General arrangement of heavy-duty hydraulic gantry shears

General arrangement of gantry scissors
Gantry shears, crocodile shears
Heavy-duty hydraulic gantry shearing machine is suitable for compressing and cutting thin and light materials, scrap steel for production and domestic use, light metal structural parts, waste car bodies, wheels, old household appliances, plastic non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, etc.) Shearing; or the waste is directly compressed and packaged. Let's take a look at its device
General layout and working principle
1. The overall layout is composed of main engine, motor, oil pump, oil tank and so on. The main engine (see attachment) is composed of frame, knife holder, shear cylinder, pressure cylinder, pressure plate, guide plate and so on.
2. Frame: It is composed of the lower knife seat, the left frame, the right frame, and the top beam.
3. Knife holder: The knife holder is an important moving part. The upper shearing knife is installed on the lower front side, and the top is connected with the shearing cylinder with a pin shaft and a cross joint.
4. Guide plate: There are one set of fixed guide plate and one set of follow-up guide plate.

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Post time: Nov-23-2023