once per shift.
    3. The debris in the bin should be cleaned up in time before the waste paper baler is running.
    4. Those who do not understand the structure, performance and operating procedures of the machine are not allowed to start the waste paper baler without learning.
    5. When adjusting pumps, valves, and pressure gauges, experienced technical workers are required to perform adjustments. If the pressure gauge is found to be faulty, the gauge should be checked or updated immediately.
    6. The user should formulate detailed maintenance and safe operation procedures according to the specific situation.
    7. Do not overload or exceed the maximum eccentricity.

    8. The grounding of electrical equipment must be firm and reliable.

    The advantage of the paper baler is compact, neat and beautiful, which can greatly reduce the transportation cost.
  • The automatic waste paper baler is mainly used in waste recycling companies. If the baler often fails, it will inevitably affect the normal packaging efficiency. Therefore, in our daily use, it is very necessary to master the common troubleshooting methods. The machine will take you to understand it together.
    1. Fault phenomenon: the device makes an abnormal sound
    The cause of the failure: the oil is too cold, the air filter is clogged, the oil viscosity is too high or the oil quality is deteriorated, the oil pump is loosely fixed, causing the concentricity difference to be too large, and the oil suction filter is blocked.
    Remedy: oil heating, cleaning the air filter, replacing or filtering the hydraulic oil, tightening the fixed winch of the oil pump, cleaning the suction filter.
    2. Trouble phenomenon: oil temperature rises too fast
    The cause of the failure: the oil pump components are worn and cause serious internal leakage, and the surrounding environment temperature is too high.
    Remedy: replace the oil pump, change the environmental conditions (use cooling).
    3. Trouble phenomenon: hydraulic pressure, unstable pressure gauge indication
    The cause of the failure: there is air in the system, the oil suction vacuum is too large, the pressure gauge seat is in a state of vibration, and the oil temperature is too high.
    Elimination method: Exhaust air at the highest point of the system or at the oil suction pipe, reduce the vacuum degree to less than 16mm, eliminate the cause of surface vibration, and use cooling to reduce the oil temperature.
    4. Trouble phenomenon: the main cylinder does not move
    The cause of the failure: the oil pump is reversed and there is no oil pressure, the orifice of the overflow valve is blocked, the inlet and outlet are opened, the oil tank inlet stop valve is not opened, the spool of the electromagnetic reversing valve is blocked and the solenoid of the electromagnetic reversing valve is open. .
    Remedy: change the direction, clean and install correctly, reopen the shut-off valve, find the circuit, the spool of the electromagnetic directional valve is blocked and does not work, and clean the electromagnetic directional valve.
    5. Failure phenomenon: thread threading is not in place
    The cause of the failure: The iron wire cannot be worn in manual/automatic mode, there are torn paper pieces in the pressure head slot, the iron wire is not tightened, and the pressure is low.
    Remedy: Check whether there is iron wire/iron wire on the wheel, manually retract the pressure head to the proper position, take out the shredded paper after the pressure head stops, tighten the iron wire, and adjust the overflow valve.
    The cause of the failure: the overflow valve is blocked, the oil pump is damaged, and the main motor is reversed.
    Remedy: clean or replace the overflow valve, replace the oil pump, and change the electricity.
    7. Trouble phenomenon: no action when threading
    The cause of the failure: the pressure head is not in the front limit, check the front limit proximity switch and the overflow valve of the threading machine.
    Remedy: Adjust the pressure head to the front limit. If there are iron substances near the proximity switch, remove or replace the switch and clean the overflow valve (note: each bolt is placed in the original position during disassembly and installation).
    8. Failure phenomenon: the indenter does not move
    The cause of the failure: the rear limit of the threading machine, the material is not full, the photoelectric switch cannot receive the signal, the indenter and the threading machine must be at the rear limit at the same time, the knife board and the thread must be at the rear limit, and the motor is in the original position , The reversing valve is jammed.
    Elimination method: the threading machine should be stopped at the rear limit, the material should be filled up, the indenter and threading machine should be adjusted to the rear limit, the knife plate and the thread cutting should be adjusted to the rear limit, the motor should be adjusted to the original position, and cleaned Reversing valve.
    9. Trouble phenomenon: the threaded rod does not go back
    Cause of failure: Check the proximity switch of the waste paper baler, the overflow valve is blocked, the pressure head is released, and it is out of the front limit.

    Remedy: Check the proximity switch, clean the overflow valve and pressure relief valve jam, and clean the pressure relief valve.

    If you have any other problems during use, please contact our Nick Machine manufacturer.
  • In recent years, with China's vigorous promotion of the production energy of environmental protection machinery, the waste paper baler produced by Nick Machinery has long been able to consider the production requirements of most customers.
    For carton packaging factories, in the case of recycling waste paper raw materials, the waste paper baler can greatly save time and human resources, and it is not easy to cause waste paper to consume, which can greatly reduce the enterprise The cost fee.
    Nowadays, there are many medium and large paper mills, and carton packaging factories have selected waste paper balers. Today we will share with you how to make the baler complete the waste paper baling probability operation!
    Waste paper balers occur in many medium and large carton packaging factories or paper mills. As one of the later stages of production, waste paper balers can effectively reduce the volume of raw materials that must be packaged, thereby reducing reasonably In order to use the indoor space, the transportation cost is saved.
    In order to improve the performance of the waste paper baler, solve its structural problems and take into account, and promote the production of materials to tend to a more balanced situation.
    So what standard determines the working efficiency of waste paper baler?
    Nick Machinery will give you a detailed introduction to the problem of how the baler keeps the baling rate of waste paper running.
    1. Factors affecting the production efficiency of waste paper baler: the specifications and models of the baler.
    Different models and specifications have different production volumes, and different specifications and models immediately affect the production efficiency of the baler.
    Relative to the column type baler, although the volume of the waste paper baler is large, its shrinking force is also larger than that of the column type baler, the size of the baling is also very large, and it is easy to operate with automation technology.
    2. The productivity of waste paper baler is also inseparable from the cylinder performance and gear oil quality of the baler.
    The inferior performance of the cylinder performance of the waste paper baler affects the reliability of the baler, and the quality of gear oil can directly affect whether the cylinder can achieve the high effect of the waste paper baler, and at the same time affects the equipment failure rate of the cylinder. And expiration date.

    3. The convenience of the operation method of the automatic control system of the waste paper baler, the operation performance, and the low equipment failure rate also determine the efficiency of the baling operation.

    NICKBALER has an experienced and strong production and sales team, focusing on the production and research and development of horizontal balers.
  • In hot summer days, the high oil temperature of the waste paper baler will reduce the service life of many parts of the waste paper baler, and the high oil temperature will reduce the viscosity of the gear oil, the system software will not work under pressure, and the equipment will not work properly. Nick Machinery will introduce you to the solution below:
    The viscous hydraulic pump for oil used in the waste paper balers is a hydraulic mechanism component, which provides fluidity and working pressure to the hydraulic system of the waste paper balers. It is an indispensable key component of every hydraulic system, and the hydraulic pump is an effective choice. It is very important to reduce the energy consumption of the hydraulic system of the vertical waste paper baler, increase the rate of the system software waste paper baler, reduce noise, improve the performance at work, and ensure the reliability index.
    The basic principle of selecting hydraulic pumps for waste paper baler machinery and equipment is: According to the operating status of the vertical waste paper baler, the output power and the system software performance regulations, the waste paper baler first clarifies the type of hydraulic pump, and then According to the working pressure of the required system software. The level of total flow affects its physical model of specifications and models.
    The waste paper packaging machine has poor heat extraction from machinery and equipment, the total area of ??heat exhaust from the automobile fuel tank is small, the storage volume of the automobile fuel tank is small, the oil circulation system is too fast, and the actual cooling effect of the cooling tower of the waste paper packaging machine is poor. Therefore, because of the common failures of the cooling circulating water supply or the common failures of the electric fan, the surrounding environment is very high. Temperature is the cause of poor heat removal.

    The waste paper baler misuses excessively thick oil, and the waste paper baler machinery and equipment will cause the hydraulic press to be too high. When the connection is reversed and the speed is changed, the waste paper generates excess kinetic energy, and it is also converted into energy, thereby increasing the temperature, and it is necessary to set the post-buffer valve and rate conversion equipment to solve the hazard.

    NICKBALER has a strong technical force of research and development team and experienced after-sales service team, is committed to your normal production escort.
  • The lifting door multi-function baler is controlled by PLC microcomputer, which is mainly used for the compression forming of waste cartons, newspapers and other waste materials in large-scale renewable resource recycling stations and paper mills. The waste paper after using the lifting door multi-function baler has uniform dimensions The advantages of neatness, high specific gravity, high density, and reduced volume greatly reduce the space occupied by waste paper and reduce storage and transportation costs.
    The lifting door multifunctional baler can also be used as a forage baler. It is a machine that compresses, bundles and packs crushed corn stalks. The machine has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, stable and reliable transmission, and flexible mobility, which can save storage space. , Extending the feeding time of green straws has brought tangible economic benefits to the animal husbandry industry.

    The lifting door multifunctional baler can also be used as a scrap metal baler. It is suitable for steel mills, recycling and processing industries and non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries. Press into qualified charge to reduce transportation and torch costs.

    Nick Machinery is a large manufacturer of hydraulic machinery equipment.
  • a. According to the purpose, it can be divided into: waste paper, waste plastic, straw, cotton, yarn, cloth, hemp, wool, scrap iron, scrap steel, scrap aluminum, steel shavings, scraps, etc.
    b. According to performance, it can be divided into: automatic baler, semi-automatic baler, manual baler, etc.
    c. The Baler machine can include: automatic Baler machine, automatic unmanned Baler machine, horizontal Baler machine, semi-automatic Baler machine, portable Baler machine, etc.
    Performance characteristics of baler
    a. Manual baler: Manually operated, sturdy and easy to maintain.
    b. Fully automatic Baler machine: easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to operate, less trouble, perfect Baler function, power saving and practical.
    c. Metal baler: The parts can be replaced by oneself, accord with ergonomic design, good balance.
    d. Baler and sealing machine: It is equipped with multiple protection devices to ensure the safe and normal use of the equipment, simple maintenance, clean and sanitary, and long life.

    e. Semi-automatic baler: power saving and practical, no noise.

    Nick machinery has developed into a hydraulic machinery manufacturer since its establishment.
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