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  • Environmental protection and energy-saving waste paper baler is one of Nick's future development directions, so the following will introduce in detail the environmental performance advantages of the waste paper baler produced by Nick:
    1. Patented rapid pressurization technology, that is, while maintaining a certain power displacement of the motor oil pump, the upper limit of the cylinder pressure is increased, the travel speed of the cylinder is accelerated, the energy consumption is reduced, and the work output is increased, and the overall work efficiency of the baler is improved And cost of use.
    2. High and low pressure system technology, under the condition of ensuring the same packing pressure and packing quality, it can save electricity by 50%, which greatly saves the electricity cost of packing station customers. At present, the machine has been put into market experiment and the effect has been verified.

    Environmental protection has become the focus of social development today. In the future, Nick will also improve the performance of the baler to the greatest extent in the process of designing and manufacturing the baler, and vigorously promote the new environmental protection and power-saving baler equipment to realize the baler The low energy consumption and high performance.

  • The repair of hydraulic waste paper baler is a comprehensive process activity that is far more complicated than maintenance technology. When repairing, it requires workers to be familiar with and proficient in operating vehicles, pliers, planing, grinding, plating, research and other process skills. Therefore, repairing the waste paper baler is a comprehensive labor that requires considerable intelligence and skills.
    In theory, we must first grasp the working principle and specific structure of the hydraulic pump. From experience, we must correctly judge the internal and external causes of the damage and reasonably determine the means and measures for repairing. The two repairing methods of the hydraulic baler:
    Repair and replace.
    1. Repair:
    Repair methods to compensate for the shape and size of parts by welding, repairing, plating, turning, grinding, grinding, etc., to meet the original accuracy and sealing performance requirements. In general, repairing is better than manufacturing new parts. It takes less work. Therefore, it is usually more economical in terms of time and cost to adopt the repair method under the conditions of the structure or work performance of the hydraulic baler parts.
    2. Replace:

    If you feel that the damaged parts of the hydraulic baler have no repair value or are technically difficult to repair, and spare parts are available, you should not hesitate to replace them. Replacement of new parts can usually shorten the repair cycle, generally for vulnerable parts , Replacement methods are often adopted, therefore, the hydraulic baler must also do a good job of spare parts.

    Nick Machinery has a professional R&D design and after-sales team. If you encounter any difficult problems during use, you can always contact us

  • Innovation requires fundamental progress, good ideas, reliable technology, and strong strength. Therefore, it is necessary for leading companies in the waste paper baler industry to lead by example and play a good role in the development of equipment. And it can make due contributions to it. The existence of waste paper baler shows that it has a corresponding market, and all development is hindered because there is no breakthrough innovation, no new attitude towards the market and development.
    Therefore, the next waste paper baler industry, in addition to not being able to stand still, it also needs to continuously introduce advanced technology, and cultivate and develop high-tech talents to make achievements for equipment design and research and development.
    With the increase in the style of packaging equipment and the improvement of functions, the replacement is relatively fast. Although not as fast as electronic products, the old ones are constantly being eliminated and new ones are being produced. In the process of economic development, waste paper balers have gradually faded out of people's vision, and some packaging machinery companies are unwilling to involve too many projects involving the production and research and development of waste paper balers. Due to the existence of these phenomena, the waste paper baler has appeared at a loss. In the current situation of the prosperous development of various packaging equipment, the waste paper baler has such a negative impact, and it is indeed necessary to solve the fundamental problem.
    The reason for this is that it has an indispensable relationship with the application of waste paper balers. Due to application limitations, it is only used in a part of the production of enterprises without opening up a broader market, which hinders development. The emergence of such a reason has an indispensable relationship with the lack of obvious advancement of the equipment and lack of certain innovation. If the scope of adaptation can be increased, and there are technological breakthroughs, then the application market will be increased and more business opportunities will be obtained.

    Nick Machinery specializes in waste paper baler for many years, and actively absorbs advanced experience and high-tech achievements to innovate independently. Tailor-made waste paper baler suitable for local factors for enterprises

  • The composition conditions of the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic horizontal waste paper baler are:
    1. There must be several sealed and periodically changeable spaces. The theoretical output flow of the hydraulic pump is proportional to the volume change of this space and the number of changes per unit time, and has nothing to do with other factors.
    2. The absolute pressure of the liquid in the fuel tank is always equal to or greater than the atmospheric pressure. In order to properly suck oil, the fuel tank must be open to the atmosphere or a gas-filled fuel tank should be used.
    3. There must be a proper flow distribution device, the purpose is to separate the oil suction and pressure oil chamber, to ensure that the hydraulic pump sucks and discharges oil regularly and continuously. Hydraulic pumps have different structural principles, and their distribution devices are also different.

    The above is the content of the hydraulic pump shared by Nick Machinery for you. For more information about the hydraulic baler, please visit the Nick website

  • Installation of electrical wiring for Nick Machinery hydraulic baler:
    This hydraulic baler realizes that the whole machine leaves the factory, and the electrical wiring is basically completed. The user needs to equip the power supply main line, and connect the electricity to the baler electrical control box according to the wiring diagram.
    The flow chart of installing the electric control cabinet of the Nick Machinery hydraulic baler: turn on the external power supply, start the program button, start the main motor, start the feeding motor, start feeding, push the chartered car forward, press and push the chartered car back, load again, and again Compress forward and reciprocate in this way. When the bag length reaches the specified length, stop the cart at the front end, start the wire feed rod, and send the wire to the front end to stop, and the bag wire is manually cut, knotted, and finished. When the operating screw rod returns to the rear limit, it starts to enter the next working cycle.
    Warning: The body must have a reliable electrical grounding, the grounding resistance value must be less than 4Q, and pay attention to separate grounding of high voltage and low voltage during specific grounding! The user is not allowed to change the electrical control circuit without authorization or without authorization.

    When you buy a hydraulic baler, choose Nick Machinery. Nick Machinery is reliable in quality and reasonable in price. It is worthy of your trust.

  • The horizontal waste paper baler electro-hydraulic servo valve plays a control role in the horizontal hydraulic baler. The electro-hydraulic servo valve is used in the horizontal waste paper baler. It has a small size, less space, and less pipelines, which is convenient for centralized operation. Of course, it also has some shortcomings, such as complex preset manufacturing, difficult to repair, difficult to modify, cannot be used in general purpose, and can only be used in a dedicated system. The use of electro-hydraulic servo valve for horizontal waste paper baler is more suitable and has broad prospects.
    Electro-hydraulic servo valves are more accurate than proportional valves. It is used in horizontal waste paper baler equipment to control displacement, speed, force and pressure, etc., and can achieve extremely high accuracy. It can convert weak electrical signals into high-power hydraulic energy (flow, pressure) output. In the past, this kind of valve was mostly used in national defense technology, now it is also used in various industrial sectors.
    The electro-hydraulic servo valve of the horizontal waste paper baler has not been widely used. The main reason is that it is not familiar with its theory and performance, and its cost is high, and it needs to be equipped with sensors, amplifiers and other devices, but this type of device does not yet have matching Supply, which also limits its use. However, with the improvement of the technical level and the perfection of the supporting equipment, the servo valve will play a great role in the application of the horizontal waste paper baler.

    Choose Nick Machinery hydraulic baler, independent hydraulic system, servo system control, is the best choice to help you solve and recycle waste

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