Mineral Water Bottle Baler Machine

NK080T80 Mineral Water Bottle Baler machine Specialized in recycling and compressing the loose materials like plastic film ,PET bottles,plastic pallets waste paper. cartons, cardboards trims/scraps etc.

Mineral Water Bottle Baler is an excellent choice for producing compact bales of waste materials. And, it is very simple and easy to operate.

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NK080T80 Mineral Water Bottle Baler Machine widely used in all kinds of plastic factory, blister products factory, packaging materials factory, plastic bottles, beverage bottles, plastic film, waste clothing, waste fishing nets, recycling companies and other units of enterprise.

Economical and applicable, stable performance, all doors of the equipment can be opened, convenient bale, hydraulic manual control, simple operation, high efficiency, low investment cost, pressure plate stroke parameter choice.

To compress all kinds of waste products to select the plate stroke can achieve the ideal effect, save manpower, improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce transportation costs.Nick Baler has three different models including

NK080T80,NK080T100,NK080T120, having hydraulic powers of 80 tons, 100 tons, and 120 tons, respectively. Three different models have three different bale weight ,the capacity of the three models have the same capacity ,all is 3-6bale/h.Can also be customized according to user requirements design.


1.This machine uses the equipment of two-cylinder balance compression with four door open
2.The special hydraulic system makes the power more stable
3.Specially used for compressing PET Bottle
4.High load structure makes it safe and reliable. It uses pillar type pump with high flux. . And the machine can pack materials be cross

Vertical mineral water bottle baler is a general type vertical plastic baler, hydraulic two cylinder operation, so that the package is tighter, mainly used for all kinds of waste plastics, waste film compression packaging, packaging fast and simple.

NK080T80 vertical pet bottle balers

Parameter Table

Model NK080T80
Hydraulic power 80Ton
Packaging sizeL*W*H 1000*800*500-1000mm
Feed opening sizeL*H 1000*500mm
Chamber SizeL*W*H 1000*800*1500mm
Capability 3-6/hour
Bale weight 150-250Kg
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Power 11KW/15HP
Machine sizeL*W*H 1700*1200*3300mm
Weight 2800Kg

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NK080T80 (4)
NK080T80 (1)
NK080T80 (3)

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