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  • Cotton baler is also called cotton hydraulic baler. It has the characteristics of novel structure, high technical content, good rigidity and stability, high degree of automation, beautiful appearance, and energy saving. This machine is a top-up type, so the cotton is pollution-free. The oil circuit is simple, the operation and maintenance are convenient, and it is safe and reliable. The main pressure cylinder adopts double pumps for oil supply, large flow rate and fast package formation. It is a new product that integrates mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration to reach the international advanced level. This machine can be widely used to compress and pack light foam and loose materials such as cotton, chemical fiber, hemp, wool, grass, medicinal materials, recycled materials, etc., which is convenient for storage and transportation. The characteristics of the cotton baler are as follows

    ①The top fuel tank is designed for easy installation

    ②Emergency stop button, independent installation, eye-catching position, convenient and safe

    ③Hanging the chain to turn over the bag, saving effort when unpacking

    ④Hydraulic drive, complete specifications

    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production, development and sales of cotton balers. The cotton balers we provide are beautiful in appearance, easy to operate and maintain, safe and energy-saving, and can also pack a beautiful packaging shape for you. Welcome to buy
  • 1. The packing speed is fast, and it only takes 1 minute to complete each strap.

    2. Imported relays are used to control the circuit, which effectively prolongs the service life of the equipment;

    3. The hydraulic baler uses a 2mm thick rigid plate, and adds the warp and weft lines to the fixed box that will never be welded.

    4. The horizontal hydraulic baler has moderate operation height, simple and convenient operation, and is easy to handle, suitable for packing lighter items.

    5. After improved design and meticulous manufacturing by the R&D center, the scope of use of the hydraulic baler has been continuously expanded, and straw, plastic, pulp, powder, and paper scraps can all be packaged.

    Nick Machinery continues to innovate, continuously absorb advanced experience, and create greater value for customers. Welcome new and old friends to come and buy.

  • High-pressure thick-walled oil cylinder: adopts high-pressure resistant oil cylinder with good sealing performance and does not release pressure throughout the year. Imported sealing ring does not leak oil and is durable;

    Hydraulic pressure plate: thickened pressure plate, can be packed with a large weight, and the effect is good and neat;

    Material box: large space, more compressible weight, stainless steel can be added, and the other size can be customized;

    Handle switch: push the pressure rod inward and automatically push it down, pull the pressure rod outward and lift it automatically, horizontal hydraulic baler, safe and reliable;

    Pure copper motor: It adopts pure copper motor, which runs smoothly and has more power. It is more durable and not easy to burn than aluminum motor;

    Reinforce the fuel tank: the fuel tank is coated with anti-rust paint, and the reinforcement is welded firmly.

    Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the production of mineral water bottle balers. The semi-automatic hydraulic balers and fully automatic hydraulic balers are of high quality and low price. If you need them, please log on to our website:

  • Horizontal hydraulic balers are widely used in environmental fields such as processing industry, manufacturing industry, and packaging industry, effectively improving production and processing efficiency, and have been sought after by many companies in the market.

    With the increase in demand, the number of manufacturers in the baler manufacturing industry is also increasing, and there are more or less differences in the use of different performance balers, so how can we correctly choose the waste paper hydraulic baler in the actual purchase? ?

    1. When we choose a waste paper hydraulic baler, we must first start from our own point of view. The baler can be used for packaging of our own products and cannot be purchased according to the sales staff, otherwise it will be troublesome and waste economic costs;

    2. When purchasing, you can't just use the price to measure it, but pay attention to the cost-effectiveness. So far, the horizontal hydraulic baler, our country's baler production level has a certain scale, the quality is also guaranteed, but the high price is not necessarily the right one for you;

    3. A manufacturer with strong reputation and strength has a certain scale for overall management. It will have a technical team, after-sales service team, and a small horizontal hydraulic baler. In the later use process, problems that occur can be solved in time. So this is what we need to understand in advance;

    4. When the actual situation permits, we can go to the field to inspect to ensure the details and quality of the horizontal hydraulic baler. After trial operation, the baler can have a certain understanding and mastery.

    The above are tips on how to purchase horizontal balers recommended by Nick Machinery. We are a manufacturer specializing in the development, production and sales of hydraulic balers, and we have a complete after-sales service, which will definitely make you satisfied.

  • 1. For flexible goods, the hydraulic baler can shrink fabrics, packaging bags, clothing and other textiles, greatly reducing the volume, and in a certain transportation room space, it can be loaded with a large amount of goods, and then more than reducing the frequency of transportation , Save transportation costs, and improve the company's economic benefits.

    2. The small vertical hydraulic baler is suitable for all kinds of goods that must be reduced in size, such as waste plastic plastic film, waste plastic agricultural mulch, agricultural mulch, plastic greenhouse film, plastic bottles, waste paper, waste paper boxes, clothes and pants, etc. Extrusion into small pieces to reduce transportation costs. According to your own specific situation, you can contact the manufacturer to design and customize the specifications. And the actual operation method of each hydraulic baler has manual and PLC automatic control system actual operation, which is convenient for customers to choose independently.

    3. The small vertical hydraulic baler is a special equipment for packaging plastic woven bags, waste paper, plastic woven bags, plastic woven bags, garden mesh bags, pure cotton yarn, etc. The small vertical hydraulic baler uses 46 hydraulic oil, connected to a switching power supply of three-phase 380V, with a rated voltage of 25A, and must have a protective grounding during installation. The motor must be operated according to the direction shown in the figure before it can be turned on, otherwise it cannot be started. It is not only suitable for large-scale plastic woven bag factories and waste paper purchase factories, but also more applicable to the general large, medium and small hand-woven manufacturing industries. This machine has reasonable configuration, convenient and simple actual operation, and has the advantages of high pressure, solid packaging, time and labor saving.

    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic balers, providing more than 140 types of balers. For more information, please consult us

  • The key advantages of the wool vertical hydraulic baler motor are good starting and variable speed characteristics and strong load capacity. The defects of the DC motor of the waste paper and waste paper baler are specifically manifested in the level of current flow and speed regulation.

    When the wool baler motor is abnormal during the whole process of working, what are the common faults and maintenance methods of the motor?

    1. The normal operation of the wool baler motor and pump causes the sudden noise to be abnormal: the motor bearing is destroyed; the motor runs out of phase;

    2. The reasons why the wool baler motor cannot be started are: the switching power supply is not connected; the fuse is burned out; the overvoltage protection position; the control system wiring is incorrect.

    3. Obvious vibration of the wool baler motor is caused by the inconsistency of the motor and the mechanical equipment management center it promotes; common faults occur in the coupling; the generator set is unbalanced and basically unstable, and the motor rotor is set to collide and sweep the bore

    The above is the common failure analysis of wool baler. If you encounter the above problems, please contact our after-sales staff 86-29-86031588

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