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  • Straw baler equipment has been bought relatively well in recent years. On the one hand, it is because of the country’s prohibition on straw burning. On the other hand, the vigorous promotion of straw recycling has made more and more customers aware of the advantages of straw baler equipment. , Straw baler equipment is a tool for recycling corn stalks, bean stalks and other agricultural and forestry wastes to produce good straw coal by recycling, crushing and pressing, and after years of development, straw baler equipment has a comprehensive operating equipment, That is to say, it can be crushed and formed directly without a separate crusher, which provides more convenience for producers. It has many features, all models are hydraulically driven, so manual or PLC automatic control operation can be selected.
    Four requirements for the operating environment of the corn stalk balers: 1. Clean, clean and tidy outside the corn balers, no oil on all sliding surfaces, chains, racks, oil pumps, oil holes, etc., no oil leakage at all parts, cuttings around the corn balers, Sundries and dirt should be cleaned up; 2. Tidy, the materials placed in the venue, and the power supply circuit should be organized; 3. Good lubrication, add oil or change oil on time, keep oiling, no dry friction, normal oil pressure, bright oil mark , The oil circuit is unobstructed, and the oil quality meets the requirements; when the machine is running, additional loads are often applied to the parts, and the load factor K is usually used to consider the influence of the additional load. 4. Stable, follow the stable operation rules, do not use the equipment overloaded, the stability protection device of the corn baler is complete and reliable, and deal with unstable factors in time.

    If you have any relevant knowledge that you don’t understand, please contact us, and we will give you a detailed answer. The straw baler produced by our company is very complete. Welcome everyone to visit and buy.

  • 1. Electrical circuit failure
    (1) The electrical circuit of the automatic Bale Compactor machine is broken, the electromagnet is not energized, and the wire is replaced without a control signal to make the electromagnet energize.
    (2) The electrode is poorly welded, the joint is loosened and re-welded, and the joint is welded.
    (3) The voltage is too low or unstable. Check the voltage at both ends of the electromagnet. The change value should be within 10% of the rated voltage.
      2. The solenoid coil is heated to burnt
    (1) Poor insulation of the coil and leakage of electricity to replace the coil.
    (2) If the electromagnet core is unqualified, the electromagnet core cannot be replaced.
    (3) The push rod is too long and the electromagnet core cannot be sucked in place to trim the push rod to the proper position.
    (4) The electromagnet works at high frequency, and the iron core is heated and expanded due to dry friction, which makes the iron core stuck for repair or replacement of the iron core.

    The above is the failure analysis of the automatic baler summarized by Nick Machinery. If you have any other questions, please come to our website for consultation

  • The gantry shearing machine is hydraulically driven, with reliable performance and convenient operation; the blade length ranges from 400mm to 1200mm in various lengths; the shearing force of the metal shearing machine ranges from 63 tons to 400 tons, and the user can freely choose; the other is the device There is no need to use foot screws, and diesel engines can be used as energy sources in places without power sources. According to the important features of the gantry shears, it is not difficult to see that some general industries, such as processing, smelting, etc., through the application of gantry shears to differentiate and cut metals will be faster and improve work efficiency. The gantry shearing machine is mainly used in metal receiving and taking over processing plants, scrap car dismantling plants, smelting and forging industries, cold-cutting various shapes of steel and various metal structural parts, and processing them into qualified charge.
    Therefore, we look at the application of gantry shears mainly in the following aspects:
    1. The speed is the output per hour of the gantry shear.
    2. Self-weight, the self-weight of the machine reflects whether the material is sufficient, and partly reflects whether the gantry shears can be durable.
    3. Gantry shearing machine consumes power.
    4. Application life. This is the most concerned issue of our customers. A good machine has a relatively longer lifespan.
    5. Technology and model. Some hydraulic equipment manufacturers only use the drawings of the old models for processing. Such machinery and equipment are old in technology and ineffective.
    6. Sealing function. The sealing function of the gantry shear indirectly affects the application and life.
    7. The level of integration. The highly integrated model eliminates the time consumption of device debugging and is also convenient for transportation.
    8. The materials used, such as the steel castings of the gantry shearing machine body are more durable than the iron castings.

    The above are the tips for judging the pros and cons of gantry shears shared by Nick Machinery. For more information about gantry shears, please visit

  • The metal baler can squeeze various metal raw materials into qualified materials. The necessary equipment for the recycling processing industry and metal smelting industry of this equipment is introduced in detail below.
    1. Extrusion of waste metal raw materials
    The metal baler can squeeze scrap metal raw materials into qualified materials, such as squeezed waste oil drums, squeezed metal scraps, squeezed steel scrap, squeezed steel shavings, squeezed copper scrap, squeezed scrap iron, and squeezed aluminum scrap , Extrusion disassembled car shells, extruded aluminum shavings and other waste metal raw materials, after extrusion, the waste metal raw materials become qualified charge.
    2. Facilitate the recycling of scrap metal materials
    The shape of the waste material after extrusion is of different shapes such as a cylinder or a rectangular parallelepiped. It is convenient for the storage and transportation of materials or the recycling and reuse of materials. Metal balers are used in metal smelting industry and recycling processing industry. If there is a demand for this equipment, choose products from reputable manufacturers.

    If you need to recycle or dispose of scrap metal, please contact us, and we will recommend you the most suitable packaging solution to turn your scrap metal into treasure.

  • For an enterprise, nothing is more important than cost savings. So how can we save labor and produce efficiently, it must be with the help of equipment. Metal baler is a cost-saving equipment.
    From a big point of view, only a one-time purchase is required, and the packaging work can be completed efficiently by consuming electric power. This way, a piece of equipment can not only replace multiple labor costs, but also ensure the quality and speed of packaging. No one can dare to get the speed of a metal baler, so this kind of equipment must be a good helper for the enterprise and can save most of the cost.
    From a small point of view, such equipment does not occupy a large area, and it is very convenient to use a conveyor belt to connect to other equipment. After one year, the total output value will definitely double or even double. If your company also has one or more metal balers, you can definitely solve the cost fundamentally and improve the efficiency of packaging.

    Nick Mechanical Metal Baler has good rigidity, toughness and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and energy-saving, and low investment in equipment basic engineering. You are welcome to come and buy:

  • The hydraulic gantry shear is a kind of renewable resource environmental protection equipment. It ensures that no pollution will occur during the production and processing of renewable resources. The so-called customization means that it can be targeted according to the actual needs and requirements of users. Design a set of exclusive hydraulic shear equipment for users separately, so that users can better use.
    Gantry shearing machine is a necessary mechanical equipment in production and processing, and it has a wide range of uses. For example, construction and hydraulic work will use shears. The main function of shears is to cut steel materials. Because its work is very reliable, and it effectively improves work efficiency, it has been fully utilized in recent years.
    The company is a comprehensive supplier integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It has always attached great importance to technological innovation and R&D investment, insisted on vigorously promoting new product research and development and technological improvement, and carried out continuous independent innovation and research and development in accordance with customer needs and industry development trends. With independent structural design and production process innovation capabilities, the core team has many years of experience in mechanical equipment and processing equipment R&D and design, and has mastered key technologies such as product design, large-scale machine processing technology, system integration, energy-saving, fast and efficient. It has the R&D and production capacity of high-end equipment such as scrap steel crushing production line, heavy-duty gantry steel scrap shearing machine, NKY81 large hydraulic metal baler. It is also a well-known backbone manufacturer of hydraulic balers and metal shears in China. It has a large brand influence in the recycling of renewable resources, scrap steel processing, material recycling, and environmental protection recycling industries; it has a high reputation among customers all over the world.

    Shaanxi Nick Machinery is a professional shearing machine manufacturer. Welcome to visit our company website for consultation.

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