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  • With the increasing material and cultural needs of people,the yellow storage straw balers are used in our daily lives.Today,we analyze the future innovation and improvement strategies of the yellow storage straw balers.
    1.Yellow storage straw baler takes high speed,high efficiency and low energy consumption as the development direction.Improve the working efficiency of hydraulic presses and reduce production costs.
    2.The technical content of the yellow storage straw baler is upgraded to realize the integration of electromechanical and hydraulic.Fully and fair use of mechanical and electronic advancements in advanced technology to promote the improvement of the entire hydraulic system.
    3.Yellow storage straw baler is more automated and intelligent.The rapid development of microelectronics technology provides sufficient prerequisites for the automation and intelligence of hydraulic presses.Automation is not only embodied in processing,it should be able to realize automatic diagnosis and adjustment of the system,and have the function of fault pretreatment.

    4.The hydraulic components of the yellow storage straw baler are integrated and standardized.The integrated hydraulic system reduces pipeline connections and effectively prevents leakage and pollution.The standardized components bring convenience to the maintenance of the machine.
    The above is the future innovation and improvement strategy of the yellow storage straw baler.The yellow storage straw baler recycling and the effective utilization rate of the yellow storage straw baler will have huge room for development in the future,and this will also be the yellow storage straw baler market industry Usher in a better development opportunity!Nick brand yellow storage straw baler is safe and reliable,low power consumption,economical and reasonable,easy to use,simple to maintain and operate.It is a good helper for your production.

  • Corn stalk balers continue to develop in the animal husbandry industry,and more people know the field of animal husbandry applications.Straw balers adhere to the innovative modern industrial development path.Nick believes that only by improving its own strength can win the future straw balers market.
    Straw baler occupies an important position in animal husbandry and can produce green storage forage in the animal husbandry industry. It is a new type of equipment that cannot be replaced by animal husbandry and agriculture.
    1. Small size and large capacity. The bulk density of general loose grass and straw is 20-50 kg per cubic meter, and the bulk density after pressing into a block is 800-1000 kg per cubic meter. The large density and small volume make it very easy to store And transportation, and will not spontaneously combust when stored in high density. In the open air, the storage period is 2-3 years or longer.
    2. Straw packaged feed, cattle, sheep and other livestock have good palatability, and the feed has a unique strong sour fragrance, which has a good attractant effect. It can reduce metabolic diseases and benefit the intestinal health of livestock.

    3. Good nutritional content, high digestion and absorption rate. Generally, the crude protein of briquette feed can reach more than 6%. The feed intake rate can reach 100%, and the digestion and absorption rate of livestock can reach more than 70%.
    5. Convenient feeding of cattle and sheep. The briquette feed can be fed both wet and dry, saving labor, labor, time, and mechanized feeding.
    6. Reduce pollution. The comprehensive utilization of straws realizes the sustainable development of modern agriculture, and also reduces the use and pollution of organic fertilizers in the breeding industry, and also increases the income of the planting industry.
    Animal husbandry innovation is an eternal topic of economic development. Only innovation can enable enterprises to win in the fierce market competition. In such competition, it is reflected in the advanced level of equipment.Nick's high-end technology makes the straw baler more suitable for the development of the times.You provide better service.

  • Nowadays, there are many kinds of baler,and the market competition is more intense.The market pressure that the baler will face is also gradually intensified.However,no matter how bad the living environment is,as long as you can find the right development strategy and follow the market development trend,you will be able to achieve unexpected success.

    The baler is developed to help users solve packaging problems and improve economic benefits,which means that as long as the baler can meet all the requirements of users,it can get more development opportunities and occupy a larger share in the market.


    Nick brand automatic hydraulic baler has good rigidity,toughness and stability.It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance,convenient operation and maintenance,safety and energy saving,low investment cost of equipment foundation engineering.


  • The maintenance methods of metal baler are divided into daily maintenance,regular maintenance and professional maintenance.

    So what exactly do these three kinds of maintenance work need to do?

    The daily maintenance is mainly carried out by operators of scrap metal baler.Check before shift and clean after shift to ensure the mechanical and electrical equipment in good technical condition.

    Regular maintenance of scrap metal baler,also known as primary care,is carried out by the mechanical maintenance engineer of the user unit with the assistance of maintenance personnel.It is similar to minor repair, and the maintenance cycle varies with different electromechanical equipment.Its contents include disassembly inspection of maintenance parts and key parts;cleaning and dredging of oil circuit and lubrication system;adjustment and inspection of clearance of various parts;fastening of components and parts;maintenance and repair of electrical components.

    Professional maintenance of scrap metal baler,as the name suggests,is carried out by professional personnel,and generally by the professional and technical personnel of the manufacturer or seller of the machine.Their work is relatively professional.Generally, large-scale maintenance and repair should be carried out on the core parts of the machine.Meanwhile,potential fault points should be found in time and solved in time Avoid the user in the use process of failure,delay production.


    Nick brand scrap metal baler is safe and reliable, ow power consumption,economic and reasonable,easy to use,easy to maintain and operate.It is a good helper for your production.

  • How to use scrap metal baler,I think many people are not very familiar with it,I would like to introduce it to you.

    1.Before starting the scrap metal baler,check whether the appearance of the equipment is abnormal,whether there are safety hazards around,and whether the iron wire or plastic rope is enough.After confirming that it is normal,turn on the main control switch of the distribution box,release the pop-up emergency stop button,and the power indicator light of the electric control box is on.

    2.Turn the remote local gear selection switch to the remote control gear.

    3.Put the magnetic switch on the remote control into the card slot,press the system start button on the remote control twice,stop the preparation operation of the warning equipment after the siren rings for 10 seconds,and the red alarm light is always on.

    4.Press the start button of the conveyor belt on the remote control to run the conveyor belt,push the paper sheet or other materials into the material port,and the conveyor belt will bring the material into the packing inlet.

    5.After the paper or other materials arrive at the position,press the remote control on the tightening button,the red alarm light flashes, and the active retreat stops after the indenter is pressed in place.

    6.Repeat operation 4 until the required packing length is reached,press and hold the bundling button on the remote control for 2 seconds,and then the equipment will start up actively.When the pressure head advances to the front baling position,it will stop and the siren will give an alarm at a frequency of 3 seconds after it is in place.

    7.Press the threading button on the remote control,and the threading machine will take the initiative to return to the original position after threading the iron wire or plastic rope.

    8.Tie the iron wire or rope and cut it.One package is finished.

    9.Repeat the above 4-8 procedures.The bags at the outlet will be pushed out one by one,and the product packages will be moved to the appropriate address with holding vehicle or forklift truck,and placed in a regular manner.

    10.After the operation is completed,press the remote control system stop button,take down the magnetic switch,press the emergency stop switch of the electric cabinet,and close the main power supply.


    The above are the 10 basic processes of scrap metal baling machine operation,and its operation process is not very difficult.You only need to carefully operate several times to gradually understand it,but you must pay attention to safety in the operation process. Nick metal baler is easy to operate, safe and energy-saving, is your best helper

  • The normal temperature of the waste plastic baler should be adjusted between 35 and 60 degrees. Summer is about to come. As the temperature rises, the temperature of the hydraulic oil of the waste plastic baler will also increase. The oil temperature is above 60 degrees, the lubricating oil Viscosity is significantly reduced, coupled with oil leakage from the sliding vane, the hydraulic components are added, and then the rate of oil temperature rise is increased. When the oil temperature exceeds 80°, because of the difference in the thermal expansion coefficient, the relative effective components of the hydraulic components are between the operating methods and methods The distance can be changed. The distance, the added oil leaks; the gap is small, the phenomenon that can be generated between the components, can not move, can constitute the mechanism of thermal deformation and damage the original accuracy.

        As the temperature of hydraulic oil increases, eliminating the influence of the surrounding environment, and the temperature of mechanical hydraulic oil increases, customers can find the reasons from the following aspects:

    1.The thickness of the uncool surface deposits will form a cooling radiator, which will cause the oil temperature to be too high, the hydraulic oil tank is too low, the oil temperature is too high, and the oil temperature is too high.

        The common oil viscosity index selection of hydraulic oil brands will directly impact the normal operation of the hydraulic system. Therefore, we can only select a specific viscosity gap and change the viscosity of the hydraulic oil as little as possible. In the concrete construction, it is necessary to study hydraulic oil Selection of area and seasonality of seasons.

        In the high-pressure regulating system, the overflow valve cannot overflow normally, reducing the pressure, adding leakage, and increasing the system oil temperature. Back pressure valve returns to the hydraulic system, if the high back pressure regulating valve is also due to the high oil temperature, the oil temperature Too high. When the back pressure of the oil filter or the return line is large, due to aging, the pressure loss of the oil flow will be added, and the oil temperature will be too high.if more information ,please visit us 
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