What buffer devices are there in the briquetting machine

Buffer for briquetting machine
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In the briquetting machine in operation, hydraulic shock will occur due to the inertia of hydraulic components. In order to avoid the damage caused by this impact to the briquetting machine, it is necessary to install a buffer device at this time. There are three common buffer devices:
1. Gap buffer device. It has the advantage of simple structure, so it is suitable for finished hydraulic cylinders.
2. Adjustable buffer device. This device is widely used in briquetting machines, because it can adjust the opening of the throttle valve and change the buffer pressure according to the load.
3. Variable throttling buffer device. It can automatically change the size of the orifice during the buffering process, and the buffering effect is very uniform, so that the impact pressure becomes very small, but the structure is relatively complicated.
These three buffer devices can be freely selected according to the type of briquetting machine, so as to realize the ideal state of the buffering effect of the briquetting machine.

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