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  • Economic benefits of the application of automatic waste paper baler: Do a good job in the comprehensive utilization of straw, which has important economic and social significance.
    From an economic point of view, the use of straws in the form of mechanical return of straws, protective tillage, and return to the field can effectively improve soil, improve soil fertility, reduce production costs, and improve the quality of agricultural products, which is conducive to the development of green agriculture; through silage, Micro-storage and briquetting processes convert straw into high-quality feed, which is conducive to promoting the development of animal husbandry; the development of edible fungi to convert straw is conducive to increasing farmers' income; the conversion of straw through biogas and vaporization is conducive to promoting the construction of new energy in rural areas.

    From a social perspective, making full use of straw resources and inhibiting straw burning can effectively control pollution, optimize the environment, and ensure the orderly progress of social and economic life. From a political perspective, doing a good job in the comprehensive utilization of straw and banning burning is directly related to the fundamental interests of the broad masses of people and is a concrete manifestation of building a harmonious society. In particular, it can promote fresh air, smooth shipping and roads, and maintain social coordination and stable development.

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  • Introduce what exactly needs to be done for the three maintenance tasks of the waste plastic baler.
    1. Daily maintenance. Routine maintenance is mainly carried out by the operator of the waste plastic baler, checking before shift and cleaning after shift to ensure that the mechanical and electrical equipment is in good technical condition
    2. Regular maintenance. The regular maintenance of the waste plastic baler is also called the first-level maintenance, which is carried out by the mechanical maintenance engineer of the user unit and assisted by the maintenance personnel. It is similar to a minor repair, and the maintenance cycle varies with different electromechanical equipment. Its contents include the disassembly and inspection of maintenance parts and key parts; cleaning and dredging of oil circuits and lubrication systems; adjustment and inspection of the gaps of various parts; tightening of various components and parts; maintenance and repair of electrical components, etc.

    3. Professional maintenance. The professional maintenance of waste plastic baler, as the name suggests, is carried out by professional personnel, but generally by professional and technical personnel from the manufacturer or seller of the machine. The work they carry out is more professional. Generally, the core components of the machine should be Carry out large-scale overhaul and maintenance, and at the same time, discover potential failure points in time, and solve them in time to prevent users from malfunctioning during use and delaying production.

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  • 1. Some parts of the waste paper baler are packed in boxes and some parts are bundled and shipped. After receiving the goods, the user must carefully check the Baler list to avoid loss during transportation.
    2. It is necessary to carry out foundation construction in accordance with the foundation plan, and level it with a spirit level.
    3. The waste paper baler must be cleaned before installation. If the surface of the parts is rusted, use kerosene to remove the rust and wash it. After the foundation is solidified, hoist the host.
    4. When installing the hydraulic control system, pay attention to the "O" type sealing ring in the joint to avoid oil leakage.
    5. The oil circuit of the main pump valve of the device, all pipelines must be cleaned and cleaned, and the oil pump station should be placed and leveled. Clean the inside of the clean oil tank to remove the dirt that enters during the transportation process, and tie the oil pipe clamps to avoid vibration and oil leakage.

    6. Based on the electrical schematic diagram, the waste paper baler is equipped with all circuits, so that the electrical appliances can ensure the safe operation of the waste paper baler.

    With the increase in the price of the materials produced by the baler, the price of waste paper baler is also constantly fluctuating.
  • The waste cardboard baler is now used by many large manufacturers. The baler has high working efficiency, simple operation and convenient use. After using the baler for a long time, it will definitely wear out, so how can we guarantee its long-term use?
    First of all, we need to formulate rules and regulations for the cleaning and maintenance of waste paper balers, and record them every time they are cleaned. The surface of the waste paper baler should be cleaned and cleaned before or after use;
    Secondly, according to the use of the waste cardboard baler, it is necessary to preheat the baler to ensure that the baler can complete the packaging work while it is working.
    In addition, when using the waste paper baler, the operator should always pay attention to the use of the baler. If the baler has abnormal noise or other things, we need to turn off the power in time to prevent accidents.
    When the waste cardboard baler adjusts the baler, do not adjust the temperature too high, otherwise the baler will be damaged.
    After long-term use of the waste paper baler, our operators should lubricate the various components of the baler to ensure that the various components work properly.
    When the workshop staff repair the baler, they need to record the failure of the machine every time for later inquiries.
    When operating the baler, the manufacturer needs to hang on the baler a sign "Do not insert your hands into the machine during operation to prevent danger".

    Before working, the operator needs to use compressed air to purge the inside of the machine in order to easily collect dust and static parts.

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  • That is, the use of metal materials that can be plastically deformed under the action of external force, the baler, the external force that can gather and cause permanent deformation, and then form a tight bundle. Therefore, metals that cannot undergo plastic deformation or have very small plastic deformation cannot be directly packaged. Such as high carbon steel, tool steel, wire rope and cast iron, etc., cannot be directly installed on the machine for Baler.
    The basic request of the metal baler:
    1. Have satisfactory kneading power. It can make the metal material to be processed plastically deform the bunch, and make the bunch reach the required density.
    2. There must be a material box that can contain metal materials and can be closed to accept the kneading force. On the premise of satisfying these two basic requests, and according to different application requests and different processing goals, many different types of metal balers have occurred.

    The operating principle of the metal baler is to use the operating force to push the pressure head to knead the metal material in a closed material box, so that the metal material forms a bundle of a certain size and density.

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  • At present, the waste paper baler industry in various parts of our country is developing rapidly and has great potential for development. However, a series of problems have also appeared in this rapid development process. Although the number of manufacturers of waste paper balers is constantly increasing, the development of new products of waste paper balers has been relatively slow. Most manufacturers have spent their manpower and financial resources on increasing their factories and expanding their scale.
    In today's modern society, most manufacturers are reluctant to develop new products by themselves, and just want to imitate other people's waste paper baler equipment models. Manufacturers that open up new equipment are also unwilling to spend any precious time and money developing new waste paper baler products, which has led to an unusually slow pace of upgrading and upgrading of new products for waste paper hydraulic balers.
    In today's motherland, many manufacturers of waste paper balers lack the awareness of protecting their own intellectual property rights. They have not applied for patents in all aspects for the new products and new technologies they have researched, and have carried out effective property rights protection. Soon after this type of new product enters the market, it will be easily imitated by other waste paper baler manufacturers and put in a lot of labor production.
    Judging from the above problems, firstly, the enthusiasm for research and development of waste paper baler manufacturers has been greatly affected, and even many manufacturers have given up investment in this area;

    Second, the technology of waste paper balers and the development of new products are slow, and the technology of waste paper balers in some developed foreign countries is getting farther and farther, so every manufacturer of waste paper balers in our country needs to strengthen The awareness of intellectual property protection prevents opportunistic manufacturers from succeeding, and strives to improve the competitiveness of my country's waste paper baler industry in the international market!

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