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  • 1. String the packing rope of the hydraulic baler through the automatic elastic device behind the garbage compressor, and place it along the packing belt groove, then tie the packing belt to the bottom end of the packing groove, and rotate the automatic elastic device 90 degrees , Close the bottom door and lock it.

    2. Put the recycled waste paper, plastic and film garbage into the hydraulic baler, when the material is loaded to the height of the pressure plate, close the door and press the "press down" button. The equipment runs automatically andis compacted. (The feeding height of materials other than cardboard can only be slightly higher than the bottom door)

    3. The pressure plate moves down and compresses to reach the maximum pressure, and it will return automatically and return to the fully open position. When compressing and packing constraints, the pressure plate stops at the presetposition of the compressed material.

    4. Open the door of the device, pass the tie rope from front to back through the bottom slot and return to the front through the pressure plate slot, then pull the tie rope tightly and knot it by hand. Push the packing rod by hand, push the rod to a fixed position, and clamp it tightly. Press the "up" button, the return stroke of the cylinder will automatically turn out the bundled bales. (No one is allowed to stand in front of the door when opening the door, so as to avoid accidental injury when the door bounces)

    Nick Machinery is a professional company engaged in the development, production, sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery. Welcome new and old friends to come and buy

  • In many metal products factories, we will see a metal baler, which is a very common machine used to process scrap metal. Then the reason for the high temperature of the hydraulic oil is mainly due to poor heat dissipation, improper selection of hydraulic oil, improper pressure adjustment, hydraulic pump suction and internal leakage. We only need to know the reason before we can change it. Deal with its problems well. Next, we will give us a good

    introduction to the problem of excessively high temperature of the hydraulic oil of the metal baler.

    Analysis of the problem of excessively high temperature of the hydraulic oil of the metal baler: Poor heat dissipation, excessively thick dirt on the surface of the radiator will cause heat dissipation and poor ventilation, which will cause the oil temperature to be too high; the liquid level in the hydraulic oil tank is too low to cause the system to circulate the oil volume Lack, will also cause the system oil temperature to be too high.
    The improper selection of hydraulic oil trademarks, especially the improper selection of oil viscosity indicators, will directly threaten the normal operation of the hydraulic system. Therefore, only a hydraulic oil with a specific viscosity scale and the smallest possible change in viscosity can be used. When selecting hydraulic oil, you should also consider the detailed construction area and season. In winter, you should choose hydraulic oil with lower viscosity for winter construction; in summer, you should choose hydraulic oil with higher viscosity; Fill hydraulic oil regularly.

    Improper pressure adjustment When the system pressure is adjusted too high, the overflow valve cannot overflow and reduce the pressure normally, forming an internal leakage addition, which causes the system oil temperature to rise. For a hydraulic system with a back pressure valve on the oil return line, if the pressure of the back pressure valve isadjusted too high, the oil temperature will be too high due to the excessive oil return resistance. When the oil return filterelement is blocked or the oil return pipeline is aging and delamination, the back pressure will also be high, and the pressure

    when the oil is added to flow is lost, resulting in excessive oil temperature.

    The above is the analysis of the reasons why the temperature of the metal baler is too high. If you encounter other problems in use, you can contact our after-sales service 86-29-86031588, and we will serve you wholeheartedly
  • The horizontal hydraulic baler is mainly used in large-scale waste recycling stations, paper mills, carton factories, chemical fiber factories and other personal and corporate items, such as waste paper boxes, leftovers from carton factories, beverage bottles, plastic woven bags, straws, and trees. Some loose items such as bark, sawdust, bagasse, wool, waste clothes, etc., packaged items not only greatly reduce storage space, but also greatly reduce transportation costs during transportation, and are beneficial to environmental protection and recycling of waste products.

    1. The structure of the hydraulic horizontal baler is mainly closed-door and open-door structures. The closed-door structure can increase the density of the bales and is suitable for compression and packaging of more items. The door is automatically opened and hydraulically closed, and the operation is safe and fast. Open structure, convenient and quick to pack out, improve work efficiency

    2. PLC control system, automatic feeding detection, automatic continuous delivery of packages
    3. Using water cooling system, the cooling effect is better.
    4. The use of ship-level welding technology ensures that the frame is safer and stronger.
    5. The stable hydraulic system makes the machine safer and more durable
    Nick brand full-automatic hydraulic baler automatic bundling, unmanned operation, fast speed, simple structure, stable action, low failure rate and easy to clean. Can meet your packaging needs. If you are interested, please contact us 86-29-86031588
  • There are many types of waste paper balers, and the small waste paper balers are particularly well-selling among them. Let's analyze the advantages and characteristics of the small waste paper balers.

    First of all, in terms of production, the small waste paper baler can compress and pack loose materials such as waste paper, cartons, films, and plastics. The machine has a small production capacity, a small footprint, and a hydraulic control system, which makes operation and maintenance relatively simple. Production practicability is relatively extensive.

    Secondly, in terms of price, in general, the price of a product is directly proportional to its quality. After continuous development, Nick Machinery further improves production efficiency under the premise of ensuring the quality of equipment, and reduces production costs as much as possible, thereby reducing product prices. Enable customers to directly and better purchase good products with high quality and low price.

    Nick Machinery has been committed to the research and development of waste paper baler for many years. There are many styles. Welcome to consult us. 86-29-86031588

  • The tire baler is mainly suitable for the compression and packaging of rubber raw materials such as 4S shops, inner and outer tires of cars, tractors, truck tires, and waste rubber sheets. The hydraulic tire baler adopts a novel steel frame welded structure frame, which is high in strength and light in weight. It adopts an upper-mounted cylinder structure, which is convenient for maintenance, safe and stable.
    1. This machine is specially designed for tire compression and packing;
    2. Hydraulic door opening, double cylinder compression, manual valve operation, stable and reliable;
    3. Movable and fixed dual anti-rebound device;

    4. Open the door front and back to facilitate the packing and unpacking.

    Models are NKOT100, NKOT120, NKOT150, NKOT180, etc. There are many styles, and Nick Machinery can also customize the packaging machine according to your packaging requirements, space size, and budget constraints. You can contact us for more information in order to recommend the best packaging solution for you. You are welcome to consult
  • Straw baler is also known as wheat straw baler. The packaging targets include wheat straw, corn straw, soybean straw, wheat straw and other agricultural products. It is suitable for large and medium-sized breeding plants, wheat straw recyclers and their concentrate manufacturing enterprises.
    Can greatly reduce storage space and transportation costs. The following aspects must be paid attention to in the normal application of the horizontal straw baler:
    1. High-quality No. 46 hydraulic oil should be used in the hydraulic transmission system of the horizontal straw baler. The remaining oil in the gear oil should be checked frequently, and the filter screen should be checked to prevent the blocking of the network;
    2. The automobile fuel tank of the horizontal straw baler should be cleaned up and replaced with new oil on time to ensure the stability of the hydraulic transmission system.

    3. Each position of the horizontal straw baler that must be lubricated should be filled with grease every day in accordance with regulations.

    4. The power box route of the horizontal straw balers should be checked regularly to ensure that all household appliances are in normal operation; the actual operation staff should carry out job training before entering the post. Without learning and training, they do not understand the structure of the straw balers. And its characteristics are strictly prohibited to operate privately!
    The NKW series horizontal straw baler produced by Nick Machinery can freely set the bale length, accurately record the bale value, and is convenient for the operator to use. For more details, please contact
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