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  • After the hydraulic baler is finished running, pay attention to it when unwinding the belt. Must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the accompanying clarification book to operate. After the manual is finished, the Baler tape should be returned to the non-tape. This can reduce the time when the strap is stored in the storage box, and then reduce the arc mentioned above, reduce the degree of bending of the strap, and then reduce the probability of using the cassette of the hydraulic strapping machine. When the operator is carrying out the action of threading the hydraulic baler, the arc of the lead should be upward as much as possible.
    We know that the straps on the straps present a circular loop. As the time is longer, the straps will naturally form a certain arc, and if this arc is larger, it will affect the straps in the belt to a certain extent. The degree of smoothness, especially the fully automatic baler with a high degree of automation, so the staff advocates to put the arc upwards as much as possible when putting on the belt.
    The development trend of horizontal semi-automatic hydraulic baler
    1. High speed and low energy consumption. Improve the working efficiency of hydraulic presses and reduce production costs.
    2. Mechatronics and hydraulic integration. Make full use of mechanical and electronic technologies to promote the improvement of the entire hydraulic system.
    3. Automation and intelligence. The rapid development of microelectronics technology provides sufficient conditions for the automation and intelligence of hydraulic presses. Automation is not only embodied in processing, it should be able to realize automatic diagnosis and adjustment of the system, and have the function of fault prevention.

    4. The hydraulic components are integrated and standardized. The integrated hydraulic system reduces pipeline connections and effectively prevents leakage and pollution. Standardized components bring convenience to the maintenance of the machine.

    NICKBALER horizontal waste paper baler reduces waste and saves costs. It is a good helper for centralized processing and recycling of resources in modern society.

  • Due to the difference of materials to be pressed, metal briquetting machines are generally divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. The sales staff will recommend the briquetting machine tool suitable for you according to your briquetting material. Just like the introduction below, in general, assume that the materials you need to briquette are scrap metal shavings, iron shavings, pig iron shavings, aluminum shavings, steel shavings, mineral powder, etc., and there are certain requirements for the density of the briquettes. In that case, a vertical metal briquetting machine is generally required. Precautions for the operation of non-metal powder briquetting machine Before each shift, check the oil leakage of the machine and replace the seals in time.

    When your briquetting materials are relatively large metal corner materials, scrap iron, scrap copper, aluminum plates, car shells, bicycle frames, electric bicycle frames, waste oil drums, cans and other large materials, and the density after briquetting is not required At the time, Chen usually recommends that you use a horizontal metal briquetting machine. In order to prevent air from intruding into the hydraulic system of the copper chip briquetting machine, after maintenance and oil replacement are required, the air in the system should be removed according to the operating instructions of the copper chip briquetting machine to prevent the oil suction pipe port of the hydraulic oil pump from exposing the oil surface. The suction pipe should be well sealed. The seal of the oil pump drive shaft should be checked frequently. When replacing oil seals, double-lip oil seals should be used instead of single-lip oil seals, because single-lip oil seals can only seal oil in one direction and have no sealing function.

    In addition to the metal briquetting machine is a very important piece of scrap metal equipment in the scrap metal industry, and the metal briquetting machine can pack all kinds of metals, it is a very hot equipment in current investment projects, and its development prospects are particularly good.

  • Correct use of machinery and equipment, earnestly implementing the maintenance system and strict compliance with safety operating procedures are necessary conditions for prolonging the service life of the machine, improving production efficiency and ensuring safe production. For this reason, it is recommended that users establish maintenance and safe operation procedures. Operators should be familiar with the machine structure and operating procedures, and must also pay attention to the following points:
    1. The hydraulic oil added to the oil tank should be strictly used with high anti-wear hydraulic oil, must be strictly filtered, and sufficient oil should be kept frequently, and the oil should be filled immediately when it is insufficient;
    2. The fuel tank should be cleaned and replaced with new oil every six months, but the filtered oil cannot be cleaned for one month. The new oil used once is allowed to be used again after strict filtration;
    3. Each lubrication place of the machine should be filled with lubricating oil at least once per shift as required;
    4. The debris in the bin should be cleaned up in time;
    5. Those who do not understand the structure, performance and operating procedures of the machine without learning are not allowed to start the machine without authorization;
    6. When the machine has a serious oil leak or an abnormal phenomenon occurs during work, it should stop running immediately to analyze the cause and eliminate the fault, and it should not be forced to run with a disease;
    7. During the operation of the machine, it is not allowed to repair or touch the moving parts, and it is strictly forbidden to press materials in the bin with hands or feet;
    8. The adjustment of pumps, valves and pressure gauges must be carried out by experienced skilled workers. If the pressure gauge is found to be faulty, the gauge should be checked or updated immediately;

    9. The user should formulate detailed maintenance and safe operation procedures by himself according to the specific situation.

    Horizontal hydraulic baler has played the purpose of reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing benefits for enterprises.
  • The horizontal straw baling briquetting machine is suitable for squeezing and bundling corn stalks, wheat straw, straw, and pasture, which can greatly reduce the storage area, improve the transportation capacity, and reduce the possibility of fire. It is an indispensable and optimal equipment for animal husbandry and paper industry.

    Horizontal automatic straw baler is an environmental protection equipment that uses hydraulic principles to compress straw and straw into blocks, and automatically completes automatic bagging of the blocks, which is conducive to the storage, transportation and utilization of straw. The low-noise hydraulic circuit system adopts the combination of imported and domestically produced parts, which not only guarantees the quality but also reduces the cost. The stable performance of the whole machine is widely used in the agricultural and animal husbandry industry, and it has played a huge role in the protection of the environment and resources. The straw baler can press silage straw, dried corn stalks, various straw scraps, waste plastic films, etc., for bundling, and automatic bagging and packaging.

    Nick Machinery can customize various specifications and styles of Balers according to customer requirements. For details, please contact our staff at 86-29-86031588

  • Balers are not unfamiliar to people. Compared with horizontal waste paper hydraulic balers, people are more familiar with vertical balers. According to the production level and production volume in the 1960s and 1970s, the vertical baler has become the mainstream equipment in the market. It has played an important role in the packaging of waste paper, cotton, fiber, wool, etc. With the development of the times, all walks of life have more and more requirements for packaging, and there are more requirements for packaging volume. Therefore, the horizontal waste paper baler is being promoted by the market, and at the same time, the horizontal waste paper baler also has a broad development opportunity. The performance of horizontal waste paper baler equipment is much higher than that of vertical hydraulic baler. First of all, the horizontal baler has a larger output. People's living standards have improved, and various business enterprises have increased. Online shopping has become an indispensable platform for people to consume. The express delivery industry is becoming more and more important, so people's consumption of paper and cartons is also greatly increasing. A large number of waste cartons are generated in daily social life. Early vertical waste paper balers can no longer meet the demand for volume. Furthermore, the horizontal waste paper baler is economical. With the increase in workers' wages, the labor cost required by the vertical baler is higher. Compared with the benefits it creates, it is not economical. The higher investment economy of the horizontal waste paper baler determines its scope of use. This type of machine costs the same amount of labor but will create higher value. Profits are also more objective.

    The series of waste paper balers produced by Nick Company include: semi-automatic waste paper balers, automatic waste paper balers, horizontal waste paper balers, small vertical waste paper balers, etc. They can also be customized according to customers' intentions. , Nick’s product always has a suitable one for you, you are welcome to inquire 86-29-86031588.
  • 1. The equipment is equipped with conveyor feeding, which can realize uninterrupted feeding;
    2. Super large compression box, which can be formed by multiple compressions at one time;
    3. The number of compressions can be adjusted according to the quantity of materials to achieve energy saving and emission reduction;

    4. Using hydraulic system, stable and reliable operation.

    The cottonseed husk baler is a packaging machine that needs to be bagged. The cost-effective cottonseed husk baler can also pack various soft materials such as wood shavings, wood chips, rice husk and so on. This baler is currently in the Chinese market. Achieved a good

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