Press Baggine Machine

  • Cow Dung Filter Press Supplier

    Cow Dung Filter Press Supplier

    NKBT 250 Cow Dung Filter Press Supplier,NickBaler is the founder of cow dung filter press. We have obtained a patent and are the first cow dung filter press supplier specially designed for handling livestock dung in China,it’s very popular with fertilizer factory and cattle farm ,stud-farm .


  • Cow dung Dewatering Hydraulic Press Machine

    Cow dung Dewatering Hydraulic Press Machine

    NKBT 250 Cow dung Dewatering Hydraulic Press Machine is specially designed for the treatment of animal dung. Cow dung filter press is mainly used for the pressure filtration and compression of cow dung, sheep dung, chicken dung and other animal dung, and the cow dung water after dehydration by the cow dung filter press The portion is low, and it can be used as a cow bedding material, bio-organic fertilizer, etc.


  • Horizontal Wiper Bagging Machine

    Horizontal Wiper Bagging Machine

    NKB10 Horizontal Wiper Bagging Machine  is a popular textile packing machine. There are different type of wiper bagging presses in the market. Different bag size, capacity and automation level decide the final machine price and structure.You can also equip a material feeding system like conveyor for easy and efficient feeding.

    This baling and bagging machine is very suitable for the packing of textile waste like rags and used clothes. Also it is quite suitable for baling and bagging some small and loose materials like wood shavings, sawdust and rice husks. This machine can compact these materials into a bag.

  • Rice Husk Bagging Baler

    Rice Husk Bagging Baler

    NKB240 Rice Husk Bagging Baler,our rice husk bagging machine is in one button operation which makes baling, bale ejecting and bagging in a continuous, efficient process that not only saves your time but also costs. Meanwhile, it can be equipped with an automatic feeding conveyor for large volumes for enhancing feeding speed and maximizing throughput. If you want to know more about our rice husk baling and bagging machine, welcome to contact us ….

  • Rice Husk Baler Machine

    Rice Husk Baler Machine

    NKB220 Rice husk Baler  in named Rice husk block machine or Rice husk bagging machine It is a professional compression packaging for powdery materials such as rice husk, rice husk, wood chips, etc. It realizes one-button operation to ensure that the size and weight of each package are the same. It uses 3 directions of oil cylinders for compression to achieve high density. The bales can reach more than 30 kg for the size of 600*460*216. PLC program operation, the output can reach 180-300 bales per hour, with high efficiency and energy saving.

  • Rice Husk Compressed Balers Machines

    Rice Husk Compressed Balers Machines

    NKB220, Rice Husk Compressed Balers Machines,NickBaler is a known manufacturer of quality and long-lasting rice husk baler machines which combine compressing and packaging in one machine.

    Rice Husk Compressed Balers Machines mainly used in agriculture industry, it is composed of three sections: hydraulic system, electrical system, main frame, can handle all kinds of silage such as silage, hay straw, wheat straw, haylage, Alfalfa, chopped straw, corn silage, etc…

  • 20Kgs Wipper Rag Baler

    20Kgs Wipper Rag Baler

    20Kgs Wipper Rag Baler ,Textile Baler,this kind bagging baler is the fixed bale weight. For instance, you can have 20kgs. Ideal bagging machine for bagging press rags, wipers, clothings, sawdust, shavings, fiber, hay etc. welcome to see our NICK heavy duty bagging balers with high efficiency capacity to use

  • 5Kgs Wipping Rag Machine

    5Kgs Wipping Rag Machine

    NKB5 wipping rag machine,also named used rag baler machine,rag baler pressing bag baler is used for compressing small and soft material, such as clothing, fabric, sawdust, fertilizer, feed stuff, etc,then pack the material into handy and small bags
    this used rag baler machine is ideal for volume reduction of wood shavings,rice husks.used rags ,textiles ,and so on loose materails,its feeding by manual or conveyor both ok

  • 2 Ram Baler

    2 Ram Baler

    NKB20 two ram baler machine can be customized and replaced according to the actual requirements of our clients, and buy a machine from us, you can get two different specifications of the discharge port device,economical and practical,welcome to inquiry …

  • 1-2kg Wood Shaving Baler For Animal Bedding

    1-2kg Wood Shaving Baler For Animal Bedding

    NKB1  1-2kg Wood Shaving Baler for Animal Bedding,Scale weighing horizontal bagging baler is widely used in pet food factories, animal bedding material factories, textile recycling facilities rag bale exporters, plant fertilizer factories, farms and anyother facility that produces a large amount of loose waste material in small pieces. Some facilities even resell the bagged waste material to generate considerable value.



  • 1kg Wood Shaving Baler Machine

    1kg Wood Shaving Baler Machine

    NKB1  1kg Wood Shaving Baler MachineNick horizontal bagging machine, press has many uses, used to compress many kinds of powder materials. From wood chips, coconut husks, wood chips to large wood shavings. Our equipment shows its good working condition, and producing good finished products is our pursuit all the time.

    NKB1/5/10/15/20/25 series bagging machine uses high-quality Baosteel steel as raw materials and is equipped with Siemens Electric. The electrical components are famous Japanese brands. We always believe that the selection of high-quality product accessories to create high quality compression equipment.

  • Animal Bedding Bagging Press

    Animal Bedding Bagging Press

    NKB1  Ikg Animal Bedding Bagging Press,Animal Feeding Beddings Bagging Baler,

    the size of the package we designed is 200*130*100mm, the overall weight of the equipment can reach 2.4 tons, using pure copper motor,
    Smooth operation, more durable than aluminum motor,Not easy to burn; Housing main frame ,The thickened steel is used for welding and weighing,Long use time; All Nick models are hydraulically powered, but manual or add remote control device. High quality cylinder with high pressure resistance,good sealing, no oil leakage, durable. Don’t buy expensive, only buy the right, choose Nick, save time and effort.


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