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  • The double-cavity carrying case packing machine is a vertical garment packing machine with the most advanced technology and the most innovative design in the garment packing machine series of Nick Machinery. It is also called an open double-cavity baler, a rotatable double-cavity baler or a two-box baler. This baler design uses two compression chambers. The two compression chambers are rotated and balanced through the central axis. Double cavities can realize feeding in one cavity and compressing the bale in the other cavity. In this way, material feeding and bundling can be realized at the same time, which greatly improves work efficiency. When the bale is compressed, the cavity will have a signal to automatically carry the box, so that it can be bundled conveniently. This double-cavity carrying case packing machine combines the dual advantages of a double-cavity carrying case packing machine and a carrying case packing machine. It is a very efficient, good user experience and labor-saving garment packing machine in the industry.
    Packing machine application: used clothes, towels, rags, fiber fabrics, etc.

    Nick Machinery's double-cavity carrying case Baling Press is easy to operate and improve efficiency. It is a good helper for your production. Welcome to buy 86-29-86031588.

  • 1. Clean every day. Always keep the machine clean, especially around the control system. Remove dust, dirt or other things on or around the machine.
    2. Daily pipeline damage inspection. Check whether the tubing has a damaged outer skin or desoldering and leaking oil.
    3. Weekly oil leakage inspection. Excess oil on the cylinder arm indicates that the seal ring needs to be replaced. Oil film is normal. Tighten the screw in the oil leakage area with a tool. O-ring damage may cause oil leakage. Finding out the source of oil leakage early can avoid serious problems in the later operation of the hydraulic system.
    4. Lubricate monthly. Lubricate the door hinges and the drive chain of the feeding door regularly.
    5. Replace the oil pump suction filter every year. If the sound of the oil pump is abnormal, the filter needs to be checked and replaced.
    6. Replace the hydraulic oil every year. Replace the hydraulic oil once a year to ensure the stable operation of the machine.

    The above is the daily maintenance of the peanut shell bagging Press machine shared by Nick Machinery. I hope it will be helpful to you. For more information about the bagging Press machine, please pay attention to

  • Small waste paper baler is mainly used to recycle compressed cardboard, waste film, waste paper, foam plastic, cotton, quilts, woven bags, garbage, medicinal materials, straw, clothing and other packaging materials and waste products, which can reduce waste storage space and save up to 80% of the stacking space reduces transportation costs and is conducive to environmental protection and waste recycling.
    Most of the waste paper hydraulic balers on the market now use three-phase electricity, and those that use two-phase electricity are all small waste paper balers. However, with the development of the market, the demand for the use of small-scale waste paper hydraulic balers has increased, so what is the effect of using two-phase electric waste paper hydraulic balers? The two-phase electric waste paper hydraulic baler adopts a unique design, does not require 380V power electricity, and household use 220V lighting electricity can drive the equipment. For merchants who are not suitable to install three-phase electricity, the two-phase electro-hydraulic baler is a new choice and surprise. The two-phase electric waste paper hydraulic baler is suitable for the production needs of all kinds of waste packaging, straw, pasture compression packaging, and Chinese herbal medicine packaging merchants. The majority of merchants can set up purchasing and processing locations anywhere, as long as there is 220V lighting power, it can be easily compressed and packaged. Various costs are reduced, and production efficiency and economic benefits are greatly improved.

    Nick Machinery specializes in the production of various waste paper balers, which are suitable for waste paper recycling stations of various specifications. The waste paper baler has advanced technology, reliable quality and stable performance.

  • Everyone is no stranger to garbage sorting. With the nationwide garbage sorting and treatment carried out in Shanghai, people across the country are aware of the seriousness of garbage pollution, and the garbage can not only be sorted, but there are many more follow-up tasks. , Such as packing work after classification.
    If the garbage is not packaged and loaded and recycled, it will cause secondary pollution. However, the packaged garbage will greatly reduce its body size, thereby reducing the size of logistics and transportation and reducing transportation costs. Let me talk about the advantages of the Baling Press:
    Electrical configuration: large packing machine is equipped with PCL numerical control technology, which can remotely operate packing items;
    Hydraulic configuration: using hydraulic compression technology, low noise production, stable performance of the whole machine;
    Structure configuration: Simple structure, low failure rate, easy to clean, maintain and repair.
    Large-scale automatic baler has the advantages of large bale volume and heavy bale size, so it is more suitable for garbage recycling stations that specialize in recycling plastic products and have a certain amount of purchase. The functions of this Baling Press are even more diversified. All kinds of waste cartons, waste plastic bottles, oil drums, metals, etc. can all be packed with this equipment. High density, especially suitable for long-distance logistics transportation and storage.

    Garbage classification treatment is a change to the traditional form of garbage recycling and treatment, and it is a scientific management method for effective treatment of garbage. The baler has made great contributions to the sorting of garbage. I hope people will pay attention to the environmental pollution caused by the increasing domestic garbage, realize the recycling and utilization of garbage resources to the greatest extent, reduce the amount of garbage disposal, and alleviate the ecological damage. 

    The hydraulic baler has experienced more than ten years of development and has formed a variety of models to keep up with the advancement of the market. Help garbage sorting and make the environment better. 86-29-86031588,

  • The horizontal baler produced by our company is considered a high-quality product. The company has gathered a large number of high-quality management talents and skilled scientific research elites. After years of hard exploration, the company has established a complete and effective service system. An experienced service team not only provides customers with free site planning, design and installation basic drawings and flowcharts, and provides professional technical training, but also sends technicians on-site to guide the installation and commissioning of equipment. The company's service outlets are located in many cities, and customer use files have been established, so that the traditional door-to-door service and the network online service can be combined. The advantages are complementary, caring and efficient, and have won widespread praise from customers.
    All models of the horizontal baler produced by the company are hydraulically driven. The discharging mode of the body can choose different methods such as turning the bag, pushing the bag or manually taking the bag. It is easy to install and does not require foot fixing. It can be used in places without power. Using diesel engine as power, there are ten grades of extrusion force from 63 tons to 400 tons for users to choose, and the production efficiency ranges from 4 tons/hour to 40 tons/hour.
    The horizontal baler produced by our company is suitable for straw, forage, waste paper baling, cotton baling, clothing baling, straw baling, plastic baling, wool baling, recyclable garbage baling and other soft materials such as light foam and loose materials. Can also be used for recycling and packaging of scrap metal
    The domestic horizontal hydraulic baler packaging machine market is gradually improving, and all of them will be on the right track. Our company's horizontal baler has won a good reputation since its inception, and its development prospects are also booming. With the continuous prosperity of the economy, the types of horizontal balers for sale are also increasing, and balers with various special functions are constantly appearing. The baler industry has gradually become a sunrise industry with development space and potential. A huge development space has attracted thousands of domestic enterprises to join one after another. It can be seen that the market value of horizontal baler is infinite, let us witness the vigorous development of horizontal baler.

    Nick Machinery is an enterprise specializing in the production of hydraulic machinery and accessories, allowing you to buy one-stop, worry-free after-sales. Welcome to buy:

  • In these years, who doesn't know, which of the so-called "collection of ragged" is not an expert in making money? Others have dozens or hundreds of square meters of sites that deal with all kinds of garbage in our eyes. They recycle what we don’t want at a low price, sort and sort them, and then sell them at a high price, earning a large price difference. Especially for some metal materials, the profit margin is greater.
    Moreover, judging from the current development policy of our country, the sorting and recycling of garbage is becoming more and more regular, and cities are vying to carry out garbage sorting and treatment first, from Shanghai to Hangzhou...more and more cities are joining it. Do we need resource recycling for the usable garbage obtained after sorting and recycling? Do we want to collect and process? Can we take advantage of the country's development to create our own income?
    There are several essential equipment for processing large metals:
    Crocodile shears (a kind of metal shearing machine, the processing capacity is determined by the maximum cutting, the maximum knife edge, and the knife edge length, also called scissors):
    Shredder (double-shaft shredder, shredding some irregular, massive and other metal, rubber and other items):
    Finally, it is also an indispensable metal baler (also called metal Baler machine)

    If you need to dispose of scrap metal, you must choose Nick Machinery. We provide shears, metal shredders, and metal Baler machines, so you can buy them all in one stop.

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