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  • The lifting door multi-function baler gradually loses its original performance when used or not used for a long time, or its performance is poor compared with similar new lifting door multi-function baler equipment. The phenomenon that appears to be outdated is called more lifting doors The aging of the functional Baler equipment. The aging of the lifting door multi-function baler can be divided into use aging, natural aging and disaster aging.
    Use aging refers to the damage and deformation of equipment caused by wear, impact, fatigue, etc., the adhesion of raw materials and dust pollution, which make the equipment lose its original working efficiency. The aging of the lifting door multi-function baler equipment can be divided into aging and relative aging.
    Aging is the decay of equipment, that is, as time goes by, the equipment gradually wears out, gradually aging until it needs to be scrapped. Relative aging refers to the phenomenon that the original equipment has low performance and poor quality compared with the new equipment, which makes it look outdated.

    There are two ways to compensate for the aging of the lifting door multi-function baler:

    One is to use new equipment to replace old equipment that has been aging or worn out, that is, to update the equipment;

    The second is partial compensation through maintenance during use. Since the service life of equipment parts varies in length, it is of great economic significance to use maintenance methods for partial compensation. It can be seen from the cycle diagram of equipment aging that the equipment enters the production period from the construction period, its performance gradually reaches the design level, and enters the stable production period. Such as after transformation. The performance of the equipment has been improved and it has entered the normal production period. The equipment is gradually aging in use, and after each repair, a certain performance is restored, but the performance of the equipment is still declining.

    The relevant content of the lifting door multi-function baler is briefly introduced here for you. If you want to know more questions, please continue to pay attention to
  • The operation of mechanical equipment will inevitably wear out. Due to friction, friction on operable equipment can cause wear and tear between mechanical equipment. In machinery such as waste paper balers, the equipment usually has two types of wear, namely normal wear and adhesive wear. The editor of waste paper balers will briefly introduce you to these two types of wear in waste paper balers. Type, I hope it can be helpful to you. 

    1. Normal wear and tear. Wear within the tolerance range specified in the design will be the normal wear of the recycled paper baler. This wear is usually at an early stage. This is because the new friction surface has a certain roughness, the actual contact surface is small, and wears quickly. This is called the work phase. With the gradual wear of the surface and the increase of the actual contact area, the waste paper baler gradually enters the normal stable wear stage, and the wear of the friction surface tends to gradually smooth.

     2. Adhesive wear. This kind of wear refers to the phenomenon that the material of the contact surface is transferred from one surface to another surface by solid phase welding at the actual contact point. This is called adhesive wear. In the solid phase welding of waste paper baler, the actual contact point temperature must not exceed the melting point. We must carry out frequent maintenance on the equipment we use every day to extend the service life of the waste paper baler.

    Some parts of the waste paper baler require increased wear resistance, and wear cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is necessary to do wear-resistant treatment on certain parts of the frame. After many tests in this area, Nick Machinery has found a way to reduce wear and tear. Then the overall service life of the waste paper baler has been advanced. If you have any questions about the use of waste paper baler, please feel free to contact us,

  • 1. The packing speed is fast and the material is discharged continuously. It only takes 1 minute for each bag to complete the bagging.

    2. Imported relays are used to control the circuit, which effectively prolongs the service life of the equipment;

    3. The equipment has added the longitude and weft lines to fix the box and never open welding.

    4. The hydraulic baler has moderate operation height, simple and convenient operation, and more convenient, suitable for packing lighter items.

    5. After improved design and careful manufacturing by a professional R&D center, the scope of use of hydraulic baler is continuously expanding, and straw, plastic, pulp, powder, and paper scraps can be baled.

    The NKB bagging machine produced by Nick Machinery adopts PLC control system, which is easy to operate and precise in control. You are welcome to visit our website for detailed parameter descriptions

  • 1. It adopts PLC control system, hydraulic drive, horizontal bagging, fast delivery speed and high output.

    2. The operation is simple and easy to use.

    3. The compression bagging can be completed at one time, which is convenient for storage and reduces transportation costs.

    4. The material controller added to the hydraulic bagging machine can automatically start and compress the machine. Both manual feeding or automatic feeding by the conveyor can be used. The degree of automation is high and the labor is less.

    5. Compressed objects are easy to take out and loose, and can be used for environmental protection building materials, farmland fertilizers, mushroom cultivation, etc.

    6. Three-phase voltage, safe interlocking, easy to use.

    The full-automatic hydraulic bagging machine produced by Nick Machinery has one-key operation, compressing, unpacking and bagging continuously complete the whole process at one time, which improves operation convenience and production efficiency. Welcome to our website:

  • Corn stalks can be used as green storage forage, yellow storage forage, and micro-storage forage. Dry corn stalks are not eaten by livestock, and the utilization rate is not high, but it is also a necessary feed for breeding plants. Green storage, yellow storage, and micro-storage processing technology: a method of processing corn stalks with a hydraulic bagging machine. The corn stalks are crushed and compressed into a cuboid. The equipment pushes the straw into the plastic woven bag and manually tie the mouth for anaerobic fermentation.

    The hydraulic bagging machine is suitable for all kinds of biomass straws (garlic skin, pasture, sawdust, eucalyptus bark, wood bran, rice straw, corn straw, wheat straw, corn stalks, peanut seedlings, bean straw, leaves, cotton seed skins and other roughages, cotton straws, shrubs, etc. , Leftovers of forest products, etc.)

    Hydraulic bagging machine technological operation process:

    1. The rice husk is fed to the compression box of the equipment through the hopper (the equipment comes with), belt conveyor, screw conveyor.

    2. A horizontal extrusion by the horizontal cylinder head of the equipment.

    3. In the second longitudinal extrusion of the longitudinal oil cylinder of the equipment, the cuboid is packed.

    4. Then push the compressed rice husk block into the bag by pushing the oil cylinder of the packaging bag.

    The NKB series bagging machine produced by Nick Machinery is a combination of compression and bagging. It only needs to manually put the plastic bag on the bag outlet, and the machine will complete the automatic compression bagging process. You can choose according to your needs, or contact us for more information

  • Bulky waste mainly refers to waste that weighs more than 5 kg, or has a volume of more than 0.2 cubic meters or a length of more than 1 meter, and has a strong integrity that needs to be disassembled and reused or processed. The role of the bulky waste treatment plant is to treat the bulky waste generated by the city. The bulky waste mainly refers to waste furniture and other non-electronic products. The large-size garbage crusher is specially designed for the crushing of large-size garbage materials. The large-size garbage crusher can mainly crush and reduce the volume of large-size sofas, mattresses, furniture, wardrobes, etc. similar to ours. According to the introduction of professionals, if the discarded bulky garbage wants to regain its value, it needs to be completed by the bulky garbage crusher.

    After the bulky waste is tested, the bulky waste that cannot be reused through refurbishment is classified and dismantled. The bulky waste is disassembled as a whole, and the integrity of components, parts and materials is maintained as much as possible during the dismantling process. The used components and parts are recycled, and hazardous materials and parts are identified and dismantled. The process of dismantling must ensure that the hazardous materials and parts are not damaged or omitted, and stored and handled in an appropriate manner. The parts that cannot be directly reused need to be further disassembled to recover the recyclable materials. The process of dismantling and disposing of bulky waste is a process of turning bulky waste from “integration” into “zero” and turning waste into treasure. This process realizes the recovery of recyclable parts and materials in bulky waste, and realizes large-scale waste. Recycling of pieces of garbage. For recycled parts and materials, follow the requirements when reusing them to prevent secondary pollution to the environment and harm to people’s health.

    Nick Machinery specializes in the production of various hydraulic equipment, balers, briquetting machines, and crushers, which are suitable for waste recycling stations of various specifications. Our machinery is advanced in technology, reliable in quality and stable in performance. Welcome to buy
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