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  • In the process of using the waste paper baler, due to the long-term operation of the hydraulic system, mechanical failure is inevitable.
    If the baler equipment vibrates, it will not only produce a lot of noise, but also seriously damage the parts of the equipment. So how should we avoid the vibration caused by the waste paper baler?
    1. Regularly maintain and overhaul, clean the various parts of the waste paper baler to ensure no pollution and no leakage;
    2. Use gaskets at the joints of the pipes. Grease should be applied to the gasket to prevent deviation, vibration and damage during the tightening process;
    3. When the oil tank of the waste paper baler enters and exits the oil, keep a certain distance from the pipeline to avoid foam, hydraulic pump vibration and noise when sucking oil. You can use partitions to separate them;

    4. Due to the long-time packaging of waste paper, there may be a certain amount of residue on the oil filter, in order to prevent vibration and secondary pollution. Disassemble the filter element and blow off the impurities with an air pump for cleaning. Replace if necessary;

    5. Regularly replenish hydraulic oil into the oil tank to ensure that it is not lower than the indicator line of the oil standard. Otherwise, the oil level is too low, it will cause the oil pump to suck up, affect the normal operation, vibration and damage the oil pump;
    6. Under normal circumstances, the electro-hydraulic reversing position of the waste paper baler is externally controlled and drained. A check valve is installed at the outlet of the oil pump to maintain a certain pressure and prevent the oil from flowing back;
    7. In order to prevent the vibration of the waste paper baler, the hydraulic system of the equipment can be improved to prevent it from creeping, and an exhaust plug or a vent valve can be installed in the cylinder.
    Nick Machinery reminds you that you must follow strict operating instructions during the use of the product, which can not only protect the safety of the operator, but also reduce the loss of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.
  • With the improvement of the economic level of the people of the country, the material requirements are getting higher and higher. Many friends will be shaken by the price when making purchases. What you pay for is what you pay for. Everyone has different needs for waste paper hydraulic balers, and the choices will naturally vary. This is very normal.
    However, it cannot be said in absolute terms that the more expensive is the best, and the cheaper is not good. So can waste paper hydraulic baler really measure quality by price?

    In fact, as far as the waste paper hydraulic baler is concerned, only what is suitable for you is good. Although the baler industry has been greatly improved and developed in recent years, the production technology used to be far behind, so there will be a big gap in price, but price is not the criterion for judging everything. When we make a selection, we should not have a bad influence on it because of the price. In fact, when we choose, the price is only one aspect. It depends on the quality of the product and whether it is suitable for our own use is the key.

    Manufacturers can distinguish the production types of balers into multiple styles. According to different types, performance, and price, there will be a certain degree of difference, such as horizontal waste paper hydraulic baler and vertical waste paper hydraulic baler. In other words, although there is a word difference between the two, they are very different in the field of use and price, but we cannot think that the higher price is the best. Consuming rationally according to your own needs and desire to buy is the most beneficial for future use!
    The waste paper baler produced by Nick Machinery has always had its own uniqueness, because we believe that we can only make our products more refined and distinctive. Only when users and friends are more satisfied can we have a good market for history. Make customers and friends give more praise to our waste paper baler.for more information ,please visit us 
  • The forage baler is a fully automatic straw compression baler.The equipment completes the entire straw scrap baling through the cooperation of a travel switch and 4 hydraulic cylinders.

    Manual only needs to connect the bag,cover the bag, and tie the mouth.The equipment is divided into collection box,compression box,discharge port,main pressure head,side pressure head,push pack pressure head,hydraulic cylinder,hydraulic valve,electrical appliances and other components.

    It is widely used in the green and dry storage of forage grass in animal husbandry.It can save storage space and extend the feeding time of green straw.After packaging and sealing,it will naturally ferment to produce probiotics,beneficial bacteria,lactic acid bacteria,and protein,which will be naturally fermented.Cattle and sheep and other livestock are easily absorbed after feeding,and the growth rate will increase 2%,which greatly reduces the cost of feed transportation and storage,and reduces the labor intensity of workers.It has brought tangible economic benefits to the animal husbandry industry.It is one of the must-have products for silage and yellow feed for medium and large breeding plants.
    The NKB240 forage baler produced by Nick Machinery can reuse waste materials.More importantly,it can promote the conversion of a series of economic chains,and at the same time respond to the country's current economic development policy:take the path of sustainable development.
    Welcome to inquire:86-029-86031588 For more information,please visit our
  • The automatic hydraulic waste paper baler is also called horizontal carton baler.It is mainly used for briquetting of crop straws,corn cobs,waste newspapers,cartons,beverage bottles (mineral water bottles,green tea bottles,cans) and other materials.Processed.

    Today,Nick Machinery will explain the main power source of hydraulic baler and how to remove impurities with oil in hydraulic pump station.

    Nick Machinery's customers are all over the country and many surrounding countries.Although the failure rate is reduced to 0.9%,most of the failure sources are hydraulic pumps.According to our factory maintenance department came back to summarize.Most of the faults are in the impurities in the hydraulic oil.
    Mechanical impurities still remaining in the hydraulic system after cleaning,such as scale,sand casting,welding slag,iron filings,paint,paint leather and cotton yarn scraps,etc.,and impurities that enter the hydraulic system from the outside,such as through the oil filler and dust ring,etc.Incoming dust;impurities generated during the working process,such as the fragments formed by the hydraulic pressure of the seal,the metal powder produced by the relative wear of the movement,the gum,asphaltene,and carbon residue produced by the oil due to oxidative deterioration.
    The most effective solution to the above is to change the hydraulic oil regularly,filter it with fine-meshed gauze and add it to avoid the entry of impurities.In addition,pay attention to the leak-proof measures of each sealing part,and replace the sealing gasket if necessary.
    Prevent the phenomenon of running and dripping.Reasonable daily maintenance and maintenance,the failure rate of Nick Machinery waste paper baler per 100 units is almost zero.
    Welcome to inquire:86-029-86031588 For more information,please visit our

  • Nick Machinery’s waste paper balers have good rigidity,ductility and reliability,easy operation,low failure rate,and easy cleaning and maintenance.
    Today,I will explain the main measures to prevent the hydraulic waste paper baler from cavitation:
    (1)The selected oil should ensure oil quality and proper viscosity.Refuel in strict accordance with the oil dipstick standard to keep the system clean.The various oil dipsticks of the hydraulic waste paper baler are marked with upper and lower limit scales.The normal standard for controlling the amount of oil is conducive to reducing cavitation.The magnetic coarse filter should be cleaned regularly,and various filter elements should be replaced to keep the oil clean. Pay attention to check the oil level, oil quality and oil color.

    (2)Prevent the oil temperature from being too high,and reasonably design the heat dissipation system to ensure that the oil temperature is normal.

    (3)Reduce hydraulic shock.It is not advisable to operate the hydraulic control valves and the distribution room too fast or too hard,nor to increase the throttle too frequently to reduce the hydraulic shock.
    (4)Maintain the normal gap between each joint surface.When manufacturing or repairing,assembling according to the lower limit of assembly tolerance can reduce the influence of cavitation.If cavitation has occurred,only use metallographic paper to polish to remove carbon deposits,and do not use ordinary fine sandpaper to polish.
    (5)Maintain the cooling system correctly.Ensure that the radiator pressure cover is intact and can work normally,which can reduce the generation of cavitation;keep the temperature of the cooling system in an appropriate range to reduce the energy of bubble burst; use a proper amount of coolant additives to inhibit rust.
    6)The operation process should be stable and avoid pressure shock.
    Nick Machinery has been engaged in the production and research of waste paper hydraulic baler for more than ten years and has rich maintenance experience.You are welcome to call us 86-29-86031588.For more information,please visit
  • The hydraulic waste paper baler is specially used for the recovery and compression of waste paper, waste cardboard, carton factory scraps, waste books, waste magazines, plastic film, straw and other loose materials.
    During the maintenance of a NKW60Q hydraulic waste paper baler, Nick Machinery’s after-sales service found that the cylinder liner of the diesel engine, especially its thrust side, had honeycomb-shaped holes.

    When the hydraulic valve was in the distribution room,it was found that the mating surface became black with scratches and small pits,which is a phenomenon of cavitation.

    Cavitation occurs because when the oil pressure is lower than the oil-gas separation pressure,the gas dissolved in the oil will form a ‘cavity’ in the oil.When the pressure reaches a certain value again,These bubbles burst immediately under the action of pressure,resulting in high temperature and high pressure.When they act on the surface of the part,the part will be damaged.Due to the high precision of the hydraulic components of the hydraulic waste paper baler and the small fit gap between the relative moving parts,the mating surface will become black and even small pits will appear after the cavitation occurs,which will cause the Min core to jam and the pressure will be out of adjustment.
    When the cavitation of the cylinder liner is heavier,the damaged area will appear deep and irregularly shaped dents,as if the surface of the cylinder liner has been corroded by strong acid;when the cavitation is more serious,four points will penetrate the cylinder liner wall.
    The cooling liquid in the machine body enters the cylinder,causing serious engine accidents.When cavitation is combined with other types of corrosion,the damage rate will increase exponentially or even dozens of times.
    You are welcome to call us 86-29-86031588.For more information,please visit

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