Vertical Baler

  • Scrap Tire Baler Press

    Scrap Tire Baler Press

    NKOT180 Scrap Tire Baler Press is also called tire baler ,It is mainly used for scrap tires, small car tire, truck tire .OTR tire compression and make the bale tight and easy to loading in container for transportation.

    We have the following models: (NKOT120/NKOT150/NKOT180/NKOT220),Each type of equipment is specially designed, and the parameters and output are different. If you have such need or any interesting

  • 400-550kg Used Textiles Balers

    400-550kg Used Textiles Balers

    NK080T120 400-550kg Used Textiles Balers,also called four-side door opening type baler,this model is designed for compressing and packaging materials with higner rebound force ,such as clother ,sponge ,wool ,rigid plastic ,PET bottle,oil tank ,the cans,fiber and others.

  • Lifting Chamber Used Clothes Balers Machine

    Lifting Chamber Used Clothes Balers Machine

    NK30LT Lifting Chamber Used Clothes Balers Machine main used for used clothes ,garment ,used textile ,rag and so such this soft materials ,its use chamber lifting type ,The NK30LT Used clothes baling press success in the recycling baler sector is attributable to the unique lifting chamber loading system in combination with the manual control system. These two unique features allow the Nickbaler to function with a much lower labour input requirement and make our balers the got to machines for serious used clothes management compacting solutions.

  • Textiles Lifting Chamber Baler

    Textiles Lifting Chamber Baler

    NK30LT Textiles Lifting Chamber Baler, also known as lifting chamber used clothes baler for 45-100kg ,it’s the most frequently used device by customers,the  lifting chamber used clothes baler has high efficiency of producing 10-12 bales per hour. It is easy to operate and easy to use. It can be selected for any bale weighing 45-100kg,the baler size is 600*400*400-600mm, which can load 22-24 tons of clothing into the container.

  • Twin Box Textile Baler Machine

    Twin Box Textile Baler Machine

    NK-T90S  Twin Box Textile Baler Machine ,Hydraulic Old Clothes/Textile/Fiber Baler Machine,The old clothing recycling baler machine is divided into two types: single oil cylinder baler machine and double oil cylinder baler machine. It is mainly used for all kinds of old clothes. old fabrics. old fiber compression packaging. fast and simple packaging.

    Widely used in the recycling of old clothing and other old clothing compression packaging.The equipment is an integral inner box, which is controlled by hydraulic electric control.


  • Double Chamber Vertical Baler for Used Clothes

    Double Chamber Vertical Baler for Used Clothes

    NK-T90L Double Chamber Vertical Baler for Used Clothes,also known as two-chamber textile baler, is a robust machine built with heavy duty steel. This baler is specialized in baling various textile products like used clothes, rags, fabric into dense,wrapped and crossed strapped neat bales. The dual-chamber structure allows baling and feeding to be carried out synchronously. When one chamber is doing compressing, the other chamber is always ready for being loaded.

    This Double Chamber Vertical Baler greatly increases the working efficiency,and especially suitable for facilities that have large volume of material to handle every day. The ideal way of operating this machine is to have one person feeding material into one chamber, and the other person taking care of operating the control panel as well as wrapping and strapping on the other chamber. Operating on this machine is rather simple, pressing one button and the ram will automatically finish an entire compressing & returning cycle.

  • 450kg Used Clothing Baler

    450kg Used Clothing Baler

    NK120LT  450kg Used Clothing Baler is also called wool balers or textile balers. its with 1000lbs or 450kg bale weight with used clothes ,These clothing baler machines are popular for pressing and recycling the second-hand clothes,comforters, wool, etc. The clothing recycling plants and wool distributors widely use these clothing balers as they reduce the cost of delivering the raw material.

    The compaction and tightness of baling and without staining are ensured due to the lifting ofthe clothing baler chamber by hydraulic pressure. As a result, wrapping and strapping of bales are made easy. The hydraulic power generated by smaller wool baler is 30 tons. However,the medium and larger wool balers deliver 50 tons and 120 tons of hydraulic power,respectively.

  • Vertical Plastic Film Baling Press Machine

    Vertical Plastic Film Baling Press Machine

    NK8060T20  Vertical Plastic Film Baling Press Machine,Nick Machinery brand baler has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low movement inertia, low noise, stable movement and flexible operation.
    It has a wide range of applications, not only as a waste paper packaging equipment, but also as a processing equipment for packaging and compacting similar products;
    The floating necking design in the left, right and upper directions of the hydraulic baler is conducive to the automatic distribution of pressure on all sides. It can be widely used for the Baler of different materials, automatic bundling, and improve the Baler speed. The spherical surface is used between the pusher cylinder and the pusher head. Structural connection

  • Hydraulic Scrap Cutting Machine

    Hydraulic Scrap Cutting Machine

    NKC120 Hydraulic scrap cutting machine is mainly used in various industrial sectors to cut large size of tires, rubber, leather, hard plastic, fur, twigs and the like to make the size of the object smaller or shorter, to facilitate handling and transportation, and to reduce labor cost, especially OTR tires, TBR tires, TRUCK TIRE cutting, easy to use, easy to operate.

    NKC120 Scrap cutting machine is composed of main engine, hydraulic system and operating system. The main engine includes the body and the main oil cylinder, two fast cylinders, hydraulic system for the pump station, to provide hydraulic oil to the main engine, the operating system includes push button switch, travel switch, electrical cabinet. It is described as follows:

  • Double Cylinder Waste Paper Baler

    Double Cylinder Waste Paper Baler

    NK1070T60 Double Cylinder Waste Paper Baler is beautiful in appearance and full of power. It adopts two oil cylinders ,the advantages of the double-cylinder vertical baler can be that the compressed material receives a balanced force, and the force on both sides is even. the Baler effect is better under the same conditions. This effect is very obvious when packaging plastic make the operation of the baler machine more stable and more powerful, and the force received by the block is more balanced. It is widely used in waste paper plants and recycling centers.

  • Mini Baler Machine-Mini Compactor

    Mini Baler Machine-Mini Compactor

    NK7050T8 mini baler machine ,also called mini compactor , the very smallest baler footprints and easy to handle, lightweight bales the Mini Balers are the best solution. These machines are easier to use and maintain  . The primary materials that can be baled in the Mini Balers are Cardboard, Plastic Wrap, Plastic Film, Shrink Wrap & Paper. Bale weights of corrugated cardboard can range from 50-120kg and plastic bales range from 30-60kg.

  • Vertical Waste Paper Baler Machine

    Vertical Waste Paper Baler Machine

    NK6040T10 Vertical Waste Paper Baler Machine is wide used to compress loose materials like waste paper (cardboard,newspaper, OCC etc), plastic waste like PET bottle, plastic film, crate, it can also be used for straw;

    The vertical waste paper baler has good rigidity and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and energy-saving, and low investment cost of equipment basic engineering. It can greatly reduce transportation costs.

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