Block Making Machine

  • Wood Shaving Baler

    Wood Shaving Baler

    NKB250 wood shaving baler has many advantages for pressing wood shaving into wood shaving block,the wood shaving baler is driven by high efficiency hydraulic system and efficient integrated circuit system control.Also named wood shaving press machine,wood shaving block making machine,wood shaving bale press machine.

  • 1-1.5T/H Coco Peat Block Making Machine

    1-1.5T/H Coco Peat Block Making Machine

    NKB300 1-1.5T/h Coco Peat Block Making Machine  is also called balock making machine ,NickBaler has two model for your choose ,one model is NKB150,and another one is NKB300, it’s widly used in coco husk,sawdust, rice husk, cocopeat, coir chaff, coir dust, wood chips and so on, as it is easy operation, low investment and press block effect is very good, it is very popular among of our customer.

  • Sawdust Baler Machine

    Sawdust Baler Machine

    NKB150 sawdust baler machine,Also called sawdust automatic briquetting machine.widely used to compress sawdust into block and raise efficiency for store and save store and transportation cost.Sawdust baler is operated by hydraulic driven to run and equipped with detective feeding sensor.So,Very convenient to operate and maintain.When well pressed the sawdust block,then no need to put into bag and can move it directly.This machine also called sawdust block making machine.